Mojo – What’s Yours? – Blossoming Heart’s Desires with Jelila –

Menu ..Store …Contact . Reviews… Packages To Blossom Your Hearts Desires you first need to know – What’s Your Mojo?  […]

Which of 4 Kinds of Spiritual Pathfinder are You? And How Do You Like to Blossom?

What’s your Spiritual Style?  Have you found your Mojo?  And How do you like to Blossom? Everyone has their own […]


Want to find a Spiritual Teacher? Spiritual Teacher?  Are you a Yoga Teacher, Spiritual Teacher, or Healer?  Or do you […]

Crystal Healing Necklaces – How does the Positive Vibration of Specially Programmed Crystals make YOU Feel?

Online Store Jelila is the author of ‘The Power of Crystals’ a guide to her own method of Crystal Healing […]

Butterfly Quotes 2 – Collected by Jelila – Blossoming Hearts Desires –

Menu…Online Store No garden truly blooms until butterflies have danced upon it – K. D’Angelo What the caterpillar calls the […]

Jelila Crystal Healing Necklaces – enrich your life with the positive power of crystals!

How do Crystals Work? What is their Power? Why are they Supportive? Why, when a client’s Yoga Chord breaks, do […]

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