Putu’s review of Biohacking Healing Journey

New, upstairs, at Ubud Fairy Village, in Tebesaya, central Ubud, is Biohacking Healing Journey.  Sneak away, to enjoy the deep relax of this unique healing experience, in Ubud. If your a mum, this can be while your kids are happy playing… @ubudfairyvillage

Putu, a pembantu (home help) was stressed out – she’d been through many traumas and felt worried and challenged – she felt so much better after her Biohacking Healing Journey, as you can see, above!  Putu’s employer kindly gifted a session of Biohacking Healing Journey for her, to help relieve her stress.

You can gift a session of the fully guided recorded healing experience with crystals and Biohacking technologies, to someone who needs it, or come and relieve your own stress, in Ubud, Bali.

Located above Ubud Fairy Village in Tebesaya, Ubud – so if you’re a parent, your kids can play happily as you go upstairs for an uber-relax, if you like!

It costs 500k Indonesian Rupiah for the 45 minute journey, created by Jelila, international healer, and Joonas, biohacking expert.

Not in the Ubud area? – there’s an Online version as well – visit jelila.com BHJ tab.

To book in Ubud:  >>>www.biohackinghealingjourney.com<<<

Of course this is helpful for busy mums and dads, and carers, as well as… everybody!

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Biohacking Healing Journey is a recorded, guided, individual healing experience with vibrational technology, chakra lights, specially programmed crystals, Light Language song, beautiful singing, and a vocal track that completely guides you to deeply relax and reeset your nervous system.

During the experience in our specially designed healing space in central Ubud, or online, you may enter a kind of trance, or even feel that you ‘go away’ all together, enabling your body to deeply relax and completely reset your nervous system, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and peaceful.

You may feel a little emotional after, as with any healing experience, as some of your your limiting beliefs, blocks, and emotional issues will be addressed and released during the relaxing, harmonising experience, which is designed by a top spiritual healer and a biohacking expert in collaboration.

What people say: ‘I loved your singing!’, ‘so relaxing’, ‘like a deeper meditation’, ‘I went away’, ‘I saw colours’, ‘I feel so peaceful now’, ‘I saw a dream’, I would do it again, yes’.

The experience includes the beautiful sound-healing song of Jelila.

Book online at our website http://www.biohackinghealing.com for more info or DM +6281339561271 to chat and for queries.

Follow on Instagram:  >>> @biohackinghealingjourney <<<  to find out more, and Book Directly on our website. Credit Cards Accepted. In Ubud, Bali, or online.

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