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Can an Individual Session or Package with Jelila help you Blossom your Hearts Desires?  - www.jelila.comTime Somebody Told You by Chloe Wordsworth

Read the following passage to yourself, slowly, allowing time for it to be absorbed so that you really hear it.

“It’s time somebody told you <your name> that you are lovely, good and true and that your essence shines bright.  It’s time somebody told you that your love is complete and that your strength and warmth uplift.

It’s time somebody told you how much they want, love and need you, how much your spirit helps set them free.  It’s time someone told you that joy is in your smile and that your eyes fill the world with light.  It’s time somebody told you.

It’s time for me to tell you <your name>, right now.

Optional Extra

Say the above out loud to someone else, as if they were with you.

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Blossoming Hearts Desires

You will know who that person is for yourself, maybe a parent, sibling, possibly someone you have a challenge with.  The person may even now no longer be with you.

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Blossoming Hearts Desires

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