How to completely open your 3rd eye and trip out without medicinal plants

‘Surprisingly trippy – yet completely without herbs or medicinal plants!

‘Amazing how the crystal remedy inside transformed my stress instantly – I sighed, and relaxed!’

‘I find it so easy to sleep with this!’

‘I keep one in my desk at work and find it greatly relieves my stress when I have a mini nap’.

‘at last – sleep beckons!’

These are responses from users of the innovative 3rd Eye Opening Crystal Healing Eyemask by Jelila, which has specially programmed crystals designed to really open your 3rd eye – and is used with Biohacking Healing Journey.

Inside the mask are aromatic leaves and petals, and the 3rd Eye Opening crystal healing remedy by Jelila – a vibrational healing remedy created using crystals programmed with specific intentions that induce relaxation and psychic perception – it really opens your 3rd eye!

Biohacking with the 3rdveye opening crystal eyemask by Jelila

Completely open your 3rd eye with the 3rd Eye Opening Crystal Eyemask by Jelila

Users report experiencing dreams, visions, colours, hearing guidance,  even astral travel, or they simply feel they ‘went away’.

But don’t worry – the special intentional program in the crystals is designed to only guide you to experiences that you are ready for.

‘I completely left my body and experienced a lucid dream’

‘I only realised I had gone away when I suddenly came back into my body!’

‘I saw colours and lights and felt a deep feeling of peace’.

You can purchase the Crystal Eyemasks individually or receive one free with any Biohacking Healing Journey Plans of one month or more – SEE BHJ TABS AT TOP OF PAGE FOR UPDATES AND INFO 🌱

Now it’s your chance to really invest in your well-being – completely reset your nervous system whenever you choose, Help you sleep, invest in your health, and completely reset your nervous system, with Biohacking Healing Journey ,  In the privacy and comfort of your own home, with the remarkable 3rd Eye Opening Crystal Eyemask, by Jelila.

Jelila says ‘it is one of my goals to bring the wonderful, non-invasive healing power of crystals to many, and the 3rd Eye Opening Crystal Eyemask is a great step towards reaching that goal’.

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