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As well as being a real person, your mother is an important archetype –
the blueprint for all your love relationships and nurturing – and how you feel about ‘mother’ totally defines your experience of your love-life~!  Discover how to get in control of this powerful inner archetype, and open to more love, here.

Guided Chakra Meditation: Relax, breathe, and imagine yourself loving yourself fully – how would that look and feel?  What are you doing and giving to yourself?  Imagine yourself inside a butterflyblues by Mary - Collection Jelila - Crystal Healing Sound Healing - Online and in Person - www.jelila.comwater crystal with sparkles inside, raining down gifts on you like snow.  Notice the feeling.  Notice what you do and say.  Shake the water crystal and invite even more treasures to rain down on you.  Enjoy for as long as you wish, then gently return.

This meditation gets you in touch with your self-love.  The more you are able to love and give to yourself, the more the Universe is able to give love to you.

Case Study:  Recovering Mother Love

mother-and-baby - Collection Jelila - Crystal Healing Sound Healing Online and in Person - www.jelila.comFelicity came to me because she was feeling very sad inside and didn’t know why. ‘I’ve felt like this a long time’, she explained.  ‘I’ve had quite a lot of sessions with a very good therapist, but it hasn’t released the sadness’.

‘My mother’s notice is shocking.’

Using ‘The Reprogramming’ (a powerful technique I have developed, to release negative beliefs in any area of life) we explored Felicity’s deep ideas about life and love, which went right back to her childhood with her mum.

Randomly, Felicity commented how she felt very shocked that her mother never gave her any notice about arrangements ‘she just springs things on me with no time to get ready’ she said.  ‘It’s unnerving’.

Suddenly I realised that for Felicity, it was true that her ‘mother’s notice was shocking’ and I had a sudden insight of Felicity as a baby, being shocked by the notice (or lack of attention) she received from her mother.  I perceived that Felicity had received non-loving messages from her Mum’s behavior, and it was this lack of notice that was so shocking.  ‘Well yes’, Felicity concurred, ‘my Mum was often very distant’.

6a00d8341c683453ef01127911766f28a4-800wi - Image Collection Jelila - Healing Online and in Person - www.jelila.comFelicity said that she had just ‘hung around’ waiting for her Mum to love her, but that had never happened.  I asked Felicity how that felt, and the truth that then emerged was ‘I feel embarrassed and guilty.  I am enduring, while my mother is afraid to love’.  Gosh!  Poor Felicity was ‘enduring’ – just going on, and suffering in a gruelling way, without ever getting the love she needed.  This is all the more shocking as the ‘mother’ is archetypally the one to give us nurturing, love, and nourishment.  That is normally what a mother ‘is’.  So it is very shocking if our mother does not equal ‘love’. - Butterfly Collection Jelila - Crystal Healing Spiritual Healing Online and In Person -

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The theme of ‘enduring’ developed further: the picture of Felicity ‘enduring’ in her family – enduring without love for herself, watching her parents relationship which was not particularly loving as they were ‘enduring each other’.  Eventually we arrived at the statement ‘My love relationship = Mother enduring Father’.

Very grim indeed!  The meaning of this equation, which works like algebra to the subconscious mind, is that Felicity’s concept of ‘love relationship’ involves watching her Mother enduring her Father!  And because love is on the other side of the equals sign fence, Mother plus Father never equals love – so Felicity is doomed to never experience love!

Butterfly Book Butterfly-Fairy-Book-butterflies-7897273-111-120 _- Jelila Healing - Onlie and in Person - www.jelila.comIn actuality, Felicity was enduring watching a man that she had fallen for, relating with his new partner – echoing this belief – that her experience of love relationship equals ‘endurance’.

The things we experience in our lives are all down to these kinds of underlying belief structures, which, as they are subconscious, and not available to our thinking logical minds to know, we cannot ourselves access and change them, they are hidden, as we rejected them.  Yet they are absolutely powerful over us and utterly define our real world!  Luckily, these hidden belief structures can be found, and quickly changed, using The Reprogramming – a special new kind of therapy that I have developed to help you quickly find, and release, relevant negative beliefs blocking you, so that you can create more of what you really want in life.

Enduring also means – going on forever.  Felicity and I both felt that she had had this belief about ‘enduring love’ for a very long time, and it means ‘being loveless, for all eternity’.  A very tough hand to play.

During intuitive

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healing with crystals, Felicity’s feet felt cold, as she remembered being a very old man, freezing to death on top of a mountain in the Himalayas.  That experience as the poor old man lay dying alone was the point at which she had decided that ‘love is to be endured’.

If you have any situation in your life, or feelings that bother you, or there is something you have not been able to create yet, deep Reprogramming is a very advanced unique
and effective way to reach the root cause and release it, which then has miraculous effects on that area and often many other areas, of your life.

Try this example of The Reprogramming , for yourself.  (You must actually do the actions – it will not work if you just read it!) :

Invite all the parts of yourself to be present.     Hold out your hands, and in one hand, imagine a ball that represents the parts of you that feel or believe ‘Love equals endurance’ or ‘mother endures’. In the other hand, imagine a ball that represents any parts of you that don’t feel or believe like that.  When ready, gently bring the balls together, until your palms touch.  Notice the feeling in your hands, and if you like the feeling, you can put it in your heart
(put your hands in your heart).

Postscript: After the session, Felicity’s sadness lifted, and she was able to welcome and celebrate love into her life.

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