Is Your Aura in a Good State? Are Your Chakras Blocked? What Sacred Geometric Shapes and Colours do You Have in Your Aura – and What Do They Mean?

How's Your Aura? What Colours do You Have?  Chakra Balancing your Sacred Shapes & Aura Colours -

Aura Reading: Are You Blocked? Click to Find Out!

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What’s the State of Your Aura? Are You Healthy? Are Your Chakras Balanced? Do you have Negativity there? Is it Bad? Or are You Blocked?

Finding out what Sacred Geometry you have in your Aura, through an Aura Reading, can tell you exactly whether – or where – your Chakras are blocked. You find out exactly what is happening in each Chakra! Then any blockages can be released through Chakra Balancing.

Chakras Blocked? A Cube Sacred Geometric Shape present in Your Aura can represent literally – ‘a Block’ – Stopping Your Energy Flow, Blocking your Health, Wealth, Love, or Success!

A Red Cube - A Physical Block - Release Blocks in an Aura Reading with Jelila -

Are You Blocked? Find Out!

A cube in your base chakra is a ‘physical block’ in some way – it can mean your house sale not going through, your body getting sick.

In your heart it is a ‘love block’ – love relationship problem. In your brow it is a block in imagination or your ability to meditate. In your sacral chakra it is a money block or flow block. …………..

What Colours are in Your Aura?  And is it Blocked?  Click to Find Out! Aura Reading with Sacred Geometry Shapes and Colour Light Language - Jelila -

Want to Release Chakra Blocks?

What to do? An Aura Reading can help you discover your Blocks.

Chakra Balancing is a way of Releasing Your Blocks – by harmonising and balancing your Chakras – energy points along your spine – and your Aura – the light around you – to help you balance, release negativity, and feel good!.

Chakra Balancing your Sacred Shape and Aura Colours - with Jelila -

Aura Reading: Are You Blocked? Click to Find Out!

Think of your Chakras – 7 vortices – focus wheels of your Chi energy, spaced along your spine – as being like little ‘factories’ – processing your daily experiences and emotions in each of 7 key areas of your life, extracting the juice or truth of each experience, and storing that information as Light Language in your aura – the magnetic energy field you carry around you – building your light – and unfortunately, sometimes, your Blocks!

Want to Blossom by Releasing Negativity bringing Rapid Change? The Reprogramming Powerful Therapy - Online and in Person -

Want to Release Serious Blocks? Get to the Root of the Problem and Change It Immediately?

Sometimes – your Chakras get Blocked – as they can’t process one of your experiences – and then you may need Chakra Balancing to free the block, help you get the old experience out of there – Release the Block – and feel better!

When functioning correctly, your Chakras are continually putting out different vibrations in the form of sacred geometric shapes in particular colours of light. This is what forms your Aura – the coloured field of light you have around you.

The energy or meaning of the colour/shape combination is what then draws certain experiences in life to you, that feel the same way. This is the Light Language that you carry around you, that generates or attracts your experiences. It gets there from your thoughts and feelings, which are expressed by your Chakras as Sacred Shapes and Colours in Light. This is what I read when I read your Aura.

The Aura Reading gives a very clear picture which builds up in each area of your life, and then culminates in me reading all your energies together and telling you what they are saying – in words! This brings amazing and powerful insights about ‘what is really going on for you’ – it reaches the often surprising ‘real problem’ or issue that is underlying ‘what seems to be going on’. Often, it is a quite simple concern, it may even appear quite casual or minor, that you are totally unaware of consciously, that is completely blocking you from something that you want.

The Aura Reading can be extremely helpful for Relationships – the aura of another person you are involved with can be read, remotely, on any topic you are concerned about. This reveals what the other person is thinking or feeling in a particular area and can be incredibly helpful – it can reveal things that are helpful for you to know but that the other person are not able to or willing to tell you – bringing amazing insights and helping you to design the way that you want to approach your relationship with that person. Your aura, your relationship partner’s aura, and your joint aura – can all be read – the Light Language of ‘your relationship together’ – how the energy of that looks – can tell you exactly how your ‘relationship is looking’, bringing great insights and new ideas about how to creatively approach relating.

You then get the chance to release the Block we identified, using my powerful yet simple to use transformation modality, The Reprogramming, which anyone can do. You can release a block in yourself, another, or in your relationship with another.

You are simply guided to bring two imaginary balls together in your hands containing the specific block we identified in the Aura Reading, which releases the chakra block from your system – immediately unblocking you in that area! The Light Language – or specific Sacred shapes and colours – that you have in your chakras changes immediately as a result, meaning that you are then emitting a positive energy of light in your Aura, to attract what you actually want, in the area that we worked on.

Octahedron - Aura Reading Crystal Healing in Person and Online -


Do you have an Octahedron in your aura? (Lots of my clients have these! The Octahedron is a super helpful and powerful shape – it represents ‘getting things done in the perfect way‘.)

Physically, The Octahedron is like a square based pyramid with another, inverted, square based pyramid underneath – it looks a bit like a diamond or kite shape – an d has 8 identical triangular faces. The top pyramid respresents spirit – the lower pyramid is matter.

The meaning of the Octahedron is – spirit into matter – ideas coming into reality – in the perfect way. The meaning of the Octahedron Sacred Shape is ‘perfect manifestation’ – it represents things coming into reality in the perfect way. It can mean the ‘perfect creation of something’. It draws things into reality. It gets things done. This shape represents an advanced ability to create what you want and is the sacred geometric shape representing the UK.

If you have the octahedron in your aura it means that you are getting things done!

The colour affects the meaning – the meaning of the Octahedron Sacred Shape in Red – means you can create the physical things you desire, pink means ‘perfect manifestation of love‘ and can attract perfect love. Orange represents Flow – it means ‘perfect flow’ in this shape – and can help your cash flow of money or flow and relating in relationships. Yellow is Clarity and Direction – a yellow octahedron sacred shape represents ‘perfect Clarity‘ and can help in business. Purple (shown) is the ‘perfect manifestation of spirit‘ and can help your wisdom and vision come into reality.

The meaning of each sacred shape is further affected by in which chakra you have each shape and colour – you can find out more in an Aura Reading, focusing on General or you can have a Soulmate Love Aura Reading to focus on Soulmate Love. You will release a powerful block in your Soulmate Love area during the Reading, using The Reprogramming.

The Dodecahedron sacred shape also often shows up in my clients’ auras in Aura Readings. With its 12, five sided faces, the meaning of the Docecahedron is that it represents choices – roughly 12 choices or ways for energies to come to you. In yellow, it brings 12 clear choices of what to do and can help business.

In orange, it brings 12 choices of relating or ways for things to flow and can help cash flow or relationships. In Green, it represents 12 ways for healing or understanding to flow to you. In Blue, it represents 12 ways to Communicate or for information to flow to or from you. The pink dodecahedron represents ’12 loving ways’ or ’12 ways for love to flow to you’.

The Icosahedron has many faces – 20 – triangular faces – it encourages movement and change – so in yellow, it represents an expansion of clarity and can help success in business.

Sacred Shape Geometry:  49 Shape Light Language Grid for Prosperity.  Grids are individually designed for each person.

Sacred Shape Geometry: 49 Shape Light Language Grid for Prosperity. Click to get your own.

Bringing Sacred Geometric Shapes together, into a ‘Language of Light’ – A Light Language Grid (Right) is a specially written configuration of Sacred Shapes and Colours, written specially for you, to help you manifest a goal, or heal or transform an issue. The light is installed in your Aura and you receive a paper copy to put on your wall.

Did you know that as sacred shapes are emanated from your chakras in various colours, to build the light you have around you (your ‘aura’) this then in turn attracts what life has in store for you?

And did you know, that you can influence the energy around you – and influence what happens in your life?

SSSecrets of Sacred Shape Geometry and Light Language Grids - Jelila - www.jelila.comIn response to your thinking and feeling – sacred shape geometry, in the form of various sacred geometric shapes in various colours, formed in light, are the building blocks that build your aura – the magnetic field around your body – and this vibrational energy is what then attracts your reality.

Yet, how do you find out what sacred shapes and colours you have in your aura – and how do you know what they mean – so you can get in control of your life?

An Aura Reading Online or in Person with Jelila reveals exactly what colours and shapes you have in your chakras, and reveals blocks preventing you from achieving the happiness, health, and success you deserve – which can then be released using Jelila’s powerful process ‘The Reprogramming’.

How do you Read Auras?

Well, don’t think too hard about it! Because that puts you in your logical thinking mind, or ‘Ego’ – and you certainly won’t be able to read auras from there! Instead you must contact your heart (NOT your third eye, as is often commonly thought!) – you must get in touch with your inner feminine – the part of you that feels. That is where your intuitive sense resides.

If you are experienced in meditating, then getting into a meditative state can help you begin to see auras. Usually at first, they look like white smoke, closely around someone’s head or body – easier to see in semi darkness and against a dark background. But remember – you have to be ‘not trying’ – or thinking – and be in a feeling, meditating state!

If you want to learn to read auras, please email me on

An expert reading of the sacred shapes and colours in your chakras reveals exactly where you are at, and also clearly reveals any blocks. These blocks can then be released, using a special process called The Reprogramming – which is a way of reaching old negative sub-conscious beliefs and transforming them into new positive ideas – which are stored in your aura as your new ‘light’ – new shapes and colours – to help you attract the desired positive outcomes in your life.

The position in your body – which chakra each shape is in – adds further meaning.

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A cube or ‘hexahedron’ in your Aura can literally represent a block – red can be a money block, pink can be a love block. Orange is a relationship or flow block. Yellow can be a block in clarity or business.

Jelila writes ‘Light Language Grids’ – sophisticated sacred geometry combinations specially written to help you manifest your desired outcomes.

Comments about Aura Reading with Jelila:
‘Hit the mark’. ‘Spot on’. ‘Insightful and helpful’.

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About Crystal Remedies and How To Use

Crystal Healing Remedies -


Feel-Good vibrations

Courses on Crystal Healing & Crystal Remedies


Following 15 years of working intensively with clients, helping them to overcome negative beliefs causing negative results in their lives, I wanted a way of sharing what I learned through some ‘physical things’.

Crystal Healing Remedies - www.jelila.comAs my work is so ethereal – I am working with changing underlying thoughts and ideas – I wanted a way to share these ideas by putting them into products that people could simply buy, in order to partake of the knowledge and effect positive change in their lives, in a very accessible easy way.

And so Crystal Healing Remedies were born – I have combined special Combinations of Crystals into recipes which contain a vibration (or feeling) that complements the ideas that I wish to convey, and programmed the Crystal Healing Remedies with thoughts ideas and instructions to bring a certain effect.  To feel the effect, you simply need to have Crystal Healing Remedies within your energy field (not further than 75cm from your body).

Crystal Healing Remedies by Jelila -

Crystal Healing Remedies by Jelila –

There are 18 Crystal Healing Remedies – when I first made them and laid them on my bed, I thought wow, I’ve written a book – in crystals!   Everything I have learned, in ‘shorthand form’.

The Crystal Healing Remedies contain the wisdom and learning of thousands of hours of contemplation, research, analysis, and healing sessions.  As you carry them with you, you pick up that learning in a pure vibration, that you feel, that affects your deeper being, and your life changes in positive ways as a result.


Crystal Healing Remedies are 18 kinds of hand-made palm-sized pockets containing programmed crystals with 18 different effects.

Crystal Healing Remedies are each designed in certain colours, with extra items inside like sequins, and decoration and ribbon – it all goes to make up the Crystal Healing Remedy and contain the idea.  They are hand-made in Fair-Trade.

Detox Negativity Crystal Healing Remedies - www.jelila.comHOW DO JELILA CRYSTAL HEALING REMEDIES WORK?

Jelila Crystal Healing Remedies guide your subconscious mind to discover something new, that can help you in many practical ways in your life.  All the situations in your life are created by you, and are reflecting you.  Crystal Healing Remedies guide your sub-conscious mind to create positive outcomes, for living in delight!


You can simply choose, intuitively, the Crystal Healing Remedies that you feel most drawn to.  Or if you wish, you may email me at for a recommendation.

All the Crystal Healing Remedies work together, you may use more than one at a time.  Be aware though, that you are going to learn and transform as a result of using them, you have to integrate or absorb what you are going to learn, on a deep level.  So using too many at once can make you tired.  I suggest you use up to 6 at a time.

If you want a recommendation, email and I will suggest ‘so many days of this remedy, so many days of that’ to gain the effect you desire, as I can see intuitively how your energy will evolve as you use them.  Crystal Healers, Coaches, Therapists – you clan recommend Crystal Healing Remedies to your clients in the same way!

Crystal Healing Remedies are programmed to bring the best effects for you, when you use them.  This means that it is perfectly safe for you to choose the ones that you want to use, for yourself.

(Alternative and Massage Therapists, Healers, Spas, please email me for details of how to use Crystal Healing Remedies in treatments.)

Business Success Crystal Healing Remedies by Jelila -

Business Success Crystal Healing Remedies by Jelila –

They never run out.  Your Crystal Healing Remedies will keep on working indefinitely, though:  DO NOT OPEN THEM!

If you open the bag, then the intention, (which is put in when the bag is sealed, and is what makes it work) is broken.

How to Cleanse them regularly:

To Energetically Cleanse:  Simply blow on your Crystal Healing Remedy from time to time to release absorbed negativity.

Washing your Crystal Healing Remedies will not harm the effect, so you can if you wish (in which case, wash gently, pat dry with old towel pull gently into shape, and leave to dry naturally), however this is not ideally recommended at the colours may run.  DO NOT OPEN the bag!   The scent may be lost, if you wash your Crystal Healing Remedy, however while the aromatherapy scent is specially designed to match each Crystal Remedy, it does not affect it’s function, it is just there to make it smell nice (because people kept smelling the little bags when they picked them up – so I put a scent in them!)

Other people may use them

You may recycle your Crystal Healing Remedy by giving it to someone else when you have finished with it (your need for the Crystal Healing Remedies will evolve as you evolve – it is not intended that you become dependent on them!) Just blow on your Crystal Healing Remedy to cleanse before you give to someone else.


Crystal Healing Remedies work on your subconscious mind, on the intentions thoughts and negative ideas that cause certain negative effects in your life.  Crystal Remedies are intended to help you to evolve so that you may create more pleasure and harmony in your life.  This may include working on the root causes of disease and ill-health, which may cause health to improve over time.

However, no medical results are claimed, and if you have a medical condition you should consult your medical practitioner.  You may however, use Crystal Healing Remedies at the same time as your conventional medical treatment if you wish with the consent of your medical practitioner.

The ‘Health & Vitality’ Crystal Remedy should NOT BE USED FOR CANCER OR ANY CONDITION IN WHICH ‘SPREADING’ IS AN ISSUE.  This is because this remedy generates flow and ‘spreading’.


Crystal Healing Remedies contain small parts and should not be given to small children or babies.

You may however, sew them safely into a toy or pillow, or place them out of reach but within 75cm of the child for them to have an effect.  The ‘Soothing’ Crystal Healing Remedy is ideal for this, it soothes the Inner Child, and Children.  Power & Confidence is also good for kids.

Strong Effects

If you feel a too-strong feeling when using the Crystal Healing Remedies, place them a little further from you.  For example, not under your pillow, but by your bed about 75 cm away.


Courses on Crystal Healing & Crystal Remedies

If you are an alternative therapist, massage therapist, or spa, you can use Crystal Healing Remedies in your treatments. Crystal Healing Remedies are a very easy and safe way for you

Wealth Set Crystal Healing Remedies -

Wealth Set Crystal Healing Remedies –

to offer crystal healing or energy healing, or to add that to your practise.

To offer sessions with Crystal Healing Remedies, you may intuitively place them on or around the body of your client during an alternative therapy or massage session. You may also wish to retail the remedies, or prescribe them to your clients.

Crystal Healing Remedies also work extremely well with Jelila’s Journey Music CDs during sessions, which also bring a transforming, healing experience. The Journey CDs match certain remedies and the music helps to create a deep harmonising experience for the client.

Please email for more information.

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She has appeared in many magazines and in Asia and Bali at top resorts like The Four Seasons, The Bale, and The Westin, and has a wealth of experience and depth to help you – for living in delight!

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