Jelila - The Gift or Harmony - Living in Delight - Healing Transformation - www.jelila.comWhy do I help heal others, through my individual sessions and trademark processes, books, healing crystals, and music?

  1. Because it’s easy and fun.
  2. Because I’ve already completed my healing journey and achieved what was important to me – which was:  stopping my negative thought patterns permanently, and feeling consistently happy and good.
  3. Because I have created valuable replicatable healing processes and methods that work quickly and bring consistent demonstrable results.
  4. Because I feel a great deal of personal satisfaction when a client goes from sad looking to smiling and radient within a few hours, and says how they feel so much better.  I love seeing my clients blossom!
  5. Because I care about the world.  I envision the majority of people on earth enjoying harmony within themselves, and projecting that inner harmony out into the world, creating peace for everybody.  This is why I created The Gift of Harmony – it is a world peace program that starts with you and me.  When you have the peace within you that The Gift of Harmony creates, then you naturally reflect that peace out into your world.

The future I envision is ‘festival living’ – a celebration where it is natural for people to come together to dance, to create art, to dress up, to make music, to share food, to play – to celebrate!

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Blossoming Hearts Desires

December 2013

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