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The Gift... of Harmony - Relationship Course - with Jelila -

The Gift… of Harmony Course – Enormously Helps Relationships

Whether you want to Grow Spiritually, Enhance Relationships, Relieve Stress – or Learn Techniques to Help Others – There’s a range of exciting spiritual courses here, available online via Skype or in person in Asia Bali with Jelila.

The Gift of Harmony Course   Radical Relationship help and De-Stress help as this powerful unique course brings 4 parts of you together by releasing deep inner conflicts and negativity, freeing you and enabling you to balance your life.

Sacred Geometry Course   Discover the power and majesty of Sacred Shapes like Metatron’s Cube, learn to draw some, and learn to interpret their meanings.  Fun and insightful.

Learn Crystal Healing   Learn the principles and practise of Crystal Healing using my professional healing crystals and easy method that helps you get started straight away.  My book, The Power of Crystals explains my way with Crystal Healing, step-by-step, and is available on Amazon.

Review of Crystal Healing Course:
“Thank-you for the Crystal Healing Course.  I loved how you supported my intuition and gave me so much encouragement.  Now I feel I have the confidence to practise in my own way.”  Shanti      More reviews

Learn Sacred Geometry Aura Reading    Learn 13 Sacred Geometric Shapes and 20 Colours, which make 260 permutations of meaning, and learn to interpret them in yours or another person’s aura, so you can read the energy of what is going on.  On completion, you can offer Aura Readings!

Meditation Course   Learn 4 kinds of meditation:  Mantra, Flower, Chakra, and Movement, for health and inner peace.  After the course you will know some easy ways to meditate and be able to do it on your own.

Want to Learn Meditation or Perfect Your Practise for Health and Relaxation? Online and in Person with Jelila - Learn my Easy Methods! -

Meditation Class?

Learn Crystal Healing Remedies Course   Crystal Healing Remedies are 18 small bags I designed with crystals inside, programmed to bring 18 different effects.  Can be carried or used when relaxing, or in a yoga class, to bring change and healing.  Can be used for healing.



Also Available:

Please email for details of these.

  • Learn Energy Healing Course
  • Creativity Course
  • Shamanism Course
  • Intuitive Energy Healing Course
  • The Business of Healing Course – Learn how to set up your own successful professional healing business.  Includes designing your first Menu, advice on Pricing, Products, and Promotion – all you need to get started.  Includes Menu Template and a wealth of first-hand experience of what actually works.
  • Sound Healing Course

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A Course Online or in Person with Jelila allows you to discover techniques for wellbeing and healing – to help yourself or to help others.
Or Packages  – allow regular focus to work through emotional issues, release stress and help you Blossom Your Heart’s Desires – for Living in Delight!

Jelila has thousands of testimonials comments reviews for Sessions, Packages and Courses.

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Jelila - Living in Delight - Healing Therapy Online or in Person - jelila@jelila.comJelila is a well-known International Healer who Blossoms Hearts Desires through a range of life-enriching healing sessions including Crystal Healing, Energy Work, Past-Life Journeys, Sound Healing, The Reprogramming™ her Signature Technique, The Gift… of Harmony™, her own range of Crystal Healing Necklaces, Healing Music, Books, and more.

She has appeared in many magazines and in Asia and Bali at top resorts like The Four Seasons, The Bale, and The Westin, and has a wealth of experience and depth to help you – for living in delight!

‘Wonderful’ ‘The best thing I ever did in Bali’ ‘Amazing’ ‘Powerful’ ‘I am changed from this day forward – Thank-you so much!’

‘I understand so much more about love now!’ ‘You helped my relationship so much!

‘I felt so much better, immediately. I felt so much clearer and more relaxed, freer!’

‘Sessions with you are like doing years of traditional psychotherapy – only your way actually works!’

“Beautiful simplicity, with powerful energy and release. I look forward to observing the shift and having fun in my body!” Fifi

“Your way is amazingly different – I feel I have a different view and I’m more positive… thanks!” Billy      More comments

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Packages with Jelila - Healing Therapy - Online and in Person - www.jelila.comSessions with Jelila - Healing Therapy - Online and in Person - www.jelila.comThe Gift... of Harmony - Re-write your Relationship Movie - www.jelila.comCrystal Healing Necklaces & Kits - Feel Good Naturally - www.jelila.comCourses - Learn Healing Auras Crystals Chakras Energy with Jelila - www.jelila.comCrystal Healing Remedies (tm) - Feel Good Naturally - www.jelila.comVibrational Healing Music Journeys by Jelila - www.jelila.comJelila - Living in Delight - Healing Therapy Online or in Person -





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