A Real Past-Life Journey Story, that Released Joy

In a past life journey with a recent client, Jessica, she sorrowfully told me ‘I feel sad, all the time, and I just don’t know why!’  We explored the issue, and Reprogrammed some deep beliefs, releasing blocks about money, about being here in the world, and some other important things.  Then, in the Intuitive part of the session as she laid down, I used the 

Past life journey is a  powerful guided visualisation that lets you re-visit things that happened to you – to take her back to the Original Cause of ‘the sadness problem’.

I saw Jessica in a snowy environment, in the 5th Century, having been  bitten by a wolf and falling in a hole in the snow, bleeding to death, dying of the cold and her wounds.  Jessica saw the same vision (sometimes clients see the story – sometimes not – but don’t worry – the process still works to resolve the issue).

I said ‘shall we change it?’ and Jessica agreed.  After guiding her to release feelings of helplessness, anger, frustration, grief and yes, sadness – I called a horse to come and pull her out of the mud.  Jessica then saw herself being pulled back to safety, by some people who arrived with a sled. 

An important part of the story was that Jessica was a ‘wise woman’ at this time.  She felt so foolish, at both ‘not using her wisdom’ and at ‘losing’ her wisdom, by dying prematurely and not passing it on, that in her current lifetime, she had been hiding her wisdom from the world, refusing to use her true powers to help others.  This ‘wisdom’ aspect was freed up in the session, and Jessica also learned again how to experience joy – the missing feeling from her life, that had been causing her constant sadness.

The reason for the ‘joy block’ was that – having done something silly before going out in the snow – Jessica had been sharing a few drinks with friends, in those olden times – and got drunk – she then had the terrible accident that lead to her death.  So Jessica had connected ‘having fun’ with ‘a terrible thing happening’ and ‘being unsafe or dying’.  So her subconscious system had been ‘blocking joy from her life’ in order to ‘keep her safe’!  Which is understandable but was making her life hardly worth living, as she was so sad.

Jessica told me of some other events in her present lifetime that were very similar – getting drunk, getting in trouble, then feeling very bad – that she could now see were directly related to the original story.

All those other related events were also released in the session however – the session releases all related events, and clears the entire pattern!

A few days after the session, Jessica told me that she was happier and much more able to have fun and that new work opportunities were coming into her life.

If  you have a ‘repeating pattern’, ‘unresolved trauma’, or you’d like to uncover how past life events might be affecting your life now and free yourself from them, past life journey can help you.

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