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Want to visit your past lives in a gentle guided experience? Past-Life Journeys and other Sessions with Jelila - Living in Delight! -

Past-Life Journey?  A simple and very resolving process that anyone can do.

Past-Lives – are you stuck in a pattern that actually seems to come from the past? Do you want to understand the root cause of a pattern – and release it?  Do you suspect you have past trauma  you need to release?   Concerned about karma and past-life relationships?   Or maybe you are curious about your Past Lives?

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My gentle Past-Life Journey process that anyone can do, lets you visit your Past Lives, and helps you release trauma – and in fact, release a whole pattern, bringing peace.

The Past-Life Journey session (1.5 hours) $165  includes 1-3 Journeys to Past-Lives, followed by relaxing Crystal and Intuitive Healing, bringing peace.  Or you can choose 1 hour  $110.

You do not need to know which Past-Life you would like to go to!  Finding that happens naturally, as a part of the Past-Life Journey process, which is guided by your sould, and facilitated by me.  Though if you want to focus on a particular area, then we can.

To Book a Past-Life Journey, Call +62 8585 735 4228 or +62 8585 732 6822 (both mobile) Or see Menu Or book and pay online

Going back to the original situation in which you accidentally set up a negative pattern, and releasing the original negative thoughts and feelings, releases you from emotional baggage, and saves you from constantly re-creating negative situations that feel the same way – freeing you!    Menu ..Store Contact . Reviews

As you lay down and relax, a simple guided visualisation takes you back  to the Past-Life (or this life) time you need to visit and resolve.  You either experience the full story, or just re-visit the feelings.  There is no need to share with me what you experience or remember, unless you wish to.

Want to Book a Past-Life Journey or other Session with Jelila?  - Blossoming Hearts Desires-

Past-Life & Other Sessions

And if you do feel that you may have some past trauma that you need to release – I can help you find it, and release it.  I am very experienced (I’ve conducted more than 10,000 healing sessions!), I have dealt with that many times, and i have ways of helping make it easier for you.  In fact, I ‘go there with you’ to support you.

To Book a Past-Life Journey, Call +62 8585 735 4228 or +62 8585 732 6822 (both mobile) Or see Menu Or book and pay online

People that my clients have visited in Past-Life Journeys can be – you as a child, you as a young adult, or you in another lifetime – my clients have visited themselves as a Priest in Egypt, a Warrior Leader in China on a battle-field, the Queen of a European Region, a Shamanic Leader in Pre-historic Norway – and many more – as well as more mundane (but equally important) lifetimes as housewives, farmers, workers and more ‘normal’ people.  Sometimes you may visit a ‘negative’ life-time – as a beggar, slave, or thief – but in a broader context, these lives can carry hugely important messages that can enormously help and release your stress and patterns now.  No life and no experience  is ‘good or bad’ – it is just another episode in the magnificent tapestry of who you have been, who you are, and who or what you are becoming!

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Past-Life Journey

Past Life Journey is a simple process which anyone can do, you are guided gently back in time through a ‘creative visualisation’  – a story I tell you, that your sub-conscious mind will simply follow, and fill in the details – to re-visit an original event, in this lifetime or a past lifetime, at which you decided a number of negative beliefs which you are now stuck with, and got stuck with some negative feelings, and we resolve them,  release any misunderstandings from the event, bringing great relief and permanently releasing a repeating pattern in your life which is causing you a problem now.

To Book a Past-Life Journey, Call +62 8585 735 4228 or +62 8585 732 6822 (both mobile) Or see Menu Or book and pay online

The particular time or times that you choose to visit are chosen by you, at a soul level.  It is a soul level journey, and a very special – even sacred – experience. …..Menu ..Store Contact . Reviews

Past Life Journey is a little slower than The Reprogramming at effecting change ( you change 1 negative belief, whereas in the Reprogramming you change 8 to 20 negative beliefs). but some people need to re-visit a situation where they first thought a negative thought that has created an ongoing pattern, to fully understand and release that pattern.

Past Life Journey is also very good after you have had sessions of The Reprogramming as it tends to finally resolve situations, as you come to understand the original context in which you chose to believe some negative ideas.  It is extremely comforting, resolving, peaceful, and is great for self-forgiveness as you come to see more of what you were actually facing when patterns were originally set up – and forgive yourself.

Past Life Journey is of course also fascinating, and it is fun, to go back in time and really understand something, and to have a peek into our history. It can also be very reassuring to gain a sense of your eternal and ongoing nature, by actually experiencing it, helping to relieve fears about dying and bringing more understanding to your life. Some clients do see themselves as warriors, or kings, or you may be something seemingly ‘negative’ like a beggar, and that is ok too, it may be entertaining, and it is, but the benefit comes with the emotional release, and relief, that you feel, when you release past trauma, and the new learning, that makes you feel so much better!) If you would like  a Past Life Journey please To Book a Past-Life Journey, Call +62 8585 735 4228 or +62 8585 732 6822 (both mobile) Or see Menu Or book and pay online

‘Astonishing how blocks from unresolved past events have been running my life – and wonderful to release them. Now I can move forward!   Menu ..Store Contact . Reviews

Note: The past-life experiences you visit during Past-Life Journey with Jelila depend on you – we go to wherever you need to go.  It can be in this lifetime, a past lifetime, or even in the future.  Individual sessions are completely tailored to you, and designed to bring you the best results.  You can have your Past-Life Journey Online or in Person – it is a guided visualisation journey where I gently take you back in time.  Everyone can do it – it is a unique, valuable, soothing, and very helpful experience!

Want to Blossom Hearts Desires?  Jelila - Healing Therapy Online or in Person - jelila@jelila.comJelila is a well-known International Healer who offers a range of life-enriching healing sessions including Crystal Healing, Energy Work, Past-Life Journeys, Sound Healing, The Reprogramming™ her Signature Technique, The Gift… of Harmony™, her own range of Crystal Healing Necklaces, Healing Music, Books, and more.

She has appeared in many magazines and in Asia and Bali at top resorts like The Four Seasons, The Bale, and The Westin, and has a wealth of experience and depth to help you – for living in delight!

‘Wonderful’ ‘The best thing I ever did’ ‘Amazing’ ‘Powerful’ ‘I am changed from this day forward – Thank-you so much!’

To Book a Past-Life Journey, Call +62 8585 735 4228 or +62 8585 732 6822 (both mobile) Or see Menu Or book and pay online

‘I understand so much more about love now!’ ‘You helped my relationship so much!

‘I felt so much better, immediately. I felt so much clearer and more relaxed, freer!’

‘Sessions with you are like doing years of traditional psychotherapy – only your way actually works!’

“Beautiful simplicity, with powerful energy and release. I look forward to observing the shift and having fun in my body!” Fifi

“Your way is amazingly different – I feel I have a different view and I’m more positive… thanks!” Billy

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