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Testimonials, Comments, Reviews from Clients

Chakra Balancing your Sacred Shape and Aura Colours - with Jelila - www.jelila.comHi Jelila!  I had a session with you about a year ago in Bali and my life has changed so much since then! Thank you again for the experience!   Nicole 

It’s one week since my session and I have never felt peace like I do now.  No scattered thoughts, no upset.  I feel blessed with new ideas and a general feeling of peace and calm and the possibilities of the new. Susan

Thank-you so much for helping us both!  Can’t believe the difference we both see and are aware of – it’s amazing!  We really are ourselves now.  Love and Best Wishes, Wendy

Hey Jelila, some months ago, my boyfriend and I had the reprogramming sessions with you. We are both still very very grateful. The session really changed our (love)life in a great positive way. We are pretty sure, that there was a reason, to travel to Bali and to Ubud. And that reason was, to meet you ;o)   Thank-you so much!  Love&Light,  Fabi

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Crystal healing  – Published in Bali Advertiser and Holistic Bali
Jelila provides my first healing session, and arrives at the door, blonde and fairylike bearing a guitar and a big bag of crystals.  She talks about the resonant vibration of crystals due to their highly organized molecular structure, and adds that “Just as having a positive person around you raises your vibrations –  it’s the same with the right combination of crystals.”

Jelila has a background in yoga, meditation and energy healing and you can join her classes at Yoga barn. She also practices crystal healing which she describes as “A complex art form, based on an intuitive sense of your present energy, aura and life,” and adds “It is non invasive and harmless, the worse thing that can happen is nothing.”

We start with an aura reading, and each of my chakras is assigned colours, shapes and sounds. My rational mind does not understand, but her observations are unerringly accurate, and deep from my subconscious,  she unearths an extremely irrational fear. Right she says we are going to fix this. She guides me through a visualization, or re programming as she calls it,   and then explains that she will use a combination of crystal energy and sound healing to integrate this transformation.

I close my eyes as she drapes strings of crystals over me, and soon become aware of a powerful tingly sensation around my head, it feels like my hair is standing on end. I assume Jelila is doing some kind of energy healing but when I open my eyes I see she is busy placing crystals around my feet. The feeling is so intense I can’t help laughing – “What’s happening to my head,” I ask, “That would be the detoxifying crystals I put on your pillow,” she answers.   By now Jelila is softly playing the guitar and singing, her beautiful voice flutters around me. It’s extraordinarily soothing to be sung too and lulls me into a warm and cosy state. Afterwards I feel happy, serene and kind of floaty. More than anything I feel completely liberated from an irrational fear that had been holding me back. No doubt I could have sat in an office with a psychiatrist and progressed to this point after weeks on the sofa talking about my childhood  – but therapy is  much more enjoyable when you are covered in crystals and sung to!  Jelila also designs healing necklaces and has recorded a range of CDs.
– Alison Bone

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Review of Crystal Healing Course:
“Thank-you for the Crystal Healing Course.  I loved how you supported my intuition and gave me so much encouragement.  Now I feel I have the confidence to practise in my own way.”  Shanti

Lighter, brighter, and satisfied that somewhere the issues are finally being addressed.  A fantastic session – thank-you, Jacqui

“Dear Jelila, I wanted to thank you for your kindness and caring – I woke up this morning feeling lighter and happier than I have in a very long time.  You have very special gifts, and I am fortunate that you have shared them with me.”   Ellie
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“My first session with Jelila.  Now suddenly I can feel peaceful.  My body relaxed.  And I feel I can laugh again. Thank-you Jelila”        Kumiko

Thank-you for the wonderful experience you have been willing to share with me.  It’s been an overpowering and overwhelming energy that have left me feeling better as me.  May blessing be upon you always.  Novianna

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I’m feeling very relaxed and ready to get on with it all, thanks to you.  Love you to bits.  Shauna

The seed awaits in tranquility and then bursts upon the world.  I am inspired.  I am love.  Thank-you.  Jude

Very calming, soothing, reassuring, feeling at ease.  With thanks!  Adam

Thankyou for another wonderful insightful and healing experience.  My inner male and female are continuing to chat and value each other!  Love to you.  Judith

An enjoyable evening, very calming and relaxing, thanks.  Wong

How Can The Gift of Harmony Transformation process help you 'get the gift' - of who you really are?  Jelila - www.jelila.comIntense and powerful take off in the inner and outer dimensions.  Chua

Thank-you for a great experience.  Christen

Thank-you… as always for helping me see that the possibilities are endless and that I can have it all!   Love Christine

Thank-you for allowing your gifts to grace my life.  Paul

 “I already had ‘it’, just had to be shown where ‘it’ was.  Thank-you Jelila.”    Christian

This was my second session and I really noticed a change in myself after the first session.  I look forward to more progress, light, and love!  Thank-you Jelila!   Love Martha

“Thank-you Jelila, a wonderful experience”  Wendy

“I wish the love you give comes back 1,000 times.”  Sandra

 “Thank-you not once, but a million times over, in every language imaginable.  My life changing experience!”   Mandy

 “Thank-you.  The learning was profound.”  Cheryl

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Absolutely surreal and beautiful experience.  Learnt a lot from you.  Joel

To my guide, thank-you for an amazing journey through myself.  I am blessed we met.  Hayley

 “Jelila gave me a new way of thinking (secret) for relationships.  I’m glad that I took her session.”   Keiko
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“An amazing individual experience – didn’t know what to expect but felt many different feelings throughout the session – most of all felt very safe and let go of a lot of feelings – feel very calm, balanced and happy now.  Many thanks.”    Rachel

“To the beautiful golden voice that guides me on my journeys!  Thank you, Jelila for the joy you bring and the wisdom you carry!  You are an inspiration and a light and I thank you for sharing your gifts!   Shireen

It took me to the deeper level of finding the ‘unseen’ and the Undiscovered.  And allowed myself to be open.  Intan

Tears of sadness turn to hope and encircle me as do stars and love.  Melanie

Didn’t know what to expect.  Felt nervous at first.  Very ‘warm’ now.  Arno

“Jelila gave me a new way of thinking (secret) for relationships.  I’m glad that I took her session.”  Keiko

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“Thankyou for a beautiful healing.  Loved your work.” Robyn

“I feel reborn!”  SuryaAre you Grateful for All That You Have?  Transformation Motivation and Blossoming Heart's Desires with Jelila -

Dearest Jelila, thank you so much for coming to Singapore.  Each time I see you, it’s a life-changing experience.  Love Nicholas

Dear Jelila, Thanks for your gentle healing, I’m feeling much better already.  Warmest Regards, Sandra

It’s a great experience.  Thank-you.  Sandra

Dear Jelila, thank-you once again for helping me see who I am and why and helping me to love myself again.  Thankyou, thank-you.  John

Thanks Jelila for making me see things clearer.   Rafi

“The healing CDs work beautifully on all levels and the most amazing thing for me is that I did not have to be consciously conscious while listening!  It is optimal healing, where you need it, when you need it, and at its very best!”   Shireen   

Followed my intuition and came today.  So happy I did. Thank-yIs Life Satisfying?  Transformation Motivation and Blossoming Heart's Desires with Jelila - www.jelila.comou for allowing me to “tune in” outside my daily activities.  Robert

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Thank-you for helping me reconnect to my pure beautiful goddess within. Natasha

You don’t have to say anything.  Jelila sees (senses) everything.  But say it anyway, cos then you create your own path to wholeness!  ENJOY JELILA!  Terri

Thank-you for a most beautiful experience.  I feel so serene, light, and connected.  All the best!  Shelby

Today I received a gift.  A spiritual gift beyond words.  Then I awoke.  In more ways than I can describe.  But I know it’s not fantasy as the healing – the power is still flowing through me.  What comes after this, I am curious to know. But for now, thank-you very much Jelila and to all the spirits, guides, universal energies.  Kia Ora Koutou.  Avohanui.  Leigh

Thanks for a peaceful experience!  Lu

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Thank-you for making me feel fantastic again.  Beautiful session.  Thank-you.  Bobby

Are You Able to Fully Celebrate Life? :) Healing Transformation with Jelila - www.jelila.comJelila, I enjoyed the laughter so much and the lightness that came after and I offer you a very heartfelt ‘thank-you’.  Lovely.  John

Thank-you so much.  It is great to have the feeling back.  Love Bugsy

“Thank-you for a magical session.  You looked like you had wings!”    Marlar

Thank-you Jelila… A very good feeling Ludovica

Thanks!!! It’s really nice to make me able to open my energy and to bring my own feeling to the superficial… things that sometimes we know but is so deep that we are not able to say or to realise in the real self.  I feel very energetic!!! Thanks a lot!  Lots of love,  Lara

With light.  I thank you for sharing a powerful time with healing sound.  Ina

Thank-you for refilling my heart in Bali!  Mary-Rose

Thankyou so much!  Lisa

Jelila, I would like to show my gratitude and hope that I can put some of my learnings into practice.  Cherie

Thank-you so much for making me aware of things that were ruining my life and well-being.  Kind regards,  Sarah

It felt like I could do anything if only I looked within myself.  The workshop was great.  I now know that you can heal anything if you look inside yourself.  Nancy

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Completely centering, positive, happy energy bringing, goddess inspiring!  Thank-you!  Louise

I really think that you need to feel this special experience.  Very special vibration – all good!  Aloha!  Kenny

Thank-you – very interesting workshop.  Mark

Dear Jelila, thank-you for sharing the knowledge of sound healing.  Something new for me – I believe if I followed your workshop you will be able to help my confusion. Thanks, Yure

I expected something to happen… but never dreamed the magnitude of the experience.  Far out!!!   My life changed so much since you helped me overcome my abandonment issues.  Thanks and looking foDoes Healing with Sacred Shapes help you Relax? - Sacred Geometry Healing, Aura Reading, Light Language Song, Light Language Grids with Jelila - www.jelila.comrward to more!  Martha

I feel like I’ve been lifted!! Thank-you so much, it took an accident to bring me here!  Sigi

All colours of the spectrum have just flowed through me – thank-you Jelila – it was worth the 112 laps of the pool!!  Lots of love – see you in Lorne!  Mary-Rose 

Thank-you for this gift of new awareness!!  Using the tools will be my way of life.   Love and light, Christine

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Jelila, Thank-you – I loved!  Big Kiss, Isobel

Jelila, It was an interesting experience!  J Love it much, Katrina

Jelila, continue your beautiful earthwalk… laugh, dance and play, love Harry

Calmness, warmth, gentleness, focused, loved, forward, clear. X Guido

Gracias por energia nevorada.   Carmiel

An amazing experience!  Happy to have done a session!  Ute

Thank-you so much!  Love your work!  Galia

It was a brilliant session.  I guess I will be discovering a lot more of myself and knowing me better with your help.  Thank-you.  Positive energies, Sam

It was a wonderfully relaxing experience – you showed me things that I had no idea I was harbouring inside.  Thankyou.  Bonnie

Excellent.  Calming and smoothing.  Edwin

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A beautiful clearing.  My soul is free now to wander in the space that has been created.  Cheryl

Thank-you so much Jelila, now I know why we kept meeting.  I feel free.  Blessings, Lynne xxx

I love this mindblowing brainstorming our beliefs to stir up our hidden fears and takes us back to nourishment.  Thankyou Jelila.  Marcio

A new experience of being and enjoying.  Maria

Very unusual.  Don’t really know what to say/think of it yet.  But it was a pleasant experience so far…  David

Dear Jelila, a wonderful experience for me.  Feeling a lot ‘lighter’ on my feet.  With best regards, Sanjeev

Thank-you for the great journey Jelila, much enjoyed.  Debra

Thanks a lot for an amazing experience. love Erika

Thankyou for bringing me me, my self, my horse, my mother together!  X  JulietteIs Life Satisfying?  Transformation Motivation and Blossoming Heart's Desires with Jelila -

Reviews Comments Testimonials About ‘The Gift of Harmony’ Transformation Course with Jelila

The session helped me consolidate many changes I had been undergoing over the past year.  I feel much more balanced and centred.  Ambika

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It was something new to me, and very interesting.  Thank-you so much for the session.  It was fantastic time I spent here.  Aya

Very smooth, swift, blissful, simple, tingling, awake and reminder of our different personalities to align and agree together internally.  Luke

Thankyou so much for such a relaxing and wonderful session.  Your voice is absolutely beautiful, it is a great gift.   The nap reminded me of Bingin (Bali) sleeping to the sound of waves.  It truly is rare in Singapore.  Thank-you!  Rachel

I’m more aware of what I really want in my life.  I’ll keep trying until I get to the point I want to be.  I will try these 4 people become united!  Thanks for guiding me through.  Keiko

Thank-you for helping me to realise BIG thing!  This change is second big change of my life.  Wish you success and prosperity on your great career and life.  AyaAre You Satisfied?  Blossoming Heart's Desires with Jelila -

Magical to find other parts of me so long ignored!  Looking forward to getting to know us all!  Love and blessings, Pauline 

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Thank-you so much for the healing experience  Vir

Thank-you for a lovely session.  It was beautiful and blessed.  Love and blessings, Poonam

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Thank-you for coming into my life. You have shown me the way I should go on without feeling a sense of lack.  Jaya

I feel very honoured to have ‘found’ you and to share your beautiful transformational healing and music.  You are unique.  Looking forward to sharing knowledge and energy work with you for our humanitarian expression! Lots of love and blessings, Mariannje

Thank-you for starting me on my journey and helping me take my first steps.  James

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