Which Crystals can relieve pain, help with natural pain relief?

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Hi!  I’m Jelila, International Healer.  One of my clients, Tatiana, said: ‘I have felt pain for a number of years. Wearing Jelila’s pain management crystal healing necklace has stopped it almost right away and I feel much better’.   Watch Tatiana on Video.  Get yours here

Which Crystals can relieve pain, help with pain relief?


How does it work?  Crystals possess different resonant vibrations and when combined, can be used to ‘say’ complex things to your body.  They can express a healthy feeling vibration that your body picks up.  In addition, The Pain Managemente crystal healing necklace by Jelila is special, because it contains a ‘Light Language Grid’ – a ‘program’ which defines methods that your body can use for self-healing.  Think of it as being a bit like a download program from the internet – that your body can use.


What kind of pain does it work on?  Any kind – that’s why it needed a ‘Light Language Grid’ – a special program – to make it work – because that’s quite a complex thing to ask it to do – it could help with emotional pain, or physical pain, or anything that is ‘a pain’ in your life.


How does it do that?  It guides you to embrace and accept your ’emotional pain’ – the hidden stuff that you are converting into physical or other kinds of ‘pain’ – as you have not been able to accept and process it on an emotional level.  As such it will tend to bring healing, transformation, and love.


How do I pick up the positive energy?  You just wear it, or have it near you, in your ‘aura’ – a field of light that stretches about 1 metre around your body – in order to benefit from it.

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