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Spiritual Explorer? - Chakra Balancing, Intuitive Healing, Crystal Healing, bring gentle advancement for self-discovery -

You’re a Spiritual Explorer!

Are You A Spiritual Explorer?  Are you blossoming, by exploring your spiritual nature?  Seeing colours and shapes during Yoga or Meditation?  Finding out more about the meaning of your inner world? Are you fascinated by mysticism, the secrets of yoga, your chakras?  Are you perhaps discovering and raising your personal vibration?

Are Chakra Balancing, Energy Work, and Crystal Healing interesting to you, for gentle advancement?  Here are some suggested picks:

Soulmate Love Aura Reading with Jelila - Release your Love Blocks Find your Soulmate www.jelila.comSoulmate Love Aura Reading –  discover and release your love blocks now.

Aura Reading is where you discover the shapes and colours you have in your Aura – the changing picture of your life. Which Sacred Geometric shapes and colours do you have in your Aura?  And what do they mean?  What is your Soulmate Love Status?

Find out in this fascinating Soulmate Love Aura Reading.  It includes a taster of The Reprogramming – Jelila’s unique love-block-buster!  So you get to actually release a love block as well – don’t you want to find your soulmate?  and have a happy soulmate relationship?  Soulmate Love Aura Reading

chakra-balancing-1-hour - with Jelila - Ubud Bali and Online

Chakra Balancing – Would you like to feel peaceful as the gentle crystal, energy, and sound vibrations soothe your body?

Chakra blocks stop your energy from flowing – creating emotional blocks and limitations in your life.  As you lie down to gentle crystals and healing song, you’ll actually feel the energy start to move in your body!  Will you even see colours?  As the colours in your aura start to shift and change?  How will you enjoy this ‘deeply relaxing’ experience?  As your energy flow is gently balanced, you enter a pleasant state ‘like a relaxing waking dream’ and you’ll be able to review and release some past experiences that may have been bothering you – leaving you feeling ‘relaxed and free – even better than a massage!’  Try ‘the massage – that stays!’ – Chakra Balancing

Harmony Crystal Healing Necklace by Jelila - feel good -

Harmony Crystal Healing Necklace – with Free 10 Year Guarantee – and 10 kinds of specially programmed Crystals.  Wear it to feel good every day.

Did you want to add to your positive vibration?  Help yourself to feel good every day?  Did you know, that specially programmed and combined Crystals can help you feel good?  The Harmony Chord Crystal Healing Necklace by Jelila has 10 kinds of crystals to balance and harmonise you – to ‘feel good!’

Grounding crystals like Black Onyx balance and centre you.  Orange Carnelian helps your energy flow and wealth.  Citrine helps your cash and uplifts you.  Green Agate and Rose Quartz soothe your heart and help bring understanding. Would you like to open your 3rd Eye?  Amethyst Does the trick.  Or Connect to your Divine Wisdom?  Clear Quartz in the key.  You’ll find them all in the Harmony Crystal Healing Necklace – wear it every day to feel good!  Simply blow on your Harmony Crystal Healing Necklace regularly, to release absorbed negativity.  Did you know it is guaranteed for 10 years against breakage?  Just return any time for free repair or replacement.  Want to feel good every day?  wear your Harmony Crystal Healing Necklace

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The Gift of Harmony - the book I wish I'd had - discover 4 key parts of yourself - www.jelila.comThe Gift of Harmony Book – buy ‘the spiritual book I wish I’d had to read 20 years ago’!  It’s about four key characters that you have inside of you, and how they are meant to work together.  ‘Understand what’s really going on inside of you, and why you feel so much inner conflict – in this great book!’

Unfortunately the 4 parts of you usually don’t work together at all, and so you spend 80% or more of your time and energy fighting amongst these four parts within yourself!  Which is why you feel stress, inner conflict, procrastinate, and have trouble getting things done!

After you’ve read the book, the next step is, The Gift of Harmony Transformation Course – which actually does bring these four parts of you together!  Read the book and see how the 4 characters are at work in you!  And then do the Course – it’s your ‘powerful step to the next level’…!

The Gift... of Harmony - Re-write your Negative Mind and Life Scripts to Feel Good -

The Gift of Harmony Transformation Course – 4 amazing days that permanently transform the ‘bullying ego’ within you from being a domineering maniac, into a benevolent provider and enable positive new mental thought patterns, helping relationships.

Did you want to get rid of your negative thoughts – at the root?  Would you like to ‘get off the work treadmill?  Achieve work-life balance?  As you balance your ‘Inner Masculine’ – the working part of you – it transforms from ‘domineering maniac’ to ‘benevolent provider’ – transforming your life.  Would you like more emotional balance?  More success in relationships?  Would you like to learn how to create ‘Successful Relationship Transactions’ leading to ‘Successful Relationship Moments’?  You’ll learn it in the course, helping create happy succcessful love relationship with your partner in a way that is ‘so helpful and yet easy to do’.

How about your uncertainty?  Would you like to feel more clear?  Would you like to understand and know your purpose in life?  As the ‘dissenting’ part of you is won over and comes back on board, you wonder ‘why didn’t I ever do this before?’

Would you like to release your inability to say ‘no’ to your family and friends?  Feel more empowered and balanced in your family?  This course shows you how.  ‘Radical, incredibly transforming, and brilliant’ – you’ll get new deep inner programs.  Did you know The Gift of Harmony Transformation Course uses Jelila’s powerful modality ‘The Reprogramming’ to quickly deliver a brand new mindset – that stays?  A course described as ‘like doing 2 years of therapy – only it works!’  Would you like to feel naturally positive?  Do The Gift of Harmony Transformation Course


HARMONY NECKL AND starter HEALING WITH jelila v4Starter Healing Package – 7 Hours of Mixed Sessions to help release stress and Feel Good!  One of a range of Packages – for whatever level you need.

Complimentary:  Includes 1 x Crystal Healing Necklace, such as the Harmony Crystal Healing Necklace, shown, and 1 x Healing Music Journey CD by Jelila.



11 Intoductory Journey Vibrational Healing Music by Jelila

Uplifting Journey CD – Listen anytime you need a boost.  One of 14 Harmonising Journey CDs for peace, relaxation, love, and a variety of other helpful topics.




The Yoga Chord by Jelila is a specially programmed 1.2 metre long necklace/belt of 20 kinds of Crystals for Healing Wellbeing and Chakra Balancing.  Programmed to heal and harmonise you as you wear it, it is guaranteed for 10 years against breakage.  Simply blow on your Yoga Chord regularly to release absorbed negativity.  More information:

The Yoga Chord by Jelila is a specially programmed 1.2 metre long necklace/belt of 20 kinds of Crystals for Healing Wellbeing and Chakra Balancing.

The Yoga Chord – Chakra Balancing Crystal Healing Necklace with 20 kinds of healing crystals. ‘I love wearing my Yoga Chord and wouldn’t be without it – it makes me feel so good!’


Blossoming Hearts Desires -

Blossoming Hearts Desires?


Blossoming Hearts Desires - Which of 3 Kinds of Spiritual Pathfinder Are You? -

Click to Find Out.

Which of 3 Kinds of Spiritual Pathfinder Are You?

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