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Crystal healing   – Bali Advertiser, and Holistic Bali by Alison Bone

Jelila provides my first healing session, and arrives at the door, blonde and fairylike bearing a guitar and a big bag of crystals.  She talks about the resonant vibration of crystals due to their highly organized molecular structure. “Having a positive person around you raises your vibrations –  it’s the same with the right combination of crystals.”

Jelila has a background in yoga, meditation and energy healing and you can join her classes at Yoga barn. She also practices crystal healing which she describes as “A complex art form, based on an intuitive sense of your present energy, aura and life. ” She adds that, “It is non invasive and harmless, the worse thing that can happen is nothing.”   We start with an aura reading, and each of my chakras is assigned colours, shapes and sounds.

Want to Transform or achieve Mastery? - Jelila - Living in Delight - Healing Therapy Online or in Person -

Want to Transform with Healing Crystals and Music? – Jelila

My rational mind does not understand, but her observations are unerringly accurate, and deep from my subconscious, where the demons lurk, she unearths an extremely irrational fear. Right she says we are going to fix this. She guides me through a visualization, or re programming as she calls it,   and then explains that she will use a combination of crystal energy and sound healing to integrate this transformation.

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I close my eyes as she drapes strings of crystals over me, and become aware of a powerful tingly sensation around my head, it feels like my hair is standing on end. I assume Jelila is doing some kind of energy healing but when I sneak a peek I see she is busy placing crystals around my feet. The feeling is so intense I can’t help laughing – “What’s happening to my head,” I ask, “That would be the detoxifying crystals I put on your pillow,” she answers.   By now Jelila is softly playing the guitar and singing, her beautiful voice flutters around me.

It’s extraordinarily soothing to be sung too and lulls me into a warm and cosy state. Afterwards I feel happy, calm and kind of floaty, more than anything I feel liberated from an irrational fear. No doubt I could have sat in an office with a psychiatrist and progressed to this point after weeks on the sofa talking about my childhood  – but therapy is  much more enjoyable when you are covered in crystals and sung to!  Jelila also designs healing necklaces and has recorded a range of CDs.


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A New Path to Chakra Meditation – Transcendence & Jelila’s Grace  Monday February 12th, 2012

(Note – Chakra Meditation is not presently on at Yoga Barn, though you can do a private class with Jelila)

I attended a chakra meditation at the yoga barn in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia, two weeks ago. It blew my mind and transported me to a dimension of an intensely higher vibration. Since that experience I haven’t been able to duplicate the feeling, so I want to record what I felt.
Jelila is her name, she is my new power mama chakra healing guide. Jelila knows her stuff, and being in the room with this woman takes you to another galaxy. Jelila talked about movement meditation, where you stand instead of sit, and you move your hands around your body’s chakra energy fields, envisioning the corresponding chakra color of bright light, while focusing on the chakra’s power word.

Root Chakra – Red – “Action” Sacral Chakra – Orange – “Flow” Solar Plexus Chakra – Yellow – “Clarity” Heart Chakra – Green – “Healing” and/or Pink – “Love” Throat Chakra – Blue – “Connection” / “Communication” Third Eye Chakra – Indigo – “Vision” Crown Chakra – Violet – “Wisdom”

Jelila explained that by waving our hands as conductors of light energy near certain chakra energy fields around our own bodies, we can connect more than one chakra together, in hopes of uniting their powers for a certain need in our lives at this certain time. To wave my hand around my heart chakra and my crown chakra means that I want to bring love to my wisdom, or bring wisdom to my love. I did a lot of combinations to experience different connections and how they make me feel. This was a very effective way for me to meditate. I enjoyed it so much!

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We also split into small groups, and worked on sound healing. This is the first I have tried sound healing, and wow, the effects are something not quite describable, but I will try. Jelila explained that we were all, collectively under her intention, and her intention here was to harmonize the group. We practiced sounding “Ahhhhh”‘s together. Her Ahhhhh was very graceful and high-pitched, which she later explained is the highest vibration of sound healing one can possibly imitate.

In our smaller groups, about seven people in each, we chose one person to “ahhhh” a color to us, and we were supposed to guess correctly which color the person was “ahhhhh”-ing to the group. First we chose a man. He was short stocky and brown-skinned with lots of tribal arm tattoos, a bald head, and the sweetest most sincere eyes. I noticed him curl into himself and become a bit bashful right when we chose him to “ahhh.” Jelila told us that in order to guess the correct color, we would need to get in pure touch with our intuition, and to envision our third eye being pulled out from between our eyebrows, as almost grounded like a root to the sky. She also told us that in order to get in touch with our most divine intuition, we need to turn inward to our feminine energy – to do this, “envision your mother,” she said, and how is your mother feeling. This is what I did in my group. Jelila also advised us to allow our hearts, minds, and ears be open to just enjoying receiving the sounds. Just enjoy receiving these sounds from our new friends ~

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The bald man let out a very deep, clear ahhh, it resonated inside of me even, and I felt a low vibration first at my stomach, and then as I continued to receive his “ahhh” and very much enjoyed receiving it by the way, I focused on my mother and how she was feeling in this moment. It was then that I immediately felt that this man’s “ahhh” was definitely a “blue.” When Jelila told us to stop, my group sat with a few blank stares, maybe we were all just a little nervous to be wrong. But suddenly the man next to me blurted out that he knew without a doubt, that he was 110% positive, that this bald man was “ahhh”ing the color blue. I too felt a strong blue, and eventually I admitted it to the group. Meegan my roommate also felt it was blue. So our group was definitely in harmony I’d say! Jelila explained that for those in my group who thought he was “ahhh-ing” orange, when he was really “ahhhh”ing blue, it meant that their minds and bodies were needing or wanting to bring connection to their flows, or flow to their connecting/communicating….for those who felt the “ahhh” was red, this meant they needed or wanted to bring action to their communication, or connection to their actions. I really enjoyed listening to Jelila bring serious and divine meaning to almost every person’s individual experience.

After this she had us choose another person in our groups to make an “ahhh” aloud, and we chose Meegan for this. Before Meegan even let her “ahhh” out, before she mad a sound aloud, my mind was thinking “green.” I felt in my heart that Meegan would sing a “green” ahhh to heal our group. Meegan’s “ahhhh” was very soft, very feminine sounding, and a bit shaky in a very beautiful way. She was singing the “ahhh” of love baby, it was great! And I turned out to be the last person in our group to share what color I felt Meegan was sound healing us with, and I was the only person to say green, but I was correct! Very cool stuff. Jelila’s intention to harmonize succeeded. I couldn’t help but feel I had connected with a gift I never knew I had! We all have the gift of intuition , we just need to be in tune with it.

I started to think about my psychic abilities. This exercise got me in touch with my third eye, in ways that I’ve always only dreamed of. Intuition is from a divine feminine energy within us, it exists within each of us, but it is also the feeling part of us, the emotion and the “gut” of our premonitions. Masculine energy is the rational part of us, the part that wants to use logic and say, “well she could be ahhh-ing red, or blue, or maybe yellow too.” The feminine knows. Jelila’s tip to think of my own mother and how she is feeling, really got me in touch with my intuition and divine feminine energies.

I discovered while in Bali that my sri yantra tattoo is actually upside-down. There are five triangles that are supposed to point downward to represent Shakti, the feminine energy. Four triangles are supposed to point upward, to represent Shiva, our masculine energy. Since my mandala is upside-down, my sri yantra features five triangles pointing upward, so that my Shakti energy actually dominates the Shiva, which is really four triangles that point downward on my back now. This is very significant and definitely was placed on my back this way for a divine reason. My feminine energies are taking over, I am getting more and more in touch with feeling, emotion, intuition. This is a good thing, and I accept it the way it is. I actually enjoy my tattoo even more now!

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I have been wanting to raise the vibration of my throat chakra, third eye chakra, and also crown chakra, to reach a form of enlightenment that I have yet to really feel, although I have felt enlightenment in doses it has not become a total way of living for me just yet. I know this is because things happen exactly when they are meant to happen, and my friends in higher places have kept me close, releasing Dave as a spirit guide in my dream, and also putting me in deeper touch with my dreamworld in general, as I am now able to recall my dreams in detail nearly every night. Before this chakra meditation I was struggling severely with that, possibly also because I used marijuana habitually at home which could have blocked my ability to have clarity in the dreamworld. My friends in higher places have also assisted me while being in Bali, to push me to think of my life in new ways, to realize the grand magnificence of food and thriving and total humility and also gratitude for the process of life. Very good things happening here.

Want to relax and transform to Jelila's high vibe music? Jelila - www.jelila.comacThe sound healing and chakra movement meditation exercise at yoga barn opened my mind to just what I needed at the time. Jelila also sang to us in light language at the closing of our meditation session. She is a total goddess! I look forward to connecting with her one on one, if I can afford it. She is away for three weeks now, and if her healing is still calling me by then, I will follow up and try to book her. She is quite expensive but in many ways I feel there is no pricetag for this kind of work. When it calls, you must go.

The following day after chakra meditation, I felt totally rejuvenated. I actually was having trouble with digesting and stomach issues, but the day after this experience at the yoga barn, I pooped several times and I could feel my chakras completely aligned, the wheels spinning, and all that I was holding inside my mind, body, and spirit, being released and moving OUT (literally) through my system. Pooping was smooth and easy, I had a tiny stomachache, but it passed right away once I got to a bathroom to let it all out. My posture was straight, strong, and my energy came into pure balance. It was that physical manifestation of mental and spiritual clarity and release – it was great!

– Angela

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Desa Seni – Best De-stress Resort on Earth?  by dustweek on TripAdvisor

Desa Seni is a sprawling complex of 100-year old antique farm houses, spread among the terraced rice paddies of Bali.

…The yoga pavilion is the only new building on site. It is a beautiful site. Its entrance includes a running fountain. The yoga classes have a lively repeat audience of Europeans and Australians staying at nearby villas. At night, Jelila’s “Healing with Music” was magical – the sounds of the surf mixed with the chorus of frogs and Jelila’s own singing and music, to form an unforgettable session.

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1-and-2In mask-like face make-up and brightly coloured costume with the swingy cape and gold crown of a king – a young guy swings his leg over the seat of his motorbike and roars through the night with a flourish.  In Milano’s salon, Paris shyly sports a shortie paisley apron over orange striped shirt as he carefully adds perfect colour and shape to my hair.  ‘It’s a painting’ he smiles.  ‘Many colours make the light move’.  Nearby, girls perch precariously stacked offerings of fruit effortlessly on their heads, bearing the essence of goodness to temple above their elegantly swaying hips.  In cafés, a mélange of global travellers, visitors, and expats mingle to share experiences, creations, purchases, spiritual discoveries and vision.

This pageant is just a tiny taste of the melting pot of Ubud, and Bali – a place where creativity is prized, playfulness is normal, colour is riotous, feelings are expressed, healing energies pervade, spirituality flowers, and smiles abound.

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What I love, is that under this stylish street pageant is a deep vein of serious and passionate commitment – to craft, to beauty, and to spirituality – which is natural in Ubud, whose very name means ‘medicine’ – the town being located on a swirling energy vortex generated where two sacred rivers meet.

The Balinese in Ubud focus for years perfecting their art-form – dance, painting, woodcarving, stone-carving, silversmithing, healing – perfecting the habit of continual attention to detail, finicky precision and persistence in completing and making something of beauty, which is something I admire and which fills me with joy – inspiring many visiting ex-pats who bring international design morés and the celebration of spirituality into a magnificent hotch-potch!

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Want to release negativity using The Reprogramming in a lighter session that includes Chakra Balancing as well? Jelila -

Healing in Bali – Crystal Healing with Jelila

I love to see the results – beauty everywhere – flowered curlicues on a carved door, a whimsical  giant stone Cheshire cat in the spa as tall as myself, pathways delicately picked out with natural, pale turquoise pebbles from nearby Flores island – and nature – beautiful scented flowers – orchids, exotic Ylang Ylang and the sweetly fragrant frangipani weaving in between, wafting their scent!

The love of craft permeated my senses, and touched me, when I arrived – like a flower, my natural gift for healing with crystals and colour and light suddenly unfurled – and, like the Balinese, I invested time and money in tuition in my craft – and when I was gifted by a teacher with a new way of healing, a new technique to reach and release deep emotional blocks easy as shucking peas – I grabbed it, and burrowed into my own craft – deeply exploring and healing ancient belief patterns… and as people came, from all over the world, to work with me and be the clay that I would help to mould, like the many international healers and local ‘balians’ (spirit healers) here, I became a craftsman of healing… helping people weave their way through sub-conscious patterns and thoughts, release them, and design a new more positive truth that would help them live their lives in an easier, happier way.

One client brought his baby to me – the fruit of the happy relationship that he said I helped him sow.  And another was grateful for the two-fold increase in productivity in his factory that he was delighted I helped him realise.

My Balinese ex-mother in law melds crystal colours and shapes brilliantly for me, interpreting my original design in wonderful ways, using the rainbow boxes of crystals I have supplied her with – making the ‘Yoga Chord’ that yoginis in Ubud wear to assist their meditation and yoga practice and balance their chakras.

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Ubud is the perfect place for healing – many people are weaving and crafting their ideals – and re-inventing themselves spiritually- in Ubud and Bali – witness the fabulous eateries, the evolution of raw food, the yoga and dance, the many spiritual practitioners and healers (Balinese and international) and art – that is the most appealing tapestry – it is really a glorious multi-coloured mingling of East and West!

About Jelila

Jelila is a top international healer who offers personal transformation journeys in Bali and Online that guide you to experience the magical transformational energy and playfulness of Bali for yourself.

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Jelila, The Bali Times, 2007

Jelila, The Bali Times, 2007

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Want to Blossom Hearts Desires?  Jelila - Living in Delight - Healing Therapy Online or in Person - jelila@jelila.comJelila is a well-known International Healer who Blossoms Hearts Desires through a range of life-enriching healing sessions including Crystal Healing, Energy Work, Past-Life Journeys, Sound Healing, The Reprogramming™ her Signature Technique, The Gift… of Harmony™, her own range of Crystal Healing Necklaces, Healing Music, Books, and more. She has appeared in many magazines and in Asia and Bali at top resorts like The Four Seasons, The Bale, and The Westin, and has a wealth of experience and depth to help you – for living in delight! ‘Wonderful’ ‘The best thing I ever did’ ‘Amazing’ ‘Powerful’ ‘I am changed from this day forward – Thank-you so much!’

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‘I understand so much more about love now!’ ‘You helped my relationship so much! ‘I felt so much better, immediately. I felt so much clearer and more relaxed, freer!’ ‘Sessions with you are like doing years of traditional psychotherapy – only your way actually works!’ “Beautiful simplicity, with powerful energy and release. I look forward to observing the shift and having fun in my body!” Fifi “Your way is amazingly different – I feel I have a different view and I’m more positive… thanks!” Billy

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