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How to Draw Metatron’s Cube – Easy Free Template Download Print-Out Colour-in Step-by-Step – Sacred Geometry with Jelila

FREE TEMPLATE:  Please Right Click below and Save Image As. Easy fun ‘join the dots’ Template of Metatron’s Cube.

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Right Click and Save Image ABOVE  my Metatron’s Cube Template above includes easy instructions.  You just ‘join the dots.  Fun Sacred Geometry project for kids. More info on How to Draw Metatron’s Cube and The Meaning of Metatron below.  My Kindle Book, Metatron’s Cube, right, explains how the Flower of Life and Fruit of life conceal hidden Sacred Geometries of all of the Platonic Solids, how they derive, and what they mean:

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How Do I Draw Metatron’s Cube?

Get Jelila’s Easy FREE Template  above    ~ and print out the template.

NEW!  Detailed ebook on Kindle, goes with the Template.  How to Draw Metatron’s Cube ebook on Kindle by Jelila my new ebook takes you through how to draw Everything in Metatron’s Cube including:  How to Draw The Flower of Life, Fruit of Life, Seed of Life, Metatron’s Cube, How to Draw All the Platonic Solids in Metatron’s Cube, and how to draw The Fruit of Life (below) from scratch!

Start with the 13 Circles Fruit of Life Free Template I have drawn for you.  (If you want to draw your own circles from scratch, you could use Tracing Paper over my print-out design Template of the 13 Circles – the Fruit of Life – which is the name for the 13 circles before you start drawing the lines).

Metatron’s Cube – How to Draw it. See Easy Free Download Template.

Or, the really easy way to draw Metatron’s Cube is simply to print out the template sheet of the Fruit of Life design above, and join the centres of all the circles with straight lines using a pen and ruler to create Metatron’s Cube as shown above.  Little dots are there in the centre of each of the 13 circles of Metatron’s Cube to make it easier for you to draw the lines!

All 5 Platonic Solids are found outlined within Metatron’s Cube:
Tetrahedron, Octahedron, Icosahedron, Dodecahedron, Cube.  The Star Tetrahedron is there as well.

There are some more creative ideas below of how you can explore Metatron’s Cube by drawing it – as well as tips to help you draw it correctly, and some info on the spiritual meaning.

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Happy Drawing!

TIPS and IDEAS for Drawing Metatron’s Cube Sacred Shape Geometry:

An Outer Circle – it looks like this

How do you know when you have finished drawing all the lines on the Template?  After drawing your connecting lines between each circle – you should end up with this:  In the Outer ring of six circles (orange) – you should have Seven Lines radiating from the centre of each circle.  In the middle ring of six circles (green) – you should have Ten Lines radiating from the centre of each circle.  The Centre circle (purple) – should have just Six Lines Radiating from it.  Count to make sure you haven’t missed drawing any lines!  You can also check your drawing against the image of Metatron’s Cube that I have included on the Template.

Perfect Design

What’s the Spiritual Meaning of Metatron’s Cube? 

When you Draw Metatron’s Cube, using my easy template, you can’t help but come into contact with its powerful Spiritual Meaning!  (I hope you like the spotted pants I put on Da Vinci’s image of  sacred geometry, left – I thought kids might be watching!)

Metatron’s Cube is a perfect design, so simple, elegant, majestic, and complete – it is in fact a ‘design of wholeness’, for it is, in fact, the ‘design for everything’ in the world!

So, when you draw it you may find Metatron’s Cube has an emotional or spiritual impact on you.  You may find it uplifting.  You may find as you draw, you notice internally different aspects of the shape as you make the various lines.  You may find it brings up resistance in you.  Just notice and allow that, and keep drawing…

Just let your conscious thinking mind relax, don’t analyse – just float and enjoy the experience.  If you find drawing Metatron’s Cube difficult, it may be because the process is showing you the gap between where you are at with your own wholeness, compared with the Metatron’s Cube which is ‘wholeness’.  If this is the case, just take your time, have a rest, come back to it later and drawing will become easier as you sub-consciously integrate the Sacred Shape of Metatron’s Cube as you draw it.

More info?  Metatron’s Cube is a Remarkable Repository of Sacred Geometry!   (article by Jelila).  Published in my Kindle eBook, right, which also includes extra information on the Metaphysical Meanings of Shapes in Metatron’s Cybe.

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What if I need help?  If you need help with emotions or frustrations that come up as you draw Metatron’s Cube, or simply want to know more about Sacred Geometry, I offer Introductory Courses in Sacred Geometry – both from the simple perspective of drawing and interracting with the Shapes, the Spiritual Meaning of the Sacred Shape Geometry in my Kindle eBook, right, and also from the perspective of using Sacred Shape Geometry for Healing, Chakra Balancing and Readings or Interpretation, and for Aura Reading with Sacred Shape Geometry – all of which you can learn with me.  Please let me know if you would like to experience a Session with me, or learn any of these artforms in my Courses.   Email:

How Can I Use Metatron’s Cube for Healing? 

Simply place the Metatron’s Cube design under your bed, on the floor beneath you when you are resting, with the intention of it harmonising you. 13 concentric circles!  Metatron’s Cube’s meaning is ‘wholeness’ – because the shapes it contains are the shapes from which the entire universe is constructed!

The meaning of Metatron’s Cube is ‘complete wholeness’ or ‘complete healing’.  The individual shapes it contains – the Platonic Solids – all have their own individual meaning in healing also, and can all be used in Healing to do different things as they each have their own specific energy.

More Metatron’s Cube info?  Metatron’s Cube is a Remarkable Repository of Sacred Geometry!   (article by Jelila).


What is the Spiritual Meaning of Metatron’s Cube?

The spiritual meaning of Metatron’s Cube is ‘complete wholeness’ or ‘complete healing’.  Metatron’s Cube’s meaning is ‘wholeness’ – because the Sacred Geometric Shapes it contains are the shapes from which the entire universe is constructed!

Sacred Shapes in various colours of light form our Aura – Light Language Grids help define and refine those energies. Metatron’s Cube is a healing, harmonising pattern. (c) Jelila

This is because Metatron’s Cube is like an amazing kind of short-hand – a simple easy way of very quickly and completely recording 3 Dimensional Shapes –  Sacred Geometric Forms – in a 2 Dimensional way, all on the same template, merely by joining the centres of 13 connected circles together!  When we see or interract with Metatron’s cube it reminds us of our original design!  And as such, it is healing or harmonising.  It is good for you to look at Metatron’s Cube or have it near you!

The individual shapes it contains – the 5 Platonic Solids – key Sacred Shapes – each have their own individual meaning and use in healing also, and can all interpreted in Aura Reading to evaluate a person’s health and well-being, and are used in Healing to do different things as they each also have their own specific energy and function.  Further, the Platonic solids in various variations and combinations also serve to make many other Sacred Shapes – all parts of the ‘building blocks of the universe’ – which is another reason why Metatron’s Cube ‘contains so much!’  You can learn all this with me, on my online courses.  More info?  Metatron’s Cube is a Remarkable Repository of Sacred Geometry!   (article by Jelila).

What Else Can I Do with Metatron’s Cube?

Is it Healing to Draw Metatron’s Cube?  Yes!  Absolutely!  Your system sub-consciously absorbs the perfection of the design of Metatron’s Cube as you draw it and it will have a harmonising and balancing effect on you.  Drawing Metatron’s Cube may also show you any areas where you are not whole, when you interract with it, so that you become aware of them and can address them.

How Can I Colour In Metatron’s Cube?  How Can I do Colour Aura Healing with Metatron’s Cube?  If you want to understand and experience Metatron’s Cube in Colour Healing and Therapy, even Aura Colour Healing and Therapy, I recommend you start by simply – colouring in the design!  Get some nice colour felt-tip pens or pencils and allow yourself to simply colour the design in any way that you want!  Don’t think about it!

Give yourself permission to make a ‘truly awful design’ which will free you up to just relax with it! (Most people have blocked creativity I find, in my healing practise, and this tip really frees people up!)  As you colour in, your sub-conscious mind will both notice, and guide you, to discover different aspects of the Metatron’s Cube Sacred Geometric Shape.

Feel free to follow the lines with colour, or to colour in any of the sections or circles, or even to doodle designs images or make patterns on it or around it!  Why not?!  You may find that patterns emerge naturally as you draw, and that you notice subliminal features of the design as you work with it.

All of this is harmonising and healing – and you may find it relaxing!  As I explained above – any jarring nature in your colouring-in experience, any frustration, anger or other emotions that come up may be simply due to the harmonising nature of the Sacred Shape Metatron’s Cube, showing you your disharmony!  Just allow it if it happens, take a rest and come back to later! If you do feel bad or negative, it may be that you feel that way often – only you haven’t noticed up to now!  If so, you might enjoy my article about the ‘roots’ that need healing – a healing how-to, here.

Above all – enjoy playing with colour and the majestic magic of Metatron’s Cube!  You can learn more about this with me, on my online courses.  More info?  Metatron’s Cube is a Remarkable Repository of Sacred Geometry!   (article by Jelila).

Introduction to Metatron’s Cube:   Metatron’s Cube is an amazing figure in Sacred Geometry of 13 touching circles.

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Simply joining the centres of every circle with a line reveals Metatron’s Cube – which contains all 5 of the Platonic Solids – key geometric shapes which are the foundation of all existence.  Every element has its molecular Sacred Shape, every blossom, every tree is based on Sacred Geometry, as is Architecture, Art, and Design.

More info? Article:   Metatron’s Cube is a Remarkable Repository of Sacred Geometry!   (article by Jelila)



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