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Be the best you can be – Now!

Experience deep relaxation and other dimensions as you lay down while biohacking your system to create peace harmony, success and wealth.  Generate:

  • The love you crave
  • The money and success you desire
  • The peace of mind you depend on
  • The fun and creativity you need
  • The clarity that makes life easy



With Biohacking Healing Journey Annually, you’ll save $2,805, plus $1,440 on travel expenses – a total of $3,245 – and 72 hours of your time!

You’ll gain $12,775 value of sessions in your own home!

You’ll get as many as 293 more sessions per year, if you want, to help you be more of who you want to be!

How it works: At $400 a month, you already spend $4,800 to get, say, 72 sessions a year @ $66, plus around $1,440 travel expenses and 72 hours of your time on traveling.

With Biohacking Healing Journey, you’ll spend only $1,995 annually, SAVING $2,805 on what you spend now, (plus, saving $1,440 on your travel costs and 72 hours of your precious time) AND you’ll get more than 365 sessions per year (worth $12,775!) to help you realise your dreams – that’s 293 more sessions than you can do now – to be all of who you want to be!  Imagine how you’ll advance!

Around $400 – Spiritual Warrior


If you already spend $400 or more a month, with Biohacking Healing Journey Annual Plan, you will SAVE $2,805 on the $4,800 you already pay per year, and triple the value of sessions you can do, to $12,775 in value (calculated at 365 x $35 – though we feel Biohacking Healing Journey is comparable to an in-person session worth $180!) – and have sessions available, 365 days a year, 24/7, any time!

Imagine – you’ll be able to have a very enjoyable super-relaxing and deeply powerful healing transformation experience with lots of aha moments – whenever you want, 24/7, 365 days of the year!

We have calculated our benefits based on one session per day but you are able to use the product 24/7 365 days per year if you want – for example – if you feel stressed, and you feel you need it.  You can use it at home, while commuting – even at work – or while on business travel – to relax and harmonise yourself, any time of the day or night.

Even more savings!

You’re also going to save any traveling expenses that you spend now on travelling to sessions – which annually might be over $1,440 in expenses and 72 hours of your time – 2 whole working weeks of your time saved, per year!

Your Money: 6 x sessions/month x $20 travel expenses = $120/month x 12 months = $1.440 saved – enough for an overseas trip!

Your Time: 1 hour to travel there and back, 1 hour x 6 sessions/month = 6 hours x 12 months= 72 hours saved – almost 2 entire working weeks of your time saved!

Imagine – no limit on your self-realisation ability – at any time of day or night – and anywhere!  See yourself revolutionising your life, and creating everything you want, realising your dreams and being all of who you want to be WHILE… saving enough money for another fabulous overseas trip!

Totally reset your nervous system

Relieves stress. The carefully recorded online program includes unlimited use of Biohacking Healing Journey for duration of plan you choose.   Yes – you can use it day and night if you wish!  The 1 month plan and higher includes our powerful Crystal third eye opening eye mask for free, or you can purchase it separately on our website later.

How successful will you be, without your inner turmoil?

Feel more and more calm, happier, more relaxed, every day, as Biohacking Healing Journey brings you convenient access to powerful secret healing techniques that perhaps were beyond your reach before.  Invest in yourself daily with this powerful yet cost-effective program!

Trusted Techniques, Incredible Results!

Biohacking Healing Journey brings powerful intuitive healing and leading-edge biohacking techniques to refresh and balance your nervous system, by Jelila, top international healer, and Joonas, international biohacking expert.

What you get…

Round the clock access to a completely guided experience from beginning to end that relaxes and harmonises you.  You’ll feel clear and certain as the serene vocal tells you exactly what to do throughout.


As you place the crystal eyemask over your eyes, your 3rd eye will open and you’ll easily access a state of deep peace.   Precious Light Language song speaks directly to your soul, then a beautiful sound healing journey transports you on a powerful visualisation quest that harmonises the family within you, bringing more and more peace and clarity, every time you listen…


Brain-hacking bio energies and vibrational healing soundwaves then biohack the power of your subconscious mind, to release your blocks and set up powerful positive energies that allow you to create your goals and reach for your dreams.

Biohacking Healing Journey comes in a range of plans:  1 Day, 3 Day, 7 Day, 1 Month, 3 Months, and 1 Year.
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The longer the plan, the greater the discount, enabling you to really invest in receiving a lot of biohacking healing in a very cost-effective way – even every day!


The 1 month and up plans include the remarkable Crystal 3rd Eye Opening Eyemask, invented by Jelila, which opens your third eye and allows amazing and trippy experiences, even astral travel – while remaining perfectly safe.

You can also buy the eyemask on our website or in our online store any time.

Benefits of Biohacking Healing Journey Annual Plan:

  • 24 Hour availability
  • In the comfort of your home, night and day
  • Use whenever you want – to help sleep, to inspire relationships, to relax, to bring balance and relieve stress.
  • Use while commuting or on business travel, to relieve stress
  • Save enormously on therapy and healing sessions – yet get great results!
  • Potentially save enough, against your current methods, for a fabulous overseas trip!
  • The deeply relaxing audio track guides you to deep peace and harmony, every time.
  • Feel confident, knowing you are doing everything you can to become who you want to be, and create the life you want.

About Us

Jelila is a top international healer who has appeared in Asia, Australia, France, and in Bali at top resorts The Four Seasons, Revivo Wellness, The Bale, The Westin and The Mansion, a gentle visionary with a wise yet childlike innocence she has helped many on their path to wholeness.


Joonas is an expert in biohacking and biohacking building. He’s also the composer of original musical pieces for TV, movies and games.  He created the inspiring musical background with binaural beats, which guides you through the experience.

Which Plan?

1 Day Plan – Try it! As many times as you like, in 24 Hours.


3 Day Plan, 7 Day Plan – Try it for longer, get more discount!


1 Month, 3 Months, 1 Year Plan – Invest, and get the Crystal 3rd eye opening eyemask, free! You’ll also get more discount. Invest in your personal development long-term – and really advance, so much that your friends will notice!

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How to Buy Biohacking Healing Journey

To buy Biohacking Healing Journey?  Just click the link to purchase from our website.

When you choose 1 month and up, you’ll receive the Crystal 3rd eye opening eyemask worth US$22 free (you just pay postage). 


After purchasing your plan, you’ll see an access link.  You’ll be creating a log-on – make a note of it, and you can also log-on from a tab marked ‘BHJ’ at the top of our website

In case of queries, please contact us, below.

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