Good Vibrations – Do Energy, Vibration, Frequency, Harmony and Vibrational Healing Music and Healing Crystals contribute to health, wellbeing and harmony? – Article by Jelila

Jelila – Chakra Balancing

Jelila - Crystal and Chakra Healing Online and In Person - Auric energy flowWhen you meet your Soul Mate, your auras join together, forming one unified field of light.  You can know the others thoughts, and even, feel the other’s feelings, when you have a close connection like this.  How does it work?

Everything – including your own body – has its own energy vibration at the molecular level.   When you resonate with your soulmate, you are really ‘on the same level’.

Jelila - Crystal and Chakra Healing Online and in Person - Einstein by david-garibaldiEinstein said that ‘matter is energy in motion’ – seemingly solid objects consist only of rapidly vibrating photons – light.

Your own cells and organs vibrate at certain frequencies.  If these are out of whack, your  ill-health and literally, dis-harmony in your life, are the result that you attract because of the negative energy.

Your feelings create a frequency or vibation – positive or negative.  You pick up feelings from other people as well, sub-consciously all the time, perfectly naturally, perhaps without even realising it!

Do you know immediately, when someone walks in the room, whether you like them or not?   This is because they ‘resonate’ with you – or not!  In other words the frequency of their body and emotions vibrate at a rate which is similar to yours, and ”feels a bit like you’ creating an empathetic resonant feeling of understanding between you – or not!  This is ‘beyond words’.

Resonance:  On a scientific level, any physical things vibrate together.  For example, when a ‘C’ tuning fork is struck, another ‘C’ tuning fork close by will also begin to vibrate at the same rate – even sounding!  This is a scientific phenomenon known as ‘sympathetic resonance’. And people are the same!

How you share and pick up feelings from others is via your aura, a magnetic field of light that surrounds your body – think of it as being your ‘charisma’.

Your aura stores a record of everything that ever happened to you, in this life or past lives, stored as a vibration or feeling.  The essence of what you learned from your esperiences is stored, in the form of vibrations.   Invisible to the naked eye,  your Aura can be seen by Kirlian

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photography, as colours surrounding your body.  You connect and share information with others via your aura, which changes colour according to your mood and situation – sometimes many times in one day!

Where there is an imbalance in your body, emotional system, or mind, it shows up as dissonance in your body and/or your aura.  A vibration which feels uncomfortable.  Jarring – Negative Energy Vibrations.

You may sense negativity like this  in others, when they are ill or disturbed.  Imagine a car with the carburettor out of whack.  You hear a terrible rattling vibration and it tells you… something is wrong.  Conversely, positive energy in your aura is felt as attraction – others are attracted to, and like you, because of your positive energy.

When there is a problem with your  physical body and emotional system, there’s a dissonant or unharmonious vibration.  And a trained and experienced person who is sensitive to vibration (ie, an intuitive healer) is able to sense where the problem is and help adjust your vibration using Chakra Balancing and Energy healing.

The Crystal Healing Yoga Chord by Jelila - for harmony -

The Crystal Healing Yoga Chord  specially designed to balance your vibratin and bring positive energy using 20 kinds of specially Programmed Crystals –  at my Online Store.  Click to Visit at my Store.

How is that possible?  Well there are various ways, for example using sound healing or crystal healing.  Sound is a frequency, a vibration.  Crystals also each possess a unique vibration.  Harnessing a scientific process known as ‘entrainment’ it is possible to raise and adjust the vibration of your body, just by placing something with a higher vibration, like a Crystal or positive Sound, next to it.

So to sing a higher frequency, or place a crystal in the appropriate place on the body, can raise the vibration and literally bring the physical emotional or mental system back into – harmony!

Wearing special combinations of Crystals that have been programmed with positivity to help you feel good as you wear them, healing and harmonising you – to this end I have created a range of life-enriching Crystal Healing Necklaces with the positive energies of can support your positive energy as you wear them.

Hand made in Bali – designed to focus on key topics such as Love, Abundance, Harmony, Detox Negativity, Power and Confidence, Self-Esteem – as you wear them you pick up the positive energy.  Please visit my Online Store to discover how my Crystal Healing Necklaces can help you look good – and  feel good, safely and naturally!

Jelila - Crystal and Chakra Healing Online and in Person - Chladni


In the 18th century Ernest Chladni, a German physicist, found that the sound waves produced by a violin bow drawn vertically across the rim of a metal plate would create patterns in sand sprinkled on the plate. Different musical tones would cause the sand particles to move into geometric patterns.  Rather like the rippling patterns the sea makes on sand.

Some forms of energy healing use energy patterns like this to restore order.  For example, Heart Chakra Healing and Reconnective Healing (similar to Reiki, but more advanced).  These two forms of ‘hands on’ vibrational energy healing effectively run an ‘energy pattern’ over the dissonant resonance of the body.  The pattern, which is a bit like a computer program installed in the aura of the person giving the healing, has an organising and calming, healing effect on the body, mind, and emotions – and most of all, on the energy system of the individual.

Jelila - Crystal and Chakra Healing Online and In Person - Shri Yantra

The Shri Yantra – ancient symbol for, well, everything!

Jelila - Crystal and Chakra Healing Online and In Person - Chladni Images formed from vibrating Sand on a Plate

Chladni Sand-Plate Images

Ernest Chladni also found that low frequency sounds produced simple geometric shapes on a sand covered plate.

As the sound frequency was increased, these simple forms would break up and more complex patterns would appear. The sound ‘OH’ would produce a perfect circle.

The sound ‘OM’ produced a pattern that resembles the Shri Yantra; the ancient mandala for ‘OM’ used as a focus of meditation in India for thousands of years.  Hans Jenny came to the conclusion that sound creates form and that the entire human body had its own sound made up of all the sounds of its cells, tissues and organs.

Sound has a surprisingly powerful transforming effect, even on physical systems.  For example, it’s possible to clean jewellery using a machine with a sonic vibration.  Rather like shaking the dirt out of a rug, the vibration loosens unwanted particles of dirt and they fall away.  High pitched sound is also used medically to shatter kidney stones.

Jelila - Crystal and Chakra Healing Online and In Person - Auric energy flow

Perfect Energy Flow = Perfect Health, Wealth, Balance and Harmony

Consider an opera singer’s ability to shatter a glass.  There is a point at which a certain frequency makes it impossible for an existing system to continue in the same form.  Change and healing (or cleanliness!) is the result.

A definition of health and well-being, for me, is ‘energy flow’.  Going back to the car example, when the fuel pump is blocked, the whole system shuts down.  The body is the same – if we receive a physical or emotional trauma and don’t fully express our feeliWant to watch a Crystal Healing in progress? Video - Jelila - www.jelila.comngs about it at the time, the feelings tend to remain in the body as a block.

The natural life-force energy (prana, or chi) can’t flow and the system is like a blocked sink – likely to become out of balance and unhealthy if left for a long time!  Vibration such as healing with crystals and sound can shift such blockages and restore health and well-being.  That’s that’s why it’s a good idea to regularly have holistic healing sessions – to help you stay balanced, ‘in-tune’ and feeling good!



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Chakras: Chakra Balancing – How Light Language builds Sacred Shape Geometry Symbols in your Aura in Colour and Light to Attract your Desired Goals – How to Create Positive Energy – Article by Jelila –

Balance your Chakras?  Chakra Balancing with Jelila Online and in Asia Bali Ubud -

In Asia Bali Ubud and Online

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Chakra Balancing in Bali

How do you know what energy you have around you?  How do you know if your Aura or Chakra energy is positive or negative?  And if negative – how do you change that?

Chakra Balancing helps you release negativity and balance the energy you have around you – so you feel good,and can attract positive things in your life!

An Aura Reading can help you find out the energy you have in your Aura and Chakras.

A Light Language Grid or other Healing Session can help you transform your energy, and generate positivity in your life.  Learn to Read Auras – Take a Course

Your Aura

Your Aura is formed from the energy vibration of the Coloured Sacred Geometric Shapes that you have around you.

Your Aura is what radiates your energies out into the world and attracts from the Universe what happens to you in life – the actual real experiences, meetings, events – everything you attract.  Sacred Shape Geometry – in the form of Light Language – is the bridge between the metaphysical world – the thoughts and dreams you carry – and reality.

Your Aura is the Light you carry around you which is a vibrational recording of everything you believe is true – about yourself, others, or your world – consciously and sub-consciously!

Are Sacred Shapes Healing? What Colours and Shapes are in your Aura?  www.jelilacom

What Sacred Geometric Shapes are in Your Aura? What do they mean? Would You Like to Learn to See Auras? Click for Aura Readings and Courses.

The Secret

This is why ‘The Secret’ doesn’t always work – because the vibration of your sub-conscious negativity is blocking or cancelling out the vibration of your conscious positivity.

Meaning – the negative vibration from parts of you block the positve vibes from other parts of you – cancelling out the vibration of what you wanted to create – so that the Universe ‘can’t hear you’ – and stopping The Secret from working for you!

What is the Meaning of Sacred Shapes in your Aura and Chakras? Jelila -

Blue Octahedron – Perfect Connection

All the information in your Aura belongs to you – you take your Light with you into your next lifetime and begin creating from that ‘blueprint’ – it is a part of your soul.

In this way, you carry your personal ‘truth’ about your world with you – and the Universe reflects it back to you, like a cosmic ‘mirror’ showing you who you are.

Video:  Want to Know How Sacred Geometry Shapes and Colours work with your Aura and Chakras in the form of Light Language? -

Video:  Want to Know How Sacred Geometry Shapes and Colours work with your Aura and Chakras in the form of Light Language?

As your awareness grows, and you decide new more positive ‘truths’ about  your world – your Chakras build that positive energy in Coloured Light – made from Sacred Geometric Shapes in various colours for you, which is what builds your ‘Aura– the energy field around your body – and you then attract more positive things in your life.

Positive Energy or light in your Aura = Positive Energy in your Life!

Sacred Geometry – What do the Sacred Shapes or Symbols in your Aura and Chakras mean?

Sacred Geometry – think of your Chakras as being like little factories spaced along your spine which are constantly popping out Sacred Geometric Shapes in various Colours of Light, all the time, which in turn builds your Aura – the multi-coloured field of light around you.

Would you like to get a very accurate reading of what is going on in your life?  I offer this by reading the Sacred Shape and Colour in each of your Chakras and interpreting the Meaning.Is your Aura Positive?  What Sacred Shapes are in your Chakras? Aura Reading and Healing with Jelila -

This Light around you is your Light Language.  The Light attracts everything that you attract.  But how can you get in control of that?  What is a Light Language Grid?

What is the meaning of Sacred Shapes and Colours in the Chakras and Aura? Jelila -

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Just as your body processes food, the function of your Chakras is to constantly process the emotional content of your daily experiences – to make sense of what happens to you – and convert it to new meaning or learning – your sub-conscious belief system is actually – who you really are – expressed in the form of Sacred Geometric Shapes generated in Colour and Light stored in your Aura.

Sacred Shape Geometry is the mechanism through which the physical world is called into existence.

Are Your Chakras Blocked?  What Sacred Shape Geometry and Colour is in Your Aura? - Readings Courses and Healing with Jelila -

Discover your Chakras in Sacred Shape Geometry and Colour – Click for Readings with Jelila and Courses.

So, what are your Chakras doing?  What Sacred Shape Geometry and Colour Light energy are they putting out?  Is it good?  Are your Chakras Blocked?  And what is the effect of the Sacred Shape Geometry you have in your Chakras and Aura now?  And What does each Sacred Geometric Shape Mean?  And does it have a different meaning according to what Chakra it is in?

Because the basis of all the world is Sacred Geometry – every Element is itself a Sacred Geometric Shape – Sacred Shapes are the building blocks of all life –  and because every shape in Sacred Geometry has its own meaning and ‘energy’ or ‘vibrational feeling’, the Chakras use Sacred Shapes to specify the energies that build up your Aura – a way of ‘expressing you in Light’.

Your Chakras

Your Chakras are regularly building and popping out Sacred Geometric Shapes and Colours in Light into your Aura to Build The Light Around You – Which Builds What You Attract in Life!

Sacred Shape Geometry Light Language Grid - Order your own from Jelila

Some Sacred Shapes used in Light Language for Aura Reading: Sphere, Cube, Cylinder, Block, Cone, Pyramid. Click Image for Readings and Courses.

Each Sacred Shape polygon has its own meaning – for example, a Cube contains or holds energy and sometimes represents literally ‘a block’ in the area of your life represented by the Chakra in which it appears.

For example, a Cube in your Heart Chakra is a Love Block.  A Cube in your Base Chakra is a Physical Block (like, you can’t sell your house).  A Cube in your Sacral Chakra is a Relationship or Money Block (for example, not enough money flowing to your bank account).  Each Chakra represents a different area of your life – so we can know what is going on for you in that particular area, when we see a particular shape/colour combination in a particular one of your Chakras.

What do Sacred Shapes and Colours Mean?

To know the Sacred Shapes and Colours you have in your Aura, you have to be able to sense the shapes/colours intuitively/psychically.  And you also have to learn the meaning of around 13 Sacred Geometric Shapes and about 20 Colours.  These are the shapes/colours most people have in their auras.

I can read your aura for you, and take a course with me to learn how to do this for yourself and others too if you wish!

Humans actually are able to sense the colours and energy around others much more than is normally realised!  We tend to take this for granted!

This innate sense of colour and feeling underlies why we say ‘green with envy‘, ‘feeling blue‘, and draw pink hearts on Valentine’s day!  Sensing Colours and Sacred Shape Geometry is a native talent for all – it is a natural part of life – and everyone can be guided to remember this natural talent!

How to See Auras?  To see Auras and to be able to read Sacred Shape Geometries, you need to get out of your thinking logical mind or ego, and get into your feeling sensing heart!  You do not need to be focusing on your third eye – you need to be in your heart – feeling!  This is true for all kinds of intuitive work.  You can only see auras when you are in a combination of a meditative and feeling state!  As soon as you think, you won’t be able to see them!

Sacred Geometry Shapes - Learn Light Language, Aura Reading with Jelila -

Icosahedron, Octahedron, Star Tetrahedron, Cube, Dodecahedron – each has a meaning – Click for Readings and Courses.

What do The Platonic Solids Mean?

There are 7 Common Basic Shapes which often show up in people’s Auras – these are the Platonic Solids – and each has its own meaning which you can learn.  Cube, Sphere, Icosahedron, Dodecahedron, Octahedron, Tetrahedron, Pyramid.

There are a further 6 Shapes which are also commonly seen in people’s Auras and these total 13 Shapes are what I normally teach in my Aura Reading class – so that you know the meanings of the shapes and can read them in yours or another persons Aura, which helps you interpret what is going on!

A further expression is the Colour of the Sacred Shape which adds further important meaning that tells you what is going on.

What do The Chakra Colours Mean?

There are the 7 ‘Chakra Colours’ – Red, Orange, Yellow, Green/Pink, Blue, Purple, White – which, when associated with a Sacred Shape, specify more detail about exactly what is going on in your aura or in another persons, bringing helpful insights to your life.  There are a further 13 Colours that I usually teach including – Turquoise, Silver, Gold, Black, and more, making 20 Colours of Sacred Shape in all.

What's in Your Aura?  Are Your Chakras Blocked?  Want to Learn to read sacred shapes and auras sacred geometry with Jelia? -

Want a Reading? Or to Learn Sacred Geometry Aura Reading? Click to shop.

  • 13 Sacred Shapes and their energetic meanings
  • 20 Colours and their interpretations
  • 13 x 20 = 260 Sacred Geometric Shape/Colour Combinations and their meanings

I teach my students how to Read Auras with these Sacred Shapes and Colours.

I also teach my students How to Write Light Language – how to Write a 7 Shaped Light Language Grid specifying  energies for specific areas of your life – such as ‘how I want my business  to be’, ‘how I want my love relationship to be’, and so on.  You learn how to specify the shape/colour you want in each Chakra, for that activity and Write your own Sacred Shape Geometry Light Language Grids.

What do Sacred Shapes Mean?

Sacred Geometry is a field where mathematics meets metaphysics – underpinning all existence are sacred geometric proportions relationships, shapes and polygons whose symetry form the basis of every element, and the construction and design of everything that exists.

Sacred Shape Geometry Light Language Grid - Order your own from Jelila

The Purple Octahedron – Perfect Manifestation of Spirit. Click for Light Language and Aura Reading Courses with Sacred Geometry.

Each Sacred Geometric shape also possesses a particular energy or ‘vibration’.  Here, I describe some common sacred shapes and colours and their meaning.  This is used in ‘Light Language’ – a form of energy healing that works with colour and shape to define precise energies that then call things into being – for example to help manifest a goal or overcome an issue – and can be used in Aura Reading.

The most commonly used shapes are the ‘Platonic Solids’ – seven shapes that all have equal sided faces and angles.  Here are a few examples:

Sphere:  Unlimited Choices and Movement

Octahedron (two pyramids with bases joined): Balance, Perfect Manifestation

Cube:  Stability (can also be a block)

Cylinder:  Rapid Movement

Cone:  Gentle Focus

Sacred Shape Geometry Light Language Grid - Order your own from Jelila

A more advanced, 49 Shaped Light Language Goal Grid – Available in my Online Store – Click to Find Out More.

So, a cylinder in red (colour of the base chakra and the physical world, meaning ‘action’), brings very fast creation.  An Octahedron in Blue, colour of communication, brings optimal communication so this is helpful for relationships.  A Dodecahedron in yellow, the colour of clarity, brings twelve clear choices, good for business.

Far more than the seven spectrum colours we associate with the chakras, in Advanced Light Language we use a palette of 120 shades, all with subtle and complex meanings – for example – the colour ‘Snow’ is ‘Now’ handy

Sacred Shape Geometry Light Language Grid - Order your own from Jelila

Dodecahedron – 12 choices or 12 ways for energy to come to you

for bringing rapid results. Rosy Brown or ‘Cha-Ching!’ the sound of a cash register, is great for realising cash, and Light Goldenrod, nicknamed ‘kick-ass’  is another miracle cash colour.

Sacred Shape Geometry Light Language Grids are always written ‘in highest good’.  So it is perfectly ok to write a grid involving other people – for example, a grid to help you close a business deal with another company – with the ‘highest good’ proviso ensuring that the results are good for everybody (which keeps you safe, too!)

The combination of 144 shapes and 120 colours used in these Sacred Shape Light Language Grids gives almost infinite possibility so Advanced Light Language is a very refined tool.  Grids can be written for any topic you can imagine.

The Light Language Grid is installed in your aura – the magnetic field around your body – powerfully holding the intention of what you wish to create.  You receive a copy of the Grid to place on your wall.

Sacred Shape Geometry Light Language Grid - Order your own from Jelila

Stationary Grid – Click to order or do a Course – in my Online Store

What is a 7 Shaped Light Language Grid?

A stationary Light Language grid is a personal grid – one shape and colour is installed in each of your seven chakras which you write in consultation with the Light Language Practitioner.  It defines how you prefer to interact with the world in each of your chakras (which each represent a different area of your life).  For example, your Sacral (relationship and flow chakra) – a red shape here brings action.  Your Heart Chakra (love) – a pink shape here brings niceness and romance, a green shape brings loving wisdom.  A red shape in the Base stabilises your physical world.  An Advanced Light Language practioner like Jelila can tell you what shapes you have in your aura and chakras already, and suggest improvements.

You can commission stationary Light Language grids to define your business, your buildings, your relationships, and your projects, specifying how you would like the energy to be in each area of your life.  Working with Jelila, you define the way you would like the energy to be, and the Sacred Shape Geometry Light Language grid holds the energy in your aura for you.  You receive a copy to put on your wall.

What is a 49 Shaped Sacred Shape Geometry Light Language Grid

These grids of 49 shapes define a specific goal – for example – ‘Get the job’, ‘make the relationship happy’, ‘increase customers by 30%’ etc.  They last three months in the aura.

Sacred Shape Geometry Light Language Grid - Order your own from Jelila

The Platonic Solids: Left to Right: Tetrahedron, Cube, Icosahedron, Dodecahedron, Octahedron. Click to learn Light Language or Aura Reading.

Plato discovered the ‘Platonic Solids’ – symetrical polygons with identical facets, the points of which fit snugly within a sphere.  There are five – Cube, Tetrahedron, Octahedron, Sphere, Icosahedron, (plus the Dodecahedron, which it is said he discovered yet kept to

Sacred Shape Geometry Light Language Grid - Order your own from Jelila

49 Shaped Light Language Grid for a specific goal – Click to order or learn – in my Online Store


A palette of  Platonic shapes plus a few extra ones make up the 13 shapes used in 49 shaped Sacred Geometry Light Language grids. 144 colours are combined with them to define the precise energy configuration to attract your goal.  It is an art-form designing a grid, and the practitioner conducts a healing on your behalf by writing it.

Light Language Grids work in mysterious ways – they heal the subconscious mind, bringing changes and opportunity that we could not begin to conceive of consciously!  They overcome deep patterns and out-of-date thinking that has been keeping you from your goal.  The grid is drawn and coloured in, and immediately installed in your aura.  It lasts around three months, and you can keep the drawing on your wall.  

Sacred Shape Geometry Light Language Grid - Order your own from Jelila

144 Shaped Grid – Click to Order – in my Online Store

Wht is a 144 Shaped Sacred Geometry Light Language Grid

Secrets of Sacred Shape Geometry and Light Language Grids - Jelila -

Watch my Video – Learn Aura Reading and Discover Light Language with Sacred Geometry!

These powerful Sacred Shape Geometry Light Language grids last a lifetime and define how you will achieve an overall aim, or how you will experience the energies of a particular area of life.  You define the area you want to work with:  for example ‘Financial Independence’, ‘Happy Marriage’, ‘Business Success’ etc.  A combination of 80 complex polygons and 120 colours are used to define the Sacred Shape Geometry Light Language grid, which is personal to you, specifying how the energies in that area move into your life.  The number of each colour and shape are noted on a piece of paper and immediately installed in your aura.  Afterwards you display it on your wall.    

Complex Polyhedra That Shape Our World – What do Sacred Shape Geometry Symbols Mean?

Did you know that the Sacred Geometric Shape of the Molecule underlying every Element is a specific Polygon?  For example, Carbon is Octahedron-shaped,

Aura Reading with Jelila Online by Email or in Bali Jelila - Harmony in your life -

Purple Octahedron – Perfect Manifestation of Spirit. A good shape to have in your Aura Reading! Click to Shop.

.  Hydrogen is a

Aura Reading with Jelila - Order Yours Online and by Email and in Person - Harmony in your life -

Truncated Octahedron – Stabilise & Unite an advanced shape to have in your Aura Reading! Click for an Aura Reading or Course.

Truncated Octahedron.  Copper is a Stellated Truncated Hexahedron.   They are complex polyhedra – sacred shapes with many facets, stars, points, etc.)  All creation is based on these sacred geometric

shapes.  Every element has its shape – and its own particular energy.

Sacred Shape Geometry Light Language Grids include shape/colur combinations to overcome lack, limitation, fear, difficulty.  They bring new possibilities options, expansion, choices, and luck.

Practise meditating as you read through this creative visualisation, which brings an experience of Light Language:

Aura Reading with Jelila - Order Yours Online by Email or in Bali Jelila - Harmony in your life - Image Chakraperson

Discover the Colours and Sacred Shapes in your Aura – and shape your own destiny.  Click for Courses and Readings.

Sacred Shape Geometry Light Language Meditation

Hold your spine straight, yet relax, and breathe deeply through the nose.  Find yourself in a great hall, filled with light.  You walk up the path in the centre of the hall to a raised platform.  A hooded person is waiting for you and gives you a golden chalice to drink from.  Drink from the cup.  The person points at a screen and you watch colour and light appearing.  Stay as long as you like, enjoying the show.  Ask the guide any questions you need to.  When you are ready, gently return to the room.

My client, John, wanted to create abundance for himself.  He had recently moved into a new house, had a new partner, a new business, and though he had a good job as a teacher, wanted an income increase to create his desired lifestyle.

John asked me to write him a Lifetime Light Language Grid for Abundance to help him realise his lifestyle goals.

Light Language is what we naturally create in our aura, the magnetic field surrounding our body.  As we think or feel, we throw out sacred shapes in various shades of coloured light from our chakras.  This is how our aura, the magnetic field around our body, is formed, and it continually changes in response to our thoughts and feelings.  You can see the colour of your aura through Kirlian Photography (only the overall colour, though not the detail.)

Our aura may be thought of as an energy field which connects with other people and the energy grid of the planet.  The way we attract events in our lives is through our aura.  Our personal vibration attracts events which feel the same as what we are carrying already.

Aura Reading with Jelila - Order Yours Online by Email or in Person Jelila - Harmony in your life - Image Chakraperson Image flower from LSdex dot ru

Click for Aura Readings.

To attract what we truly desire, we need to strongly feel we already have that thing already. Enter Light Language Grids – these special energy configurations ‘patch the holes in the carpet’  of your aura – using Sacred Shape Geometry – bridging the gap between you and your goal.  They hold the intention powerfully in your aura so it can manifest – overcoming the randomness of thought, which can waver!

The Light Language

Aura Reading with Jelila - Order Yours Online by Email or in Person Jelila - Harmony in your life - Image Chakraperson

Aura Reading – in my Online Store

Practitioner understands and clarifies your goal, and then designs a specific energy grid using Sacred Geometry Shapes that enhance the energy presently in your aura, to give you the energy pattern needed to attract your goal.  In the process, you transform… The Light Language grid is automaticallly installed in your aura when ready, and you receive a paper copy to keep.

Light Language Grids work in mysterious ways!  Because they heal the subconscious mind, we cannot know consciously the solutions that they will offer to us, which are often surprising and original!  You find yourself transforming and growing in the process.

Light Language is an ancient healing tradition of the Mayans, passed down by the Curanderos Mexican shamen, using Sacred Geometry Shapes.  There are few practising Advanced Light Language practitioners in the world. It is a very intense ten day course to learn and is a ‘caught teaching’ – an aura-to-aura initiation. I learned from Amana Virani, an international teacher who sometimes practises in Bali.

Postscript:  John’s Abundance Sacred Shape Geometry Light Language Grid kicked in, revealing new opportunities to him and bringing the confidence to

Aura Reading with Jelila - Order Yours Online by Email or in Person Jelila - Harmony in your life -

Discover your light in your Aura Reading – in my Online Store

pursue them.  He has successfully streamlined his expenditure, hired some new people in his business, bringing new income, and is now working on a highly lucrative screenplay concept for TV.  

Discover the exact sacred geometric shape and colour you have in each chakra, revealing different energies at play in each area of your life, and clearly revealing any blocks, in an Aura Reading with Jelila.   Jelila then reads all the sacred shapes and colours together, and tells you, in words, the current energy that you are putting out into the world.  If you wish, we then transform and enhance that statement using The Reprogramming technique.

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Spiritual Warrior? - What's Your Spiritual Style? Click to Find Out -

Spiritual Warrior?

Spiritual Teacher? - What's Your Spiritual Style? Click to Find Out -

Spiritual Teacher?

Sacred Geometrical Shape Lover? - What Blossoms Your Hearts Desires? Click to Find Out -

Sacred Geometric Shape Lover?j.

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Blossoming Your Hearts Desires -

Blossoming Hearts Desires?



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Want to Blossom Hearts Desires?  Jelila - Living in Delight - Healing Therapy Online or in Person - jelila@jelila.comJelila is a well-known International Healer who Blossoms Hearts Desires through a range of life-enriching healing sessions including Crystal Healing, Energy Work, Past-Life Journeys, Sound Healing, The Reprogramming™ her Signature Technique, The Gift… of Harmony™, her own range of Crystal Healing Necklaces, Healing Music, Books, and more. She has appeared in many magazines and in Asia and Bali at top resorts like The Four Seasons, The Bale, and The Westin, and has a wealth of experience and depth to help you – for living in delight! ‘Wonderful’ ‘The best thing I ever did’ ‘Amazing’ ‘Powerful’ ‘I am changed from this day forward – Thank-you so much!’

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‘I understand so much more about love now!’ ‘You helped my relationship so much! ‘I felt so much better, immediately. I felt so much clearer and more relaxed, freer!’ ‘Sessions with you are like doing years of traditional psychotherapy – only your way actually works!’ “Beautiful simplicity, with powerful energy and release. I look forward to observing the shift and having fun in my body!” Fifi “Your way is amazingly different – I feel I have a different view and I’m more positive… thanks!” Billy

Want to visit your past lives in a gentle guided experience? Past-Life Journeys and other Sessions with Jelila - Living in Delight! -

Past-Life Journey?

Watch a Video – The Gift of Harmony – Relationship Transformation Watch a Video – The Reprogramming – Rapid Negativity Release Article – Chakras – Are Yours Blocked? Do You Have Good Energy?

Serious About Transforming?  Got Issues You Really Want to Address?  Committed to Change?  Please Click here to Find Out About Deeper Packages using The Reprogramming - my Powerful Transformation Modality - Blossoming Hearts Desires - Jelila -

Serious About Transforming? Got Issues You Really Want to Address? Committed to Change? Please Click here to Find Out About Deeper Packages using The Reprogramming – my Powerful Transformation Modality – Blossoming Hearts Desires – Jelila –

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Jelila - Harmony in your life -

Want to join Jelila's Private Members List completely free and receive an immediate 10% Discount on all products right now, Plus 15% on All Healing Music Downloads AND a Free Healing Music MP3?  Jelila -

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