Jelila – Spiritual Teacher in Asia Ubud Bali, Online, and France – Bio – Exquisite gifts for your soul from ‘a top healer you can trust.’

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Blossoming Hearts Desires - Jelila - Living in Delight - Healing Therapy Online or in Person - jelila@jelila.comJOURNEYS WITH JELILA – ‘TOP SPIRITUAL TEACHER’ ‘A REAL HEALER’ – Exquisite gifts for your soul.  ‘Peaceful, Trusted & Wise’. ‘Blew me away’.
Jelila is a well-known international Spiritual Teacher and Healer, renowned and trustedfor her established 24-year practise in Asia Bali, Singapore and Australia, recognised for her ability to get ‘Amazing’ results, for her unique simple yet powerful methods, and for her commitment to supporting your personal growth and happiness. 

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Creator of The Reprogramming, Author of 5 personal development books, Jelila is best-known for healing in Asia Bali, where writing regular holistic columns has gained her a valuable following, and for her 24 year established successful healing practise in Ubud Bali, Online and in France. 

Want to find out what 100 people say about Jelila's healing? Click hereJelila can help you get more of what you want in life, through a range of individual Readings and Healing Sessions in Asia Ubud and online, is the author of 5 healing and transformation books, and has her own Crystal Healing Method, which includes her own range of 12 Crystal Healing Neckaces and Kits  designed to  help you Feel Good Every Day.   Jelila’s beautiful  Sound Healing music, sung with her incredibly pure voice has been captured on 14 Healing Music CDs which support you in 14 key areas of life.  Jelila teaches a range of Spiritual Transformation and Healing  Courses in Ubud Bali and Online and offers individual healing sessions.

Jelila’s unique teachings The Gift of Harmony and Alien Wedding are deep transformation journeys that create major change in people’s lives, retiring hidden ‘key slave driver’ beliefs using a simple yet powerful method anyone can do, and relieving stress and negative thoughts at the root, permanently, using her own healing modality The Reprogramming.  Developed by Jelila through her 21 year established Asia Ubud Bali and France Healing Practise, Jelila is now looking to make these more widely available to more people, online.

Jelila has been Master in Residence at The Four Seasons, and The Balé, (twice), offering spiritual guidance, healing and transformation for guests, has taught at Yoga Barn Ubud Bali, The Westin Resort, appeared at Revivo Wellness Resort, and live on radio in Byron Bay Australia, and featured in magazines including: Jakarta Post Weekender, Simply Her, Her World, That’s Shanghai, Yak, and Garuda In-flight.

Vibrational Healing Music Journeys by Jelila -

Can Music Harmonise and Heal you?

A Master in energy healing, crystal healing, chakra balancing, and sound healing, Jelila is able to harmonise and heal body, mind, and soul, through music and vibration.  Using her incredibly pure voice, Jelila has made 14 enchanting CD ‘Journeys’ of her music, that you can use at home, harmonising and healing all areas of your life.

Want to Find Out About Sessions with Jelila? - Healing Therapy - Online and in Person - www.jelila.comThrough her own unique subconscious mind alignment method, ‘The Reprogramming’, her unique form of deep therapy, a powerful yet simple method that anyone can do, she rapidly releases blocks, cleanses negativity, and introduces positively aligned beliefs, transforming and healing your life in wonderful and often surprising ways – bringing Exquisite gifts for your soul.

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The Gift... of Harmony - Balance your Life - By Jelila - Book and CD Set -

The Gift… of Harmony – By Jelila – Book and CD – at my Online Store, My books are also on Amazon.

Jelila offers: Subconscious Mind Reprogramming, Negativity Clearing/Mind Detox, Energy Healing, Sound, Healing and Crystal Healing with Music, Past-Life Regression Journeys, Soulmate Love Healing, Soul Pulling (Retrieval), Heart Chakra Healing, Matrix Activation, LThe Gift... of Harmony Transformation Process by Jelila - www.jelila.comight Language Grids, Channelling Angels & Ascended Masters, Hands-on (Reconnective) Healing, Inter-Dimensional Journeys, Aura-reading, Chakra Balancing, Yoga.  The Gift… of Harmony is the subject of her first book, and is also her own powerful Transformation Process for balancing your life – a course that you can actually do to get the balance described in the book! (see right)

Jelila’s book The Power of Crystals describes her own method with Crystal Healing, and how to use her own Crystal Healing Necklaces for Healing others and for Personal Wellbeing.

How would you feel if someone stole your DNA and changed it without your consent?  ALIEN WEDDING by Jelila -

Did someone steal your DNA?

Alien Wedding, Jelila’s third book, is a surprising exploration of the ancient history of mankind, explaining what Jelila feels is the origin of the stress that most people experience, and giving a step-by-step process to release the emotional baggage.  A powerful and exciting book, Alien Wedding is also a 4 day Transformation Process.

Can Specially selected and programmed Crystals release negativity? Jelila -

Can Specially selected and programmed Crystals help release negativity?

Jelila’s Holistic Healing Blossoms Hearts Desires in all areas of your life, including: Relationship, Work, Children, Anti-Ageing, Business Alignment, Abundance, Spiritual & Personal Advancement, Health, Overcoming Stress, Success, Mastery, Manifesting Your Desires.

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Jelila is English, and excelled as an international project manager in IT for 17 years, with blue-chip companies. Jelila studied yoga in London and then became a certified Advanced Light Language practitioner and discovered and refined her remarkable gift to heal, transform, and harmonise.

Crystal Healing in Person or by Distance with Jelila - - feel good!

Jelila is well respected for her life-changing harmonising work, with people from all walks of life, and also for her wise yet child-like innocence, which has helped many on their path to wholeness.

You will find individual or group healing sessions with Jelila are amazing, inspiring, enlightening, life-changing, entertaining – very rewarding – and lots of fun!

What people say about Jelila’s Spiritual Healing, Transformation, and Guidance:

“The new lightness pervades, healing and transforming every aspect of my life, I am watching my life change in quantum leaps.” Natascha

“Many thanks to you for all of the wonderful healing work you are doing and may you continue to do so.”  Anita

“You helped me remove my abandonment complex: everything has been different from that day on…. All the best and much love!” Martha

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Vibrational Healing Music Journeys by Jelila -

Can Healing Music and Meditations Uplift you?

“It is quite amazing, the healing experience I have through your music, as if I went somewhere new yet familiar, and also it is somewhere that feels part of antiquity – perhaps the feeling one incurs upon entering a cathedral in Europe or a temple in North-East Asia. It is new for me in this time period and yet I perceive that this is a very, very ancient and sacred place.” Monique

“Jelila is a holder of the key to freedom.” Ann

“Thankyou for allowing your gifts to grace my life.” Paul

“I wish the love you give comes back a thousand times.” Sandra

“Thankyou not once, but a million times over, in every language imaginable. My life changing experience!” Mandy

“Kind & Gentle.” Marie

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Jelila - Living in Delight - Healing Therapy Online or in Person - jelila@jelila.comJelila is a well-known International Healer who Blossoms Hearts Desires through a range of life-enriching healing sessions including Crystal Healing, Energy Work, Past-Life Journeys, Sound Healing, The Reprogramming™ her Signature Technique, The Gift… of Harmony™, her own range of Crystal Healing Necklaces, Healing Music, Books, and more.

She has appeared in many magazines and in Asia and Bali at top resorts like The Four Seasons, The Bale, and The Westin, and has a wealth of experience and depth to help you – for living in delight!

‘Wonderful’ ‘The best thing I ever did’ ‘Amazing’ ‘Powerful’ ‘I am changed from this day forward – Thank-you so much!’

‘I understand so much more about love now!’ ‘You helped my relationship so much!

‘I felt so much better, immediately. I felt so much clearer and more relaxed, freer!’

‘Sessions with you are like doing years of traditional psychotherapy – only your way actually works!’

“Beautiful simplicity, with powerful energy and release. I look forward to observing the shift and having fun in my body!” Fifi

“Your way is amazingly different – I feel I have a different view and I’m more positive… thanks!” Billy

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Which of 3 Kinds of Spiritual Pathfinder Are You?

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