What is a Light Language Grid? 7 Shaped Grid, 49 Shaped Grid, 144 Shaped Grid – How Can Sacred Shapes be used in Healing and Manifestation? – Sacred Geometry with Jelila – Blossoming Hearts Desires – www.jelila.com

[gigya src=”https://www.youtube.com/v/V6-nf-f9YR8″ flashvars=”autoplay=0″ type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” width=”460″ height=”275″] [ Store Menu Contact LIGHT LANGUAGE & SACRED GEOMETRY What is a Light Language […]

Is Your Aura in a Good State? Are Your Chakras Blocked? What Sacred Geometric Shapes and Colours do You Have in Your Aura – and What Do They Mean?

Online Store What’s the State of Your Aura? Are You Healthy? Are Your Chakras Balanced? Do you have Negativity there? […]


Want to find a Spiritual Teacher? Spiritual Teacher?  Are you a Yoga Teacher, Spiritual Teacher, or Healer?  Or do you […]


Welcome!  If you want a Chakra Balancing Session and are looking for a meaningful, inspiring Spiritual Self Discovery experience, Jelila […]

Your Free Training Video

Please continue reading as the video loads. In this 11 Minute Free Training Video, I’m going to show you exactly […]

Spiritual Healing Sessions Online – Top Healer in Asia and online: Sound Healing, Chakra Balancing, Past Life Regression, Light Language, The Reprogramming, Energetic Enhancements – ‘Amazing Healer’

SPIRITUAL HEALING ONLINE IS AS EFFECTIVE AS IN PERSONIf you are far away, sessions online work just as well as […]

Butterfly Quotes 3 – Collected by Jelila – Blossoming Hearts Desires – www.jelila.com

Are you a Butterfly?   Do you wish to transform?  Do you want to Blossom your Heart’s Desires?  Like a Butterfly? Happiness […]

Mojo – What’s Yours? – Blossoming Heart’s Desires with Jelila – www.jelila.com

Menu ..Store …Contact . Reviews… Packages To Blossom Your Hearts Desires you first need to know – What’s Your Mojo?  […]

Chakras – Wheels of colour, the key to inner balance – What Shapes are your Chakras? Article by Jelila

Chakras – An ancient metaphysical system for understanding yourself… Wheels of colour, the key to inner balance In Bali, Balinese […]


Jelila – Blossoming Heart’s Desires – Testimonials, Comments, Reviews Free Download Jelila Tripadvisor Reviews PDF See Jelila’s 5***** Reviews on […]

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