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What’s your favourite colour? Do you wear it all the time, or have it about you?  How does colour affect your life?  Find out how to use the perfect colours to put you in the best mood, here.

Colour has a great effect on mood.  Red makes you feel cosy and warm, brown and cream creates a cool independent feeling, silver grabs attention.

For shops, orange and green creates flow – both of customers and cash.  There is a natural psychology of colour, which, actually we are all well-versed in, on a sub-conscious level, because we all sense colour and vibration much more than we realize!

Find out your own colour mood-enhancers as you imagine yourself in this easy meditation:

Jelila - Light Language and Chakra Balancing Online and in Person www.jelila.comMeditation – Your Perfect Colours

Relax, breathe deeply, and find yourself in a beautiful cave at the ocean, waves lapping inside, lovely greeny-blue water, sitting on a rock, surrounded by mermaids and mer-men playing harps and flutes.  Listen and be lulled by the music.  Now watch the water, as the colour changes to your perfect colours for now.  Notice the exact shades.  Enjoy colours and images forming for as long as you wish, and when ready, gently return to the room.

What colours did you see? Write down a precise description of the shades, you can wear them and have them around you, you’ll find out how to use them more in a moment.

Choosing Colours To Create An Effect

Jelila Light Language Chakra Balancing Online and in Person - Colour Wheel

As well as the basic ‘spectrum’ or rainbow colours corresponding to each chakra, the range of colours available to you is actually infinite, with every shade having a specific vibration and feeling!  To understand the infinity of colour, imagine a circular paint chart with blobs of rainbow colours around it.  Now imagine a new colour between orange and yellow (a light orange).  Now imagine a new colour between that light orange and yellow… an even lighter orange… Imagine, you can go on like this infinitely – there is no end to the range of colours in between each colour!  Colour is infinite!

Are Colour Shades Important?

For your house, if there is a particular shade you have in mind, hold out for it!  Paint charts may have many colours, but if you desire a really precise shade, you may have to mix it yourself!

Light Language Grids, Healing with Sacred Shapes and Colours, Chakra Balancing Online and in Person -

Chakras: 7 energy wheels of colour

The Chakra colours are:

BASE – (perineum) – RED – grounding, physical, real world. Your body, family, home, abundance.  Security, safety, comfort.

SACRUM (lower belly) – ORANGE  – relationship, flow, cash-flow, receiving new things, & letting go of what is no longer needed, feminine.

NAVEL – (navel) – YELLOW  – action, clarity, direction.  Personal power, warrior, doing, thinking, masculine.

HEART – (heart) – PINK – love, sweetness, niceness, baby energy, nurturing we received as a child, AND or GREEN  – healing, understanding on a deep level.

THROAT (throat) – BLUE – communication, self- expression through work, play, creativity.

BROW or 3RD EYE – (Forehead) – PURPLE – vision, intuition, wisdom.  How you envision what you wish to create for yourself and others.

CROWN (top of head) WHITE/GOLD – Divine wisdom, connection to all that is, enlightenment.

(Note:  I am sharing the Kundalini Yoga model of chakra colours here, as that is the tradition I trained in.)

What Colours are in Your Aura?  And is it Blocked?  Click to Find Out! Aura Reading with Sacred Geometry Shapes and Colour Light Language - Jelila -

What Colours are in Your Aura? And is it Blocked? Click to Find Out!

So these colours relate to your chakras, as shown in brackets.

How to Choose Colours that Harmonise Your Life and Match Your Goals?

Colour has a big effect on what we communicate to others – personally, and in business.  We can choose colours to alter mood and communicate our ‘core values’.

For example, in marketing, blue is a great colour, as it perfects communication.  Orange is also good as it creates flow and can attract customers and sales.

What Colours do You Need?  Light Language Grid - Sets the Colours in Your Aura for Healing and Manifestation -

What Colours do You Need for Success?

To enhance your relationships, you might choose pink, for love, blue for communication, turquoise for truth, or orange for flow and relating.

For your bedroom, you might prefer pink for romance (or red, for a bit more raunch, or chocolate for pleasure! )

For business, you might choose yellow for clarity and direction, red for grounding and making things happen in reality, and chocolate for attracting cash.

For harmony and understanding, choose light green.

For spirituality, choose purple (spirit) and white (enlightenment) or gold (the vibration of ‘all that is’).

Having chosen your base colour, you can add accents to ‘say’ subtle things and create subtle moods, like this:

What Shades Are in Your Aura?  Is it Blocked?  Jelila Light Language Chakra Balancing Online and in person - -

Silver – attention, notice.  ‘Come and get me!’ or ‘Look at me!’ (both ‘I notice you’ and / or ‘I’m giving you notice – setting a boundary’)

Turquoise – cleansing, purity, perfecting & refining, self-esteem.

Pink – Niceness, love, sweetness, baby, nurturing, gentleness

Dark Purple – highlights commitment to your soul purpose.

Chirpy?  Need Brightening Up?  Jelila Light Language Chakra Balancing Online and in Person -

Colour me Happy?

Peach – flattery – makes you look good.

Chocolate – enjoyment, pleasure.

Amber – sensuality, warmth.

Light Green – healing, harmony, understanding

Dark Forest Green – deep healing.

Black – psychic awareness, connection to intuitive information.

Don’t use too much grey – it causes ‘process’ (emotional and in business) which may not be what you want!  (Don’t you want – results?)  And if it is dark grey – creates confrontation!

Specific combinations of colours express specific feelings, like this for example (tune in and imagine the colour, maybe you can ‘feel’ or sense the energy of it for yourself!):

Need Inspiration?  Magic Book Creativity Journey Music Can Help!  Listen here.

Magic Book Creativity Music.  Merlin-powered Inspiration?

(love, flattery, flow) – Flow and relationship, a light uplifting feeling, hope, new beginnings.  Good for a new relationships.  Playful.  Feels like a holiday or birthday celebration.


(Pleasure, Precision, Warmth) – Grounded, sexy luxury, with self-esteem and enjoyment.  Good for creating a respectful, enjoyable relationship.  Feels like a luxurious ocean liner.

Ae You Suited?  Find Out in an Aura Reading - Jelila Light Language Chakra Balancing In Person and Online - Coloured Treats(Love, Connection, Understanding) Pink – Blue – Green

Good Relationships.  Pleasure.  The energy of a good date!

(Spirit and Understanding) Purple and Green

Growth, like dough rising.  Harmony.  Good for children.  Feels like a peaceful green forest.

(Action, Clarity or Doing)  Red and Yellow

Sunrise, something new.  Good for enterprise.  Feels like a zappy business meeting.

Wrong Colours?

Jelila - Light Language and Chakra Balancing Online and in Person  - - colourful canterbury sofa by Squint

If you’ve chosen the ‘wrong colour’ for your home or business or wardrobe, (for example, you’ve chosen white, which means ‘enlightenment’ but does not necessarily bring ‘action’ which you might need!) simply add accents of colours to add the effect you desire (for example, orange for flow, red for action, or silver for attention).

Wardrobe Worries?

Have a look at your entire wardrobe, overall.  What is the ‘general colour’ feeling?  How does it match your ideal colours and what you want to ‘say’ about yourself? How does it express you?

You might like to release any clothes whose colour no longer feels good, and bring in a new vibe!  Don’t be afraid to throw out even ‘nice’ or ‘new’ things – if you are ‘past them’ let them go.  As we develop we outgrow the existing vibration of our clothes, and need new ones to express our new feeling.  (Otherwise we risk sending ourselves backwards by wearing our ‘old’ vibration!)

Case Study – Brighten up your Life!

Jelila Light Language Chakra Balancing Online and in Person - - Dark Outfits Dark MoodGemma came to me for a Healing Session, feeling depressed and out of sorts.  I noticed she wore very dark clothes, black and grey, and rather untidy.  I asked about her house, and she described it as ‘dark and depressing’ with lots of ‘other people’s

Jelila Light Language Chakra Balancing In Person and Online - - Happy Shoes

things’ inside.  I suggested a spring clean – what we have around us has a big effect on how we feel.  As Gemma needed uplifting, I suggested she clear out the junk, and add light yellow gauzy curtains and some cushions in cheerful shades like pink and orange – a low budget way to make a quick change.  Plus some new lighter clothing.  She felt much happier when I saw her a week later.

Hanging lengths of fabric is a super-fast way of changing your environment and quickly bringing new colour vibrations at a reasonable cost!

Chakra Balancing

How can Crystal and Sound Energy Vibrations Balance the Colours in your Aura? with Jelila - www.jelila.cpm

Chakra Balancing, Energy Work with Jelila

Chakra Balancing is a way of harmonising the colour vibrations in your your chakras and aura, releasing negativity, relieving stress, so you feel good!

Chakra Balancing works by very gently ‘shaking’ your body cells and aura using the high vibration of healing sound, light, energy, light and crystals.  I also use Sacred Shapes for Healing using Light Language and the vibration of Sacred Shapes and Colour, as I have been explaining in this article.

As you lay down and deeply relax, you go into a pleasant dream state, as crystals are placed around your body.  As the positive energy vibrations of coloured sacred shapes in light, and intentions of the healing help you relax, you may understand or come to terms with an experience – and understand  it in a new way, which releases an ’emotional block’ from your chakras – and helps to open your chakras, get them spinning, and get your energy moving, so you feel good!  Your energy is then flowing and more harmonised, and Chakra Balancing like this is designed to help your wellbeing and relaxation.  Chakra Balancing Energy Healing is available with Jelila Online by Distance, and in Person in Bali, leaving you feeling happy and peaceful.

How can Sacred Shapes and Colours Heal and Harmonise You? Sacred Geometry Light Language Grid by Jelila

Something Different?  ~ An advanced form of sacred shape colour and light energy healing is Light Language, which also works on your chakras and aura using Sacred Geometric Shapes in various shades of colour and light, harmonising you.

Gemma also commissioned a Light Language Grid from me (left) – a Light Language Grid – these are special forms of colour and light in combinations that have been specially designed to balance and harmonise you – a special form of healing in which a specially designed combination of sacred shapes and colours is designed to bring a certain effect, and the light is then installed in your aura, to help attract more of the things you want.  A Light Language grid helps to hold your intentions around you in your aura so they may more easily manifest.

Aura Reading

Aura Reading – to discover the colours you have in your aura right now, discover the sacred geometric shape you have in each chakra, find out the meaning, and discover any blocks, come for an ‘aura reading’ – a very helpful healing transformation experience  with Jelila.  The aura reading includes the release of one block using Jelila’s signature ‘Reprogramming’ technique (by releasing just one negative belief), and is a great value and popular introduction to personal transformation and healing Online and in Person.

Jelila - Light Language and Chakra Balancing Online and in Person - Tree Pose - www.jelila.comYoga – Tree Pose – For Balance and Harmony

Here’s a harmonising chakra balancing colour exercise you can try!

This classic yoga pose brings grace and balance to the left and right hemispheres of the brain.  Tune in and meditate on your perfect chakra colours as you try it!

Stand straight, bring your right sole up to rest on your left inner-thigh.  Press your hands together at heart centre in prayer pose, inhale deep, and raise your hands above your head, inner elbows hugging your ears.  Relax and breathe through the nose for 1-2 minutes, imagining you are inhaling your perfect colours.  Inhale deep, stretch up.  Gently come out of it, and repeat on the other side.  Don’t worry if you wobble or shake at first – you perfect it with practice.  Just do as much as you can!

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