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Jo’s Story…

The First session of The Gift process.  What a journey.  I feel like I have been here for hours, and have visited another place – a lovely place – it’s still there, but above me.  I feel lighter and floaty.  And my head and fingers feel tingly.  I feel very much like everything will be Ok now.  I feel relieved and at peace and relieved with myself and where I’m at now.  I feel like sleeping and having the sweetest dreams.  Until tomorrow…

The Second Session.  I felt very loved near the end and I do now.  I felt at peace completely when we did ‘feeling safe with parents’ and ‘I don’t have to suffer my parents’.  I feel exhausted and will write more tomorrow.  Things happen which are unexpected and meant to happen – I embrace them in my heart – thanks.

Spiritual healing, transformation, crystal healing - Online and in Person - for Harmony in your life - www.jelila.comThe Third session.  I love myself now – this came to me as Jelia was singing beautifully during the crystal healing.  Today we almost completed The Gift Matrix and tomorrow we will complete it.  I do feel at ease with myself and an inner confidence.

The fourth session.  Fantastic!  It all came together today.  I feel great.  I feel so different to how I felt when I began.  I was upset and confused about so many aspects of my life.  Now I feel much clearer and feel quite sure that everything will be okay and I feel more responsible for my life.  I feel more relaxed and at ease with myself and like I am supposed to be here now.

I was delighted when Jelila unblocked my negative beliefs about having children, which I didn’t know I had, but knew there was something blocking me.

I am excited about how my life will be now.  It was good before, but there was always a lot of negative chatter in my mind and doubts – I was quite anxious about everything and talked about all my problems in depth, which I realise now were all related to underlying issues when I was a baby or child or even before I was born – quite extraordinary!

I would never have been able to uncover these on my own as they were in my sub-conscious, so many thanks to Jelila, who has taken years to discover all this, and she is quite extraordinary.

With love,

Jo   12.10.12


Many thanks Jelila – I have been on an amaxing journey into my soul and have discovered many new friends within me, a TRUE GIFT OF HARMONY to continue with in my life.

Jayne 2.10.12

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