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Alien Wedding

alien-weddingNeanderthals – loving simple tribal beings – was their DNA manipulated by advanced Ancient Aliens – the Annunaki – to make us – modern humans? Is this Ancient Alien Betrayal the reason why we have a different voice – the ego inside of us – as well as the loving voice – because we are made from two different kinds of beings? Is this why we feel we don’t belong? Have we been gene spliced?

Did an ancient betrayal – the change of your DNA – create underlying stress you still feel now? and if so, can it be accessed from here, allowing you to release it, freeing you from stress? – Alien Wedding – Book – the Book for Advanced Spiritual Seekers, available on Amazon/Kindle


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Neanderthals – who we are? Is there a Neanderthal part of you – that feels put upon, abused, guilty? Watch this video portrait to see what the Neanderthals were like, and how Neanderthals lived, by Jelila. Click to watch. Is Ozzy Osborne a Neanderthal? Find out at the end!

Ancient DNA Manipulation – What Feelings and Patterns might You be carrying from these ancient alien events? And what can you do about it now so that you can feel comfortable with who you are?

Imagine yourself as a tiny Neanderthal embryo, hundreds of thousands of years ago. There you are, quite happy, and ready to be born as a Neanderthal – simple but family oriented, tribal original people of the earth. Suddenly, the Anunnaki comes along – manipulates your DNA – and you are born not as a Neanderthal, but as a Human!

Imagine how you would feel! Surprised? Angry? WTF!?

You have become more advanced – now you have the ability to talk and to do craft – even to work – but was that what you wanted?

Consider how you would feel – there are many viewpoints – part of you might feel glad – happy that you ‘got the upgrade’. Part of you might feel angry – that you had ‘been physically abused’. Another part might feel sad – you lost your Neanderthal roots. Another might feel afraid, or guilty – ‘do I have to pay for the upgrade? do I have to return this DNA?’ There are many, deep concerns from many perspectives, relating to this Ancient Alien DNA manipulation, and the situation on earth at the time, which may have included cloning, and certainly included abuse and slavery.

In fact, I believe that the Ancient Alien DNA Abuse story is the root cause of slavery on the planet. You will see more, in the book.

As you explore each chapter of the book, you get the opportunity to review for yourself the various perspectives on what happened, and use my powerful yet simple transformation process The Reprogramming™ to actually eliminate these hidden sub-conscious concerns from your mind, for yourself, greatly relieving stress.

Doing the process is like ‘turning of your stress taps’ one by one.

The Reprogramming process is shared in full in the Alien Wedding book – partly because this information was too much for me to carry on my own! My ‘inner guides’ told me ‘Jeli – you need to publish this book – or you are going to have a heart attack!’ I was like – Oh! sh*t! Now I’m motivated! So I channelled all this information, worked on it, and shared it all in the book within 3 months, to ‘get it out of my system’ and literally ‘off my chest!’

I recommend you read each chapter one at a time and actually do the process to release the hidden underlying stress drivers – otherwise you risk bringing up all your ‘stuff’ about this ancient alien abuse – without it having an outlet.

The negative beliefs revealed in the book may seem simple, simplistic, obvious – even trivial – ‘hey! they are often only a few words!?’ However they are deeply powerful, even magical concepts that have a deep and far reaching effect on your sub-conscious mind. Please, treat them with respect and do use The Reprogramming process to release them for yourself, so that you are actually freeing yourself – not just ‘churning up your stuff’!

Fascinatingly, you will get to see for yourself, which sub-conscious patterns and worries are true for you, for as you do The Reprogramming™ process, you will feel energy or resistance in between your hands, for any topics that are registered in your system – ie – they are true for you. The ‘proof of the pudding’ is not what I tell you – it is what I can guide you to experience for yourself. So far, every client that I have shared this with, has resonated with it.

As you complete The Reprogramming™ process and bring your hands together and place them on your heart, that old hidden worry is permanently released, erased, releasing old slave conditioning that keeps you on the treadmill in modern life, and freeing you, bringing a new level of comfort and safety – and a deep understanding of The Ancient Alien Question.

Your old negativity is replaced by a New Positive Belief that you then go forward with, and that is also shared in the book. You don’t need to do anything – it becomes your ‘new positive truth’ positive information that is now stored in your Aura as a natural part of your being.

Do the Ancient Alien Negative Beliefs Resonate with You?

Find out in Alien Wedding.

Copyrighted Material:

Modern thinkers – ‘conspiracy theorists’ if you like – are saying that mankind did not evolve from apes – they are saying that instead, we were madegenetically engineered – by the Annunaki – ancient yet advanced beings that arrived out of the sky on spaceships and were hailed as ‘Gods’ by the primitive Neanderthals living on earth at the time.

I am going to share the exact sub-conscious beliefs that I have discovered, that humanity seems to have picked up (from the experience of ancient DNA abuse), and provide a method where you can release these hidden ancient negative Key Stress Drivers in yourself, for good. I think you will find that this has an amazing effect on your everyday stress levels.

The approach I took for the information in this book was similar – instead I exposed myself to ‘the information’ available about ‘our world’ relating to ancient times and ancient aliens. I looked at many images of crop circles, I watched episodes of ‘Ancient Aliens’, I explored images of ancient sites on the internet, I pored over Google World, explored ancient sites, I read various interpretations and quotes from ancient texts. I also compiled my own library of images from the ancient Cuneiform tablets of Sumeria – these are particularly unusual and singular, and looked through the peculiar images several times.

Once I had filled myself up with this ‘material’ – I rested and slept, to allow my sub-conscious mind to synthesise and process the information for me.

When I awoke, I listened to my stream of thoughts, and heard some negative beliefs, which I wrote down and then explored further using The Reprogramming techniques. I released the negative beliefs, listened for the ‘answers’, repeated the process on any answers that still felt negative or unresolved – until I arrived at the negative belief set – the 14 Key Stress Drivers that I have chosen to share in this book.

Digging Up – New Archeology of The Mind

What Ancient Negativity is Secretly Hidden in Your Mind?

What if certain difficult-to-accept, negative events in history actually laid down underlying thought patterns causing the stress that many people are facing today?

What if ancient hidden ideas are secretly acting like a thorn in your side even now, digging in all the time, unwittingly hurting you and unnecessarily causing you discomfort and stress?

Causing you to inexplicably react in ways that are actually detrimental to your health, wealth, love, well-being, peace-of-mind, success, happy relationships, and safety?

Why, for example, when the Americans went to America – and then celebrated their ‘independence’ – was one of the first things they did to create slaves? Doesn’t that strike you as a little… odd? Isn’t that a bit of a weird thing to do?

Why did the Australians murder the indigenous people when they arrived in Australia?

Why did the British harness or enslave a huge population of the world, to achieve its production goals?

Why? I am going to tell you, later in this book. Not at all in a political sense – I am going to explain the sub-conscious drivers and the ancient history drivers – what, in our minds, created these behaviours (– the effect these events are still having on your hidden mental patterns today – and how to release them, freeing yourself.)

end of book excerpt.

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How would YOU feel about the theft of your DNA?



5.0 out of 5 stars What a Surprise!!, August 7, 2013
By Juliel (BOISE, ID, United States) – See all my reviews

Whether or not you believe in Aliens…the processes in Alien Wedding WORK! I was amazed at how much sense this made. It was like puzzle pieces that had been missing, coming together. I highly recommend Alien Wedding to anyone who has done a lot a personal growth and is still searching. This ancient remedy will click you into your body and into the NOW 😉

Most Helpful Customer Reviews:
5.0 out of 5 stars powerful stuff! 4 Aug 2013
By samantha bright
In this book, Jelila has managed to identify a powerful set of negative old ‘slave drivers’ – subconcious beliefs that keep us stuck in old patterns of trying to please others – suffering and lack, really – slavery.I had not heard the story until now. A fascinating and powerful book with a powerful process built in – I really enjoyed releasing negativity and feeling the positive results of relieving stress. A great book!
5.0 out of 5 stars Such an amazing book with fabulous insights 2 Aug 2013
By Marina Pearson
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
Its such a unique and incredible book that helps us discover why we are so set on working all the time and where this comes from. Its not what you think. Written with a fabulous sense of humor and with some really great imaagery. Very impressed.

Buy yours now on and

Jelila Author Page on Amazon and Jelila

BOOK EXCERPT © Jelila 2013. All Rights Reserved.

In ALIEN WEDDING, Jelila briefly tells a story of what may have actually happened at the very beginning of the creation of humanity – an ancient betrayal creating a 14 hidden ‘Key Stress Drivers’ or ‘Key Slave Drivers’ that she describes in her book step-by-step – and shares a simple process that everyone can do to release these hidden stressors – greatly relieving stress – and bringing inner peace and harmony.Here’s an excerpt – followed by one of the 14 Key Stress Drivers.

In essence, the Alien Wedding book describes two parts of the self – originally coming from the combination of Annunaki and Neanderthal – that are ‘saying very different things’ inside of us – creating huge stress and inner conflict! Here’s an image of what these two parts – two parts that every hu-man has – are saying:

Alien Wedding – Our Ancient Intimate Betrayal?

Far from the romantic, radiant, white clad bride in a lovely lacy dress, elegant gloved hands flinging her pretty bouquet to the excited bridesmaid recipients, waiting to be next… marriage has some dark early history!

In fact, mankind’s first marriage – was an Alien Wedding!

This story has been described by Erich von Daniken in Chariot of the Gods in 1970 and by Zechariah Sitchen in his books. I’m going to outline the story here – but what is important and unique about my book is that I am going to explain the emotional impact of what happened – and what to do about it.

Here’s the story:

Early mankind was created by genetic manipulation, by advanced beings – extra-terrestrials – who came to earth.

Why they created us – and what then happened – means that humanity is bearing some very heavy baggage from an early escapade in our history that we have not, until now, been aware of – actually the earliest and deepest possible kind of betrayal you can imagine!

Effectively, they abused us by messing around with our DNA. The deep, yet unconscious sense of betrayal and disappointment we are sub-consciously carrying from this event, creates uneasiness and lack of trust in our experience of governments, bosses, authority, and mistrust and disappointment pervades and wrecks our relationships now.

Accessing and releasing this deep betrayal and mistrust at last allows us to feel safe, to relax, it releases a huge amount of stress, and it allows us to relax and trust in relationships.

Why Are So Many People Stressed?

Humanity is stressed because everybody is working too hard.

Why is everybody working too hard? Because everybody feels that they have to, to have enough. But why?

Why do people do what they do? Why do normal people choose to willingly harm themselves? For example, why do people smoke when they know it causes cancer? Drink when it harms their health? Why?

Why do people kill themselves? Over-eat or under-eat? Or Self-Harm. Why?

Why don’t people care – about themselves?

Isn’t that odd?

What is this intrinsically self-destructive pattern in mankind? How did it get there? And is there anything we can do to change it?

What Makes You Stressed?


Have you ever wondered what is it that is constantly driving you to work so hard to prove yourself? Why is life ‘a grind’?


Where do your negative thoughts come from? Why does it sometimes seem like an argument or conflict is going on in your head?

Lack of Motivation

Why does life sometimes seem purposeless or pointless, or why are you ‘searching for your purpose in life?’

Confusion About Direction

Why are you unsure of what direction to take, of ‘what you are supposed to be doing here’?

Love Relationship Problems

Why is there a ‘war between the sexes’? Why can’t you always get the love you need?

Why are love relationships so difficult?

Low Self-Esteem Issues

Why do you feel low self-esteem? What is the root cause of discomfort that makes you feel undeserving, and makes it so hard to ask for what you want and need in relationships?

Difficult Situations

Why do negative experiences sometimes show up in your life that you don’t want, which are difficult for you to deal with? Is it ‘your fault’? Is it ‘bad luck’? Or is there something you can do about it?

Are the causes of negative, unhelpful patterns or behaviour mysterious or totally invisible to you and completely out of your control? Would you like to know what they are and get them under your control?

How can you create what you really want in your life, without all the hassle?

What Set Up Your Ancient Stress Patterns?

What if you discovered that ancient thought patterns or sub-conscious beliefs – Ideas such as ‘I am not lovable’ or ‘I can never be rich’ and some other, even more powerful ideas – which are negative, incorrect – out of date – or even totally intrinsically wrong – are hidden in your system – and controlling your life?

And what if you suddenly discovered that you can gain access to such limiting, underpinning layers of negative thought established by ancient ancestors, which you are logically unaware of yet which sub-consciously driving your mind and life today – and change them?


The 14 Ancient Key Stress Drivers:

We’re All Trying to Escape Work

Effect: The Grind, The Treadmill – trying to escape it. Exhaustion.

Story: The Annunaki were trying to escape work – gold mining – by getting us to do it for them!

So this feeling has been transferred to us – we are all looking for Holiday getaways, Weekends in the country, a Day Off – we are all trying to escape – escape from working – escape – from being Slaves – for the Annunaki!

Belief: I’m trying to escape work.

Only, if you do finally escape from being a Slave, then you have to live with being a fugitive – be outside of society, not following normal ‘rules’. It takes presence of mind to do that.

That would be the ‘trying’ aspect of escaping work – a trying experience. Note that trying is not succeeding – it is working towards a goal but never actually getting there!

So trying to escape work results in not escaping work – and having a trying time.

Does that sound familiar to you? J

Because ‘work’ is physical, at the deeper level, it represents your physical body. So, we are also wishing to get out of our bodies, escape – stop ourselves from re-incarnating into this horrible, treadmill-esque world of never having enough, always working – for the Annunaki!

To the sub-conscious mind ‘work’ is synonymous with ‘money’ – the sub-conscious mind just lumps all physical things together and thinks of them as one thing. So if you are ‘trying to escape work’ your sub-conscious mind will think you also wish to ‘escape money’, which could end up pushing your money away from you.

New Positive Idea: I’m loving my existence here. I’m provided for.

Jelila says: “In ALIEN WEDDING you will also discover the root cause of Low Self-Esteem, Lack of Self-Love, and Not Good Enough – and be able to change it! As you release the 14 + 5 Key Slave Driver ideas in the book, using the simple process included in full, you release your deep hidden causes of stress step-by-step and start to feel – incredibly happy! I hope you enjoy the results”.

Buy yours now on and

Jelila Author Page on Amazon and Jelila



5.0 out of 5 stars Fascinating premise, incredibly useful, August 9, 2013
This review is from: Alien Wedding: Reprogramming of the gods – Reclaiming Peace-of-mind and releasing Stress by Overcoming Ancient Alien Annunaki Negativity (Volume 1) (Paperback)

I have been fascinated by the ancient aliens theory of the origins of human civilization for many years, having spent much time with the work of Erich von Daniken and Zecharia Sitchin.

Depth psychology has also been a passion of mine for a long time, as I have attempted to understand my own patterns and reactions throughout my life. Alien Wedding amazingly combines these two pursuits, in a way that I never would have expected a book to do so.

Jelila provides us with an explanation for the initial reasons for much of our stresses and negativity, however she also, incredibly, offers many different practical methods and techniques with which to work to dissolve these patterns, or “Key Stress Drivers.”

I would recommend this remarkable book to anyone who wants a more clarified understanding of their own negative tendencies, with a fascinating approach to how they have developed in us as a species, and as individuals. Alien Wedding is an exceptional book, a wild ride, and an uplifting tool.

Reserve your spot on the Alien Wedding Personal Transformation Course with Jelila and Find Out More.
Buy Your Copy of ALIEN WEDDING now – the book currently includes the FULL TRANSFORMATION PROCESS:

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