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Reprogramming – How to Cure your Negativity and Change your Life

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You are amazing – and your belief system – the network of hidden sub-conscious beliefs in your mind that guide your responses to every situation in your life – is ancient, vast and immensely complex!  Like most people, to see results in your everyday life – you need to get a huge amount of negative stuff out of there – at the roots so it doesn’t re-grow – if you want to create enough space in your garden to grow the things that you actually want!  The good thing is that The Reprogramming allows you to do this about 100 times faster than other methods – and, it also allows you to reach some areas that other methods cannot reach: ‘I felt like we did 2 years of therapy in just a few hours – only it worked!’ ‘I wish I’d found you years ago – I would have saved thousands of dollars in therapy’.

If you carry on working at your negativity with a ‘teaspoon‘ – a meditation here, a reading there – you will likely need around 28,000 more lifetimes before you get the results that you want!  The results being – balance and harmony and creating your desires.

Use a more powerful tool – The Reprogramming, and get much faster results.

To help you get faster results, I created The Reprogramming to get you where you need to go more quickly.


The Reprogramming is not a teaspoon!  ~ It’s a Dynamic Dream Machine for clearing out deep negativity permanently simply and easily!

Using The Reprogramming, we can go deep and directly to the roots of major networks of your hidden or limiting negativity and remove whole root systems that are blocking and choking the garden of your life, clearing out your garden now freeing your self-expression and creativity and bringing – RESULTS!!!

After you speak briefly about your issues, I will tell you some of your core hidden negativity, and guide you to release it permanently through a simple process where you bring two imaginary balls, each containing specific ideas, together in your hands, releasing your blocks.

Reprogramming Packages

1 x 2 Hour Signature Session – £300 – Enough to work on or release 1 major issue.

6 x 1 Hour Session – $850 – Enough to work on or release 3 major issues.

6 x 2 Hour Signature Sessions – $1,200 – Enough to cover 4 major issues.

8 Hour Special Course – The Gift of Harmony – $1,8o0   The Gift of Harmony covers the core of deep beliefs that allow harmony

12 x 2 Hour Signature Sessions – $3,600 – Enough to work on 8 major issues.

22 x 2 Hour Signature Sessions – $6,864 – Enough to work on 17 major issues.


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As The Reprogramming and The Gift of Harmony are working with Universal Law – ‘how the world works’ – they are invincible tools for getting results.  At the end of each session, we will go back to the issues you described at the start of your session, and I will ask you again how you feel about them now.  If you still feel them, we will Reprogram some more, until you feel different about them.  When you come in, my clients, may look a little sad, or worried – but during the session, I watch your expression transform – becoming happier and happier, and more and more radiant, until by the end of the session you are usually beaming.  It’s inspiring to watch!

If you’d like a gentler metaphor, imagine a fairy guiding you to the depth of a root system and zapping it for you with her wand.

Your Garden has 4 main areas – Physical Reality, Feelings, Creation, and Spirituality.  You need all these 4 areas to work together in order to be able to function normally – and without negative mind chatter – its like having all 4 wheels of your car pumped up and going in the same direction. 

To help you, I created The Gift of Harmony – a special program that contains core information to rapidly overcome deep issues and get these 4 parts talking to each other and working together – fast.

The Gift of Harmony – Fast Track!

After creating The Reprogramming I designed The Gift of Harmony.

Designed as a fast-track to help you quickly hit all the main bases, The The Gift of Harmony program is a set of 4 x 2 hour special sessions, conducted over 2.5 to 4 days, which uses The Reprogramming  techniques to deliver a specific core set of deep belief changes, which clear the major root system of weeds in 4 key areas of your ‘garden’ quickly and efficiently, bringing together parts of you that are normally in considerable conflict, allowing you to feel peaceful, and allowing you to balance 4 key areas of your life  – Money, Love, Creativity, and Spirituality.  Radical, and amazing, for work-life balance, relationships, and getting your life on track in general.

If you don’t want to do The Gift of Harmony, you can choose individual sessions of The Reprogramming, on any topic you choose, from emotional problems, to situations, relationships, physical problems, money, health issues – everything!

This brings enormous change and RESULTS!  It is not a teaspoon!

Teaspoons change small or not too significant beliefs near the top-soil of your garden.  This is why they do not bring much change – or bring change only for a moment – after which all the other weeds take over again!  Hence, Teaspoons are a waste of money!

Reprogramming Packages

What is good about teaspoons:

1.  They are cheap

2.  They are easy to find

3. They do not dig too deep and so you stay in your comfort zone

What is not good about teaspoons:

1.  They are ineffective

2.  With a teaspoon, you are never going to get you the results you want now, in this lifetime!  You need about another 28,000 lifetimes worth of time to clear out the amount of junk you have in your garden with a teaspoon.

3.  They don’t take you out of your comfort zone! And you have to have the courage to leave your comfort zone – to cover the topics that you need to heal that will bring you the results you want!

4.  Is Meditation Effective?  Meditation and Yoga can bring you temporary relief – each time you do them, you may move one teaspoon of your negativity!  But unless you are Buddha, you are unlikely to get Satori ie major results!  To make big changes and get big results, you need to use a powerful healing process like The Reprogramming.

How I know about teaspoons

I know about teaspoons because I used them for some time at the start of my spiritual journey.

Then, I was given a process for changing a sub-conscious belief, and around the same time, I realised that sub-conscious beliefs are really ‘where its at’ in terms of healing.

All healing – changes your sub-conscious beliefs, in some way or another.  You need to change your negative sub-conscious beliefs to Get Results in changing your reality.  And you need to change them at a deep enough level – to effect the big change you are looking for.

This is because – your thoughts create your reality.  Only, your hidden sub-conscious thoughts are far greater in number, and far more powerful, than your conscious thoughts.  Your sub-conscious garden is full of weeds!  And this is what is creating your reality!

A Dynamic Dream Machine like The Reprogramming change HUGE important beliefs – The Reprogramming goes deep to the core of the root system, clearing the whole thing – clearing a significant amount of your garden in a short time – bringing big change!

Ask yourself – if you had a really untidy garden, would you ask the experienced company with the mechanical digger to fix it, or take the team with teaspoons?

I worked extensively with deep sub-conscious beliefs and ended up creating – originally for myself  – The Reprogramming, a powerful  modality that helps you reach your core negativity and change it rapidly.

Then I developed The Gift of Harmony – a core set of key super-powerful beliefs that, when changed, bring 4 key parts of you together, and eliminate the majority of your inner conflict and procrastination – in an intense programme lasting only 4 days!  This clears out most of the junk and allows you to get on with the fun part of working with the garden of your life – the landscaping and design!

Guaranteed Results

At the beginning of working with me, you will define the results you want to get.  We will measure and demonstrate your progress against your desired result criteria.    I will make sure you get the results you want!    And I will ‘test’ your belief system after every session to check the results.

Reprogramming Packages

1 x 2 Hour Signature Session – £300 – Enough to work on or release 1 major issue.

6 x 1 Hour Session – $850 – Enough to work on or release 3 major issues.

6 x 2 Hour Signature Sessions – $1,200 – Enough to cover 4 major issues.

8 Hour Special Course – The Gift of Harmony – $1,8o0   The Gift of Harmony covers the core of deep beliefs that allow harmony

12 x 2 Hour Signature Sessions – $3,600 – Enough to work on 8 major issues.

22 x 2 Hour Signature Sessions – $6,864 – Enough to work on 17 major issues.

Some Benefits of The Gift of Harmony include:

– An enormous (or almost complete) reduction in ‘negative mind chatter’

– If negative thoughts do arise, you know where they are coming from, and have the means to deal with them constructively through inner dialogue, so that the information arising in your mind becomes useful to you

– The ability to understand ‘who is talking’ in your head and to experience the different parts of you in a dynamic, helpful conversation

– An enormous reduction in inner conflict pulling you in all directions, which relieves stress, as you can get all parts going in the same direction

– Clear Goals – being able to know what you want

– Motivation – the desire to attain goals and create dreams, essential 1st step towards blossoming hearts desires

– Clear Sense of Life Purpose – knowing why am I here?

– Huge Procrastination Reduction  – saving 80% of your time you were previously using on inner arguments – Abliity to Get Things Done

– Suffering – huge reduction or elimination of angst and inner negativity causing (unnecessary!) pain, bringing peace

– Ability to access your feelings and intuition – so you know what direction to take!  Activation of your ‘guidance system’

– Feeling much more positive and hopeful.  Perspective.

– Depression – The Gift of Harmony enormously helps Depression, which is caused by inner negativity coming from different parts of the self criticising each other.

– Mood-Swings – these can be eliminated by balancing your Polarity Judgements during The Gift of Harmony or in Reprogramming Sessions

– Ability to play and express yourself creatively

– Enormous increase in relating skils.  Actual tools you can use for successful relating

– 16 Demonstrably happy relationships within you, creating 16 possible happy choices of how to relate with others!

– There are many other benefits as well (I will type more in at a later date!)

The Gift of Harmony stops the inner conflict and bickering inside you by bringing your warring parts together as friends, enables to understand what is going on in your head and in your life, gets it all going in the same direction, restores motivation and sense of purpose, so you begin to feel much more in control, and it creates the groundwork and the inner patterns that allow you to function in the way that I believe all humans should be able to function – in Harmony!

The Gift of Harmony – What’s The Process?

The Gift of Harmony is an intense and powerful program that usually takes place over just 4 days – because, as in a real garden – major digging can feel unsettling, so we want to get through the main work as quickly as possible so we can smooth the earth again – mininise the disruption you feel  – allowing you to get to the ‘fun bit’ as soon as possible – planning your ornamental paths, ponds, fountains and gorgeous flower beds – in other words, designing and creating your life to Blossom your Hearts Desires!

I have found that completing The Gift of Harmony in a short space of time (usually in 4-5 days) is the most comfortable way for my clients to go through the program – the program is intense, it digs up your ‘core issues’ – and if you stop part of the way through, your sub-conscious mind will tend to start ‘yearning’ for the next piece of information – which can put you into a ‘grey head space’ – which doesn’t feel nice – you are ‘processing’ – and this is quite unnecessary!  It is much better for you to come back the next day, get the next piece of information – then I can guide you out of the ‘grey space’ and into the next new enlightening piece – so that you are not suffering unnecessarily – and you quickly move out of ‘garden clearing’ mode into – ‘new garden design and Blossoming Hearts Desires’!

After completing The Gift of Harmony – which creates a new foundation for your life and allows you to ‘operate effectively‘ as a being, within yourself – you have the basic structure – a new, positive belief system – for functioning in a much more graceful way.  Your new belief system is sub-conscious – the new harmonious pattern will blossom forth from your being quite naturally.

There are tools and supports that I will give you to help you to fully apply what you have learned so that you actually get The Gift of Harmony in your life – Love, Success, Fun, and Meaning.

Further Gardening?

Some clients need some more work in their garden – they need a few further specific sessions of The Reprogramming, because they have some additional major negative root systems which they need further help with.  Everyone is different!  Your belief system is unique! Some being simply have ‘more stuff’.  This is a function of your particular lifetimes of experience that have set up your particular belief system.

These ‘additional negative root systems’ are often due to major traumatic events – an experience that is affecting them from this lifetime, or sometimes from past lifetimes.  These traumatic experiences need to be dealt with and resolved so that the roots of the past are out of the way and not clogging up your garden or preventing you growing what you want to grown in your garden – and in your life!

Past-Life Journey – Resolving the Past

I often suggest doing a Past-Life Journey as part of a client’s journey with me, to bring perspective and final resolution to past situations, which brings peace.  This simple guided visualisation (a bit like a meditation a you lay down) allows you to re-see a past experience (perhaps an experience you don’t even know about and are not consciously aware of, yet which is sub-consciously blocking or challenging you)  in a new and more enlightened way – finally ‘putting it to bed’ – releasing any stuck feelings you are carrying around, so you can ‘put down the baggage’, and bringing self-forgiveness and understanding, so that you can fully let go and feel peaceful inside.  Anyone can do this simple, gentle process.

Reprogramming Packages

1 x 2 Hour Signature Session – £300 – Enough to work on or release 1 major issue.

6 x 1 Hour Session – $850 – Enough to work on or release 3 major issues.

6 x 2 Hour Signature Sessions – $1,200 – Enough to cover 4 major issues.

8 Hour Special Course – The Gift of Harmony – $1,8o0   The Gift of Harmony covers the core of deep beliefs that allow harmony

12 x 2 Hour Signature Sessions – $3,600 – Enough to work on 8 major issues.

22 x 2 Hour Signature Sessions – $6,864 – Enough to work on 17 major issues.

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Jelila is a well-known International Healer who Blossoms Hearts Desires through a range of life-enriching healing sessions including Crystal Healing, Energy Work, Past-Life Journeys, Sound Healing, The Reprogramming™ her Signature Technique, The Gift… of Harmony™, her own range of Crystal Healing Necklaces, Healing Music, Books, and more. She has appeared in many magazines and in Asia and Bali at top resorts like The Four Seasons, The Bale, and The Westin, and has a wealth of experience and depth to help you – for living in delight! ‘Wonderful’ ‘The best thing I ever did’ ‘Amazing’ ‘Powerful’ ‘I am changed from this day forward – Thank-you so much!’

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