Waiting for the Future


It’s quite common for people to believe that ‘the future’ is already decided – that the future already exists – and that all we need to do, is find out what’s in it, and act accordingly!

But that’s not true!  The future, is an infinite array of possibility.  You can draw towards yourself what you wish to create.  Now, I realise that you might not know what that is, and also, that you might be limiting yourself because of current events.  Are you in fact ‘waiting to see what happens’?

Carry on Living

The invitation, and the way to invoke The Law of Attraction – Universal Law of how everything manifests – is to step outside of ‘what you know’ and ‘what is obviously going on’ in other words – to be incredibly strong of mind, and to determine (decide) for yourself, how you want things to be – and then feel, like that.

It’s your feelings that draw your future (your desired and designed future – regardless of what seems ‘real’ now) – to you!  Not your thinking!  You must go into your feminine and feel, say, delight, at your dream coming true, in order to manifest it.

Don’t make the mistake though, of ‘asking for process’.  Don’t ‘ask for a pay rise’.  Instead, see yourself on a shopping spree, buying everything you want.  Ask for the End Result.  It’s not your job to determine the ‘how’ – that’s the job of the Universe!  Don’t create that you have to ‘work to get the money’ – just ‘have the money’ – by feeling that – and let the Universe work out the details for you!

Don’t ask ‘to have a better relationship’ – you’re just telling the Universe that the one you have ‘isn’t good enough’!  So the Universe will give you that – a current relationship that is not good enough! You see, the Universe manifests Exactly What You Ask it For.

So, instead – see yourself and feel yourself, having the relationship you desire. Otherwise, you’re asking for ‘more of the same’.  Ask for the desired end results – not the steps along the way.

Homework:  write down 5 amazing dream scenarios – situations that would delight you.  Then feeeeeel the feeling that you have, when that’s true.  Like, joy, happiness, delight… That’s how to draw your dreams to you.

Fascinated by the Law of Attraction and what I am saying here – but feel a bit unconfident that you are ‘doing it right’? Then do my online course: Master of Manifestation – you’ll learn through fun quizzes and practise, how to speak to the Universe so that it listens!

Global Energy
~ Did you know that there is a ‘global energy network’?  Similar to the internet but for psychic and intuitive energies.  Through this network, I can sense you anywhere, just the same as when you are with me.  It’s enables me to offer you remote support via distance healing.

Jelila ❤️🌟👏🤗✨🌹💝🧚🏻‍♀️

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Staying focused on your vision may be a challenge just now.  But it’s what we all have to do! 
Email me your thoughts on that if you wish, and I’ll help you.

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