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Our new online healing service, Biohacking Healing Journey. More info below.

Choose 1 Day, 3 Day, or  7 Day to try it.

Invest in 1 Month, 3 Months, or 1 Year to transform your life.
With these, you receive the Crystal 3rd eye opening eyemask, worth $22, free!

We will contact you to arrange to send your 3rd Eye Opening Eyemask to you, you just pay postage.

With these longer plans you can transform your life with regular powerful Biohacking Healing Journey Sessions – saving a fortune on traditional therapies.

BHJ - 1 Day
$35 for 1 Day
BHJ - 3 Day
$90 for 3 Days
BHJ - Weekly
$120 for 7 Days
BHJ - Monthly
$225 for 30 Days
BHJ - Quarterly
$495 for 90 Days
BHJ - Annually
$1,995 for 365 Days

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  1. Biohacking Healing Journey

    Do you find you relax doing yoga, meditation – but feel stressed again, when it stops?

    Is it hard for you to ‘let go’, release your thoughts and worries and reach acceptance?

    Are you wondering how you get to that ‘ongoing Zen state’ of peaceful mental health awareness?

    Does yoga sometimes bring up emotional issues in you, or your students, but you don’t have a way to deal with it?

    Biohacking Healing Journey is a powerful new tool to add to your yoga and meditation kitbag. It will let you deepen your practice into intuitive healing and biohacking, allow you to hack your belief system, release stuck emotions, overcome trauma, and bring calm and inner peace.

    Biohacking healing Journey brings together biohacking technologies and intuitive healing and sound healing to create an easily accessible transformation method, available in-person in Bali, and online.

    With regular use, Biohacking Healing Journey releases your negative thinking patterns step-by-step. The unique transformation experience engages your self-healing power, balances your divine masculine and feminine, enhances energy flow, raises awareness, and helps to make relationships happier by harmonising you.

    When you sign up for the Journey for monthly or longer. you’ll receive a free Crystal Eyemask (note, you just pay postage). This is simply placed over your eyes during the journey – the crystal remedy inside will be near your third eye and will easily guide you into a relaxed state for your journey.

    You can also purchase the crystal eye mask separately online from our website if you wish.

    The Crystal Eyemask is designed to open your third eye and make it easy to relax. Users see colours and dream-like visions when wearing it. With the crystal eye mask, you can access other dimensions, access Akashic records, travel astrally, connect with your guides, angels and ascended masters, experience past lives, and more. A safety program in the crystals by Jelila, prevents it from doing more than you are ready for!

    Imagine being able to access the kinds of otherworldly transforming experiences you might get from Ayahuasca – just by using only crystals and music everyday and in the comfort of your own home!

    When you hear the soothing tones of the vocal you’ll start to relax straight away – just as if you were with Jelila in her healing space.

    Doing the journey often, will train you to relax. Imagine, with the monthly option you could have a healing experience every day or even at night while sleeping.

    what people most often say:
    – deeply relaxing
    – quite trippy
    – like a meditation only much deeper
    – I saw colours
    – I saw faces and situations
    – Your singing is so beautiful!
    – I understood something
    – I feel more relaxed
    – I feel much more peaceful now
    – I feel much better

    The positive vocal guidance, the high-vibration of beautiful sound healing song, and peaceful light language singing in the recorded experience, is provided by Jelila, top international healer. The magical angelic background sound and peaceful meadow sounds on the track is by Joonas karna, Finnish Biohacking expert, and musical composer of movie and TV themes.

    Biohacking Healing Journey comes in a range of plans from an affordable 1 Day plan through 3 Day, monthly, quarterly, and annually.

    If you compare it to the cost of traditional therapy, you can make an enormous saving – and it is ‘far more effective’ as users say – ‘I would have saved thousands of dollars on traditional therapy, if I’d found you before’.

    The online version gives you access to intuitive healing and biohacking 24 hours a day in the comfort of your own place – allowing you to advance much more rapidly in your awareness and spiritual growth – at much lower cost.

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