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What is Sacred Geometry? What is the Meaning of Metatron's Cube?  What is the Spiritual Meaning of Sacred Shapes?  What are the Chakra Shapes? - Sacred Geometry with Jelila - Find Explanations and Descriptions of Sacred Geometry, Courses, Aura Readings -

You are a Sacred Shape Geometry Lover!

Are you a Sacred Geometric Shape Lover? Fascinated by The Flower of Life? Want to Know How to Draw Metatron’s Cube? Or to discover the Spiritual Meaning of Sacred Shapes with Light Language?

Have Universal questions about the Meaning of Life? Want more insights and meaning? These Sacred Geometry picks are for you:

Want to wear or give as a gift the Seed of Life - from the Flower of Life?  Silver Earrings, Handmade, for Harmony - Jelila -


Flower of Life Silver Earrings: Did you know that The Seed of Life is an element of The Flower of Life?  The Seed is what the Flower of Life Grows from.  The meaning of the Flower of Life is wholeness and harmony.  When you have the image of the Seed of Life or Flower of Life near you, it is deeply harmonising and healing, bringing wholeness.  Flower of Life Silver Earrings


Want to Buy Metatron's Cube Poster Print or Card? - www.jelila.comDo you love Metatron’s Cube? In the form of a Print, Poster or Card, and with a range of Styles and Frame Options this cool Metatron’s Cube looks great on any Wall. For Harmony and wholeness. Black, White or Pink. Your Choice of Framed or Unframed. Fulfilled by Fine Arts America – a major Art Site. Visit my fine art here now! see Metatron’s Cube

Sacred Shape Geometry Aura Reading: Want to discover the Sacred Shapes around you and their meaning? Aura Reading with Jelila - www.jelila.comWhat Sacred Shapes do you have in your Aura, and What do they Mean? What do Sacred Shapes mean in your Chakras? Do you have any Cubes in your Aura?  Did you know that a Red Cube is a Physical Block?  That could prevent you selling your house?

Did you know that Sacred Geometric Shapes like the Octahedron, Dodecahedron, Icosahedron are all around you, in your Aura and Chakras – in the form of light? In various colours?  Would you like to know their meaning – and how they actually affect your life?  Sacred Shape Geometry Aura Reading

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I'm an international healer and spiritual teacher - www.jelila.comWhen I became a Healer and Spiritual Teacher, I became fascinated by Sacred Geometry – maybe like you?

I’m a Certified Advanced Light Language Practitioner and I’ve been using Sacred Geometry extensively during my 18 year successful healing practise in Asia Bali and Online, using Sacred Geometry for Teaching, for Healing and Manifestation, empowering people and Blossoming Hearts Desires.  I sing Light Language and emanate it in my energy healing.  Would you like to discover the Light Language around you, and the meaning?

Wise & Certain CD Journey - Ancestral and Tribe Healing - www.jelila.comListen to Spirit of the Land Have you ever heard Light Language song?  Did you know, it’s a way of communicating Sacred Geometry and Colour directly, using Sound as the transport?  It’s the language of pure intention and feeling, the language of manifestation.  You’ll hear it on my Wise and Certain Journey CD, which is titled ‘Spirit of the Land’.  Did you know that Light Language sounds like a ‘nonsense language’ – the sounds are the conveyor of the Light Language – or Sacred Geometry?  ‘You touched my soul’. ‘I don’t know what you were saying, but I loved what you said!’.

Interested in family or ancestral healing?  Or making your workplace work better?  The Spirit of the Land CD Journey takes you through various times and experiences and places throughout history, bringing perspective.  It is a North American Indian inspired healing song.  It brings the sense of being a wise chieftain overseeing the tribe.  It is also an Ancestral Healing – it helps with any aspect of what is ‘tribal’ – your family, community, or working groups.  Would you like to see the ‘big picture’ and know what to do?  Listen to Spirit of the Land – Wise and Certain CD Journey

Want to get your own Light Language Grid using Sacred Geometry for Healing or Blossoming Hearts Desires - from Jelila - www.jelila.com7 Shaped Light Language GridWould you like to control exactly how you want the energies to be in a area of particular area of your life?  Perhaps you’d like to define your Relationship? How you want your Business to be? a Project? Your Home? etc. The ideal positive energy is defined for you, and recorded in a 7 Shape Light Language Grid – 7 Sacred Shape Geometries designed specifically for you, in particular colours designed to bring the desired effect.  The positive energy is installed in your Aura, helping you to Blossom your Hearts Desires.  The copy of the Grid, which you receive as a PDF file, goes on your wall.  Get your own 7 Shaped Light Language Grid

Read Sacred Geometry Articles on my website

Want to define energies to support Achieving a Goal?  49 Shaped Light Language Grid - Sacred Geometries with Jelila - www.jelila.comGet a 49 Shaped Light Language Grid: Do you want to Achieve a specific goal? Get your own 49 Shaped Light Language Grid, using Sacred Geometry in colours specifically defined to support you in Achieving a particular Goal. The powerful positive energy is installed in your Aura from the Grid, to help Blossom your Hearts Desires: your peronal copy of the Grid goes on your wall.  ‘I felt the positive energy, straight away, as soon as you wrote my grid’.  Get your own 49 Shaped Light Language Grid

Want to discover an introduction to Sacred Shape Geometry with Jelila? - www.jelila.comIntroduction to Sacred Geometry Course: Want to learn more about Sacred Shapes and Sacred Geometry? This Fascinating 25 minute Introductory Course will inspire you, and raise your awareness – get answers and discover the mysteries now, in a fun-filled and dynamic way, now, on Skype or in Person.  Introduction to Sacred Geometry Course

Want to discover how to read the Sacred Shape Geometry in your own aura and in others?  Aura Reading/Sacred Geometry Course with Jelila - Aura Reading/Light Language Course: Would you like to learn to See Auras?  Read Auras?  Learn How to Read and Interpret Sacred Shapes and Colours in the Aura, for Aura Reading?  Take the Course in 2 Parts, or both Parts together (which includes a discount). Aura Reading/Light Language Course

Learn to Write 7 Shaped Light Language Grids for Manifestation & Healing with Sacred Geometry. Discover Spiritual Knowledge of the Meaning of Sacred Geometry, in this ‘fascinating & inspiring’ Course on Skype or in Person now.  Do the course in 2 x 4 hour segments or book the whole thing, 8 hours, and get a discount:  Aura Reading/Light Language Course

How to Draw Metatron's Cube - The Easy Guide to What is Metatron's Cube - Draw all inside the Cube  by JelilaHow to Draw Metatron’s Cube: Want to Draw it for yourself ?  Get my handy metatron-1-templateFree Downloadable Template Print-Out Colour-in of Metatron’s Cube, left.  Just Right Click and download it, then get my Kindle ebook ‘How to Draw Metatron’s Cube’ – it works with the Template, giving you easy instructions on How to Draw Metatron’s Cube, and how to derive all the Platonic Solids within it:  How to Draw Metatron’s Cube

metatrons-cube-look-inside-from-amazon-jelila-2My ebook on Metatron’s Cube:  Would you like to know more about Metatron’s Cube?  Including the Metaphysical Meanings of the Shapes Within?  Discover the Spiritual Meanings of the Shapes in Metatron’s Cube, in my other popular ebook on Kindle: ‘Metatron’s Cube – Remarkable Repository of Sacred Geometry’: My ebook on Metatron’s Cube

Need help drawing Metatron’s Cube or want to know more? Book the How to Draw Metatron’s Cube Course and I’ll show you how! Instructions, Tips, and Spiritual Meaning included. On Skype or in Person.  Have fun learning Sacred Geometry now!  How to Draw Metatron’s Cube Course

metatrons-cube-look-inside-from-amazon-jelila-2Other Choices:

The Power of Crystals Book - Jelila's simple yet powerful healing ways with Crystals - www.jelila.comamazon-power-of-crystals-snip-3The Power of Crystals Book – my way with Crystals – easy to understand accessible guide to the Meaning and Use of Crystals for your own Personal Wellbeing or for Healing Others. Learn the meanings of Crystals now. Also available on Amazon & Kindle.


Learn Crystal Healing Deluxe Kit - All You Need to Begin Crystal Healing - www.jelila.comCrystal Healing Course Deluxe – discover and get all you need to begin practising Crystal Healing now!

Crystal Healing Remedies - Carry them for Positive Effects - www.jelila.comCrystal Healing Remedies Course and Starter Kit – Carry these 18 kinds of small Crystal Pockets for your own Wellbeing or discover how to use for Healing Others now.

Lullaby for the Inner Child CD Journey - Soothing music with positive messages -

Soothing CD Journey – Lullaby for the Inner Child. Positive messages in the music, great for Sivasana, Yoga, Healing Sessions, soothing your stress, or just Relaxing now…

.General Healing Package - 10 Hours of Mixed Sessions - www.jelila.com10 Hour General Healing Package – Mixed Healing Sessions. Great for if you need some support and guidance, or if you want to learn to do healing – it’s a great way to learn by experiencing it first. Discover yourself now.


The Gift... of Harmony - Re-write your Negative Mind and Life Scripts to Feel Good -

The Gift of Harmony – Discover a great new framework for understanding yourself and others. Simple yet Powerful – get it now.

.Metatron's Cube - what does it mean?  Find out in Jelila's ebook 'Metatron's Cube - Remarkable Repository of Sacred Geometry' on Amazon Kindle  -

Learn The Reprogramming - 1 Hour Class (Order how many hours you want eg 6)  -

Experience The Reprogramming – my simple yet powerful way for releasing your negativity. Find the hidden truth in yourself – and change it – now.

Past Life Journey 1.5 Hours - Release Old Patterns Feel Free - www.jelila.comPast-Life Journey – visit a time in this lifetime or a past lifetime, release a block. Profoundly helpful, breaks through your patterns now…


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Are You a SACRED GEOMETRY LOVER? Discovering Mysteries & Meaning? Want Deeper Knowledge? Learn Sacred Geometry








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