Good Vibrations – Do Energy, Vibration, Frequency, Harmony and Vibrational Healing Music and Healing Crystals contribute to health, wellbeing and harmony? – Article by Jelila

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Jelila - Crystal and Chakra Healing Online and In Person - Auric energy flowWhen you meet your Soul Mate, your auras join together, forming one unified field of light.  You can know the others thoughts, and even, feel the other’s feelings, when you have a close connection like this.  How does it work?

Everything – including your own body – has its own energy vibration at the molecular level.   When you resonate with your soulmate, you are really ‘on the same level’.

Jelila - Crystal and Chakra Healing Online and in Person - Einstein by david-garibaldiEinstein said that ‘matter is energy in motion’ – seemingly solid objects consist only of rapidly vibrating photons – light.

Your own cells and organs vibrate at certain frequencies.  If these are out of whack, your  ill-health and literally, dis-harmony in your life, are the result that you attract because of the negative energy.

Your feelings create a frequency or vibation – positive or negative.  You pick up feelings from other people as well, sub-consciously all the time, perfectly naturally, perhaps without even realising it!

Do you know immediately, when someone walks in the room, whether you like them or not?   This is because they ‘resonate’ with you – or not!  In other words the frequency of their body and emotions vibrate at a rate which is similar to yours, and ”feels a bit like you’ creating an empathetic resonant feeling of understanding between you – or not!  This is ‘beyond words’.

Resonance:  On a scientific level, any physical things vibrate together.  For example, when a ‘C’ tuning fork is struck, another ‘C’ tuning fork close by will also begin to vibrate at the same rate – even sounding!  This is a scientific phenomenon known as ‘sympathetic resonance’. And people are the same!

How you share and pick up feelings from others is via your aura, a magnetic field of light that surrounds your body – think of it as being your ‘charisma’.

Your aura stores a record of everything that ever happened to you, in this life or past lives, stored as a vibration or feeling.  The essence of what you learned from your esperiences is stored, in the form of vibrations.   Invisible to the naked eye,  your Aura can be seen by Kirlian

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photography, as colours surrounding your body.  You connect and share information with others via your aura, which changes colour according to your mood and situation – sometimes many times in one day!

Where there is an imbalance in your body, emotional system, or mind, it shows up as dissonance in your body and/or your aura.  A vibration which feels uncomfortable.  Jarring – Negative Energy Vibrations.

You may sense negativity like this  in others, when they are ill or disturbed.  Imagine a car with the carburettor out of whack.  You hear a terrible rattling vibration and it tells you… something is wrong.  Conversely, positive energy in your aura is felt as attraction – others are attracted to, and like you, because of your positive energy.

When there is a problem with your  physical body and emotional system, there’s a dissonant or unharmonious vibration.  And a trained and experienced person who is sensitive to vibration (ie, an intuitive healer) is able to sense where the problem is and help adjust your vibration using Chakra Balancing and Energy healing.

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How is that possible?  Well there are various ways, for example using sound healing or crystal healing.  Sound is a frequency, a vibration.  Crystals also each possess a unique vibration.  Harnessing a scientific process known as ‘entrainment’ it is possible to raise and adjust the vibration of your body, just by placing something with a higher vibration, like a Crystal or positive Sound, next to it.

So to sing a higher frequency, or place a crystal in the appropriate place on the body, can raise the vibration and literally bring the physical emotional or mental system back into – harmony!

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Jelila - Crystal and Chakra Healing Online and in Person - Chladni


In the 18th century Ernest Chladni, a German physicist, found that the sound waves produced by a violin bow drawn vertically across the rim of a metal plate would create patterns in sand sprinkled on the plate. Different musical tones would cause the sand particles to move into geometric patterns.  Rather like the rippling patterns the sea makes on sand.

Some forms of energy healing use energy patterns like this to restore order.  For example, Heart Chakra Healing and Reconnective Healing (similar to Reiki, but more advanced).  These two forms of ‘hands on’ vibrational energy healing effectively run an ‘energy pattern’ over the dissonant resonance of the body.  The pattern, which is a bit like a computer program installed in the aura of the person giving the healing, has an organising and calming, healing effect on the body, mind, and emotions – and most of all, on the energy system of the individual.

Jelila - Crystal and Chakra Healing Online and In Person - Shri Yantra

The Shri Yantra – ancient symbol for, well, everything!

Jelila - Crystal and Chakra Healing Online and In Person - Chladni Images formed from vibrating Sand on a Plate

Chladni Sand-Plate Images

Ernest Chladni also found that low frequency sounds produced simple geometric shapes on a sand covered plate.

As the sound frequency was increased, these simple forms would break up and more complex patterns would appear. The sound ‘OH’ would produce a perfect circle.

The sound ‘OM’ produced a pattern that resembles the Shri Yantra; the ancient mandala for ‘OM’ used as a focus of meditation in India for thousands of years.  Hans Jenny came to the conclusion that sound creates form and that the entire human body had its own sound made up of all the sounds of its cells, tissues and organs.

Sound has a surprisingly powerful transforming effect, even on physical systems.  For example, it’s possible to clean jewellery using a machine with a sonic vibration.  Rather like shaking the dirt out of a rug, the vibration loosens unwanted particles of dirt and they fall away.  High pitched sound is also used medically to shatter kidney stones.

Jelila - Crystal and Chakra Healing Online and In Person - Auric energy flow

Perfect Energy Flow = Perfect Health, Wealth, Balance and Harmony

Consider an opera singer’s ability to shatter a glass.  There is a point at which a certain frequency makes it impossible for an existing system to continue in the same form.  Change and healing (or cleanliness!) is the result.

A definition of health and well-being, for me, is ‘energy flow’.  Going back to the car example, when the fuel pump is blocked, the whole system shuts down.  The body is the same – if we receive a physical or emotional trauma and don’t fully express our feeliWant to watch a Crystal Healing in progress? Video - Jelila - www.jelila.comngs about it at the time, the feelings tend to remain in the body as a block.

The natural life-force energy (prana, or chi) can’t flow and the system is like a blocked sink – likely to become out of balance and unhealthy if left for a long time!  Vibration such as healing with crystals and sound can shift such blockages and restore health and well-being.  That’s that’s why it’s a good idea to regularly have holistic healing sessions – to help you stay balanced, ‘in-tune’ and feeling good!



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