Polarity Shift™, Judgement Release Process™- Free Yourself Instantly

Use this simple process I invented (only takes 5 mins!) to release your judgements on Polarities, enormously freeing your range of expression, releasing mood swings, stopping others from seeming so annoying. .  Use it on polarities you identify, or ones I give to you…  Polarities like… Aggressive-Passive, Angry-Calm, Happy-Sad, Clever-Stupid, Likes Learning-Hates It  etc etc etc…

Polarity Shift TM simple process by Jelila - free yourself instantlyPolarity Shift™ gives you back your freedom to Balance and Choose how much of each element you want in any given situation  instead of being always driven towards or swinging wildly away from one way to the other, relieves extremes, frees repetitive behaviour patterns, releases ‘Annoying people’ from your life.  Watch the video…

Are others annoying you?  Here’s a quick easy way to release it – and enormously increase your freedom and range of expression!

How does it work…?

Penelope found her neighbour annoying – why? – ‘he’s so Aggressive!’  She said.  ‘He bullies me!’

I guided Penelope to work with that as a Polarity – a range of opposites.  What’s the opposite of Aggressive? I asked.

Palette of Feelings - don't block the shades of feelings available to you - you need all the colours for your free expression and choice!‘Passive!’ she sniffed.  So we had just identified a Polarity Aggressive  vs. Passive – that Penelope had a judgement about – she didn’t like Aggression – felt it was bad or wrong – which was why it was so annoying to her!

Judgement means – Penelope had had an experience in which she decided ‘Aggression is wrong! – so I’m not gonna do that – at all!’

So she had written all ‘Aggression’ out of her palette of ‘acceptable expressions’ -limiting herself to only shades of passivity!

However – a spark of Aggression is what gets you to get up in the morning!  a touch of Aggression can fight off disease!  A bite of Aggression can let you stand up for your kid in school!  A sprinkle of Aggression lets you stand up – to a bully!

So Aggression is not AAAALLLLLLL bad!  It’s had a bad press – but hey – it has it’s moments, when you use it in the right amount – at the right time.

Just like – pepper tastes great – but its not good when you throw the whole pepper pot into the stew!  But that doesn’t mean we ban pepper, never use it again, does it?

And in the same way – you do need some Aggression – as with alllll polarities – you need it – in varying amounts – at varying times – according to the situation – to give your life a bit of ‘punch!’

Otherwise – your life’s a bit – tasteless!

If you're stuck in 'Passive' and the other person is stuck in 'Aggressive' - they are going to bully you - and there is nothing you can do about it - because you accidentally deleted 'Aggression' from your Polarity Paintbox!Penelope was pretty frustrated by now about being a wimp and getting walked over by her neighbour, I can tell you!

To release Penelope from always being passive and getting walked over like this, which of course she was powerless to stop

 …see?  X No Aggression X  = ONLY passivity😦 

…I guided Penelope to follow my simple 5 minute  Polarity Shift™ process – which she did – and you can do too, above in the video –  releasing her judgement on the polarity – freeing her to express any level of Aggression or Passivity – according to what each situation demands!

~You need to actually do the actions, for the Polarity Shift™ process to work, by the way.  The positive effect is permanent because it is a form of guided experiential re-learning.

Penelope was amazed how, when we finished, she immediately felt different about Aggression.

I asked her to think again of her neighbour and tell me her reaction now – ‘I can see how he’s aggressive – but that’s Ok!’ she exclaimed.

‘Can you see how a little bit of Aggression – or sometimes – even a lot – might be really valuable?  Depending on the situation you’re in? I asked.  Like the pepper pot?  It’s not intrinsically bad – it’s just how you use it?

‘Yes!’  she enthused.  ‘Now I’m going to go through everyone who annoys me, and make a list – notice the quality that gets my goat – find its opposite – and do Polarity Shift on all of them – so these people stop p**ing me off!’ she laughed.

I noticed how she was suddenly more feisty… 🙂

…and said ‘well isn’t it wonderful – now you can actually do something about annoying people – and there’s nothing to do with them – no need to try to change them – which great because that is impossible anyway – now you have access to a simple process you can do for yourself, whenever you need to – that you have total control over – and which fixes the problem instantly!’

Penelope just beamed…

Try it for yourself – think of someone you don’t like – notice why – what is the feeling or behaviour, exactly that annoys you, or that comes to the fore? Like – Arrogant… Then notice the opposite to find the Polarity…  like Meek… (it’s whatever comes up for you – it’s personal) …and now follow the simple process in the video.  You need to actually do the actions, for the Polarity Shift to work.  Only takes 5 minutes!  Imagine!  Only 5 minutes to release a bully from your life!

Just do one polarity at a time like:

Aggressive – Passive.

As I prompt you to imagine a ball, first you imagine one aspect of the polarity in the first ball (eg ‘Aggression’ or whatever) and then you imagine the second aspect in the second ball (eg ‘Passivity’ or whatever).

It doesn’t matter which hand you place each aspect in!  Left or right is fine!  Then you will be guided to consider a few special phrases, then bring the balls together, which balances the Polarity you are working on by releasing your judgement.

I recommend you follow the exact wording and instruction in the video as it has been specially developed and researched over 12 years to be as effective and far-reaching as possible, bringing the greatest benefit.

BTW Don’t think of ‘Polarity’ as just: plus and minus, positive and negative – that is far too general and will not get you anywhere! Don’t say ‘I understand Polarity!’ or ‘I’ve mastered Polarity!’  That is BS, sorry!  We’ll never master it, because it is infinite!

~Instead what is more effective is to focus in on individual polarities – one at a time – and there are an infinite number, in the world so there are plenty for you to do – and just work on releasing your judgements on them, one at a time.  This simple method will bring you untold reward, bring enormous expansion in your freedom of expression, allowing you a much broader range of choices in situations you encounter, bringing you a more creative, full, rich, colourful life with lots of possibilities.

After doing the Polarity Shift™ process, you will have permanently released your judgement on the particular polarity you chose to work on, bringing no further irritation when you witness that particular expression in others in future.  And you will gain the spiritual gift of that polarity, which usually brings more freedom of choice in situations as you are no longer limiting or blocking whole swathes of possible choices of self-expression.

Polarity Shift™can also help stop ‘repeating patterns’ where you find you always respond the same way (because other choices or sides of a polarity were blocked – by your hidden judgement against that polarity aspect).

Here are a few important polarities – and their gift – the spiritual gift you receive in your everyday life, when you have no more judgement on them:


Aggressive        (the will to live)     vs  Passive     (the ability to not do anything, sit in hammock)

Selfish (the ability to focus on oneself)  vs Selfless (the ability to give oneself away)

Free (the ability to be free) vs. Trapped (the ability to be constrained – like – wear a seatbelt!)

Jealous (the ability to possess something or someone) vs. Unpossessive (the ability not to own anything)

My book The Gift of Harmony on Amazon/Kindle has a whole chapter on Polarity if you’d like to read more on this fascinating topic.

Want to know more?  Polarity Shift™ is a technique of The Reprogramming™ – a comprehensive transformation and healing modality by Jelila.

Guided sessions using the Polarity Shift and The Reprogramming

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