Is there a New, Easy Way of Reprogramming Negativity from Your Subconscious Mind? – Can ‘The Reprogramming’ by Jelila help you Release Negativity Permanently and Consistently Feel Good? –

Would you like to reach any hidden negativity blocking you and causing you pain, and release it once and for all?

Jelila guides you to follow her simple and unique change technique, The Reprogramming, in Individual Sessions and Packages that anyone can do, and hidden negative subconscious beliefs, the roots of your inner conflicts, procrastination, limitations, and stress, melt away, leaving you with a wonderful new feeling – Blossoming Hearts Desires, as your life expands to accommodate your new positive mind-set, naturally and easily.

As you relax and talk a little about anything that bothers you or limits you in your life, Jelila carefully interprets what you say, using her logical process to pinpoint negative sub-conscious thoughts holding you back – hidden underlying sub-conscious thoughts that need Reprogramming to transform them – to prevent such negativity from attracting problems in your life – to feel good – fast – and attract more of the things you really want!


After finding your specific negativity, Jelila guides you to release it, permanently, using a simple process that anyone can do (you just have to bring your hands together a number of times as shown in the video above, with the specific negativity held in your hands.  After your initial session or sessions, you can learn to do the process for yourself, too.)

After The Reprogramming, Jelila uses powerful intuitive techniques (relaxing you using music and soothing crystal healing energy work) to help you fully absorb the huge amount of new information you just learned to feel good.

In person sessions online (SKYPE:  JELILA2255) or in Asia using The Reprogramming –  Jelila’s signature technique for releasing negativity in The Subconscious Mind:

The Reprogramming (deep session) 120 mins  Rp.3,000,000  (approx. US$ 300)  (includes Crystal & Energy healing to help you integrate the huge amount of information you learn).

You change between 8 and 20 core beliefs in this session – beliefs so deep, change so effective, that changing them will positively affect many (or even, all) areas of your life, not just the original issue that you come with!

After your session, you will feel relieved, inspired, amazed, grateful, and happy.   Feel immediately better.  Enjoy watching your life transform in wonderful ways, as your new positive mind set manifests new and wonderful things in your life!

“Fabulously effective!”  Mark, business owner, Bali

“Thank-you for allowing your gifts to grace my life!”  Paul, regular client, Singapore

“The positive changes are permeating through every area of my life!”  Natascha, Australian client, Bali  More Comments

Through hundreds of successful client sessions, and based on her knowledge of computer logic which she has been able to apply in a completely new understanding of the subconscious mind, Jelila has developed The Reprogramming – her unique and powerful deep therapy technique for revealing the underlying blocks hidden in the subconscious mind that are preventing you from achieving your dreams, or creating stressful situations in your life, and releasing them.

This completely new form of therapy is based on a completely new understanding of aspects of the self ‘The Gift™‘ that Jelila has developed and discovered through her own research. It is not from any other tradition or book. Jelila shares some of this information in individual sessions of ‘The Gift™’ and in her Individual Retreats, which are about harmonising aspects of self so that you can attract your Soulmate Relationship.

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The Gift – A special series of 4 Reprogramming Sessions that harmonise 4 parts of you, bringing balance

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Jelila is a renowned international healer who has appeared at top resorts such as The Balé, The Westin, and The Four Seasons.

She has appeared in numerous magazines including Her World, The Jakarta Post Weekender, Simply Her, That`s Shanghai and is a well-known international healer.



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Jelila is Bali's top holistic therapist, able to rapidly release stress for her clients, bringing enlightenment, wisdom, and peace. She appears at top Resorts and Spas such as The Westin, The Bale, and The Four Seasons, Bali, offering healing and transformation for guests. She has appeared in many magazines. Based in Bali, Jelila offers Aura Readings, Eat Pray Love Soulmate Retreats, Crystal Healing, Energy Healing, Sound Healing, Yoga, Meditation, Workshops, & her own 'Reprogramming' holistic therapy relieving stress. She has her own range of harmonising crystal jewellery, Spa crystals & relaxation music Journeys - for Harmony in your life. Contact: t: +62 (0)8585 735 4228 w:


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