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Chakras – Wheels of colour, the key to inner balance – What Shapes are your Chakras? Article by Jelila

Chakras – An ancient metaphysical system for understanding yourself…  Wheels of colour, the key to inner balance

Hathor Queen by Jelila, Pastel; showing chakra energy moving. The Hathors were ancient Egyptian sound healers

Balinese temple costume: white and gold

In Bali, Balinese people often wear white and gold for their ceremonies.  Perhaps it is because these are the colours of the Crown chakra, the chakra associated with your connection to divine wisdom.  Wearing these colours will help you connect with the Crown Chakra and access your divine wisdom.

Chakras: 7 energy wheels of colour.  Are yours Balanced?

Just as your physical body comprises a skeleton, muscular and circulatory system and so on, and is there to process food and create your daily life, your soul body includes chakras or energy centres and an aura or energy field which surrounds the entire body in an egg shape, extending up to about two and a half metres (nine feet) around and beneath the body.  Your soul body processes the meaning of your existence.


Using Crystals for Chakra Balancing?

Just as your digestive system processes your food and brings you nutrition, your chakras process your experiences and emotions, from which they extract the essence of what you learned – your wisdom and decisions from your experiences (your ‘personal truth’ about your world).  This in turn builds the light around you – your aura (or ‘light body’) – which in turn, attracts the real events that you experience in your life (your life is reflecting the ‘truth’ that you carry with you – this is ‘the law of attraction’ – you attract experiences that feel like the energy you already have around you.)

According to ancient yogic systems from India, (here, I am sharing the Kundalini Yoga model, as taught by Yogi Bhaijan) ~ there are seven major ‘chakras’, or energy centres, in the body.  They are spaced at intervals along the spine, from the base to the top of the head.

Chakras: Ancient Yogic system through which our natural energy flows

To be a fully rounded human, each chakra must be able to open and close, able to spin (Chakra is Sanskrit for ‘wheel’), and each chakra must be working in harmony with the other Chakras – your 7 Chakra System is a network of  interconnected nodes.

The aim of Chakra Balancing is to enable a free flow of energy between your crown (god or spirit) – your divine wisdom – through all your chakras to the base chakra (real world).  In other words, we are connected to our divinity and able to manifest our soul’s purpose in the real world.


A brief description of the different properties and colours of each chakra follows, along with a description of problems you may experience if they are not working fully:

Chakra Balancing:  The Base – Birth and Grounding – Red

The Base (or ‘Root) chakra is red, the colour of the earth, birth, early experiences, death, the real world and the ‘here and now’.  It is located at the perineum (between sex organs and anus).

This chakra relates to our primitive will to survive. If it is not functioning correctly, you may feel ‘airy’ or ‘not really present’ in reality.  You may have low self esteem, feel ‘unworthy’, or at worst, feel you don’t really want to be here on earth.  Male sexual problems and infertility also reside here.  The base develops from birth and early trauma can result in trouble here.

Base Chakra Crystals:    Garnet, Black Onyx, Black Tourmeline, Tiger’s Eye.

Related Chakra Harmonising Crystal Necklace By Jelila:   Detox Necklace (for releasing negativity), Goddess Necklace (for grounding)

Chakra Balancing:  The Sacrum – Flow, Feminity and Money – Orange

The Sacral chakra is orange.  It is about flow, femininity, change, and relationships (including your relationship with yourself).  Female sexuality, and money reside here too.  The sacral chakra is located at the lower belly.

If this chakra is not functioning correctly, you may lack the ability to relax and ‘let it happen’.  You may be overly controlling.  There may be feminine fertility problems, or in men, the ‘feminine side’ may be underdeveloped.  There may be problems with money – not enough ‘flow’.

Sacral Chakra Crystals:    Orange Carnelian.

Related Chakra Harmonising Crystal Necklace By Jelila:   Abundance Necklace (for attracting Wealth & Opportunity)

Hathor Sound Goddess, by Jelila: Chakra Energy moving during healing

Chakra Balancing:  The Navel –Moving into Action – Yellow

The Navel chakra is about action, power, the will, work, success in the physical world, and masculinity.  It is yellow. If this chakra is not functioning correctly, you may lack the ability to make things happen in the real world – however good your ideas are, your projects do not come to fruition.  You may feel powerless, depressed, and have low energy.  Women may find it hard to take initiative and express their ‘masculine side’.

Navel Chakra Crystals:   Citrine

Related Chakra Harmonising Crystal Necklace By Jelila:   Abundance Necklace (for attracting Wealth & Opportunity)

Chakra Balancing:  The Heart – For love and relationships – Green or Pink

The Heart chakra is for love, higher relationships, connection, and understanding.  It is light green or rose pink.  If this chakra is not functioning correctly, you may find it difficult to love and accept yourself – and others.

You may be critical, fault-finding, and find it hard to give and receive affection and to be ‘touched’ by life.

Heart Chakra Crystals:    Rose Quartz  (love),  Green Agate (Understanding)

Related Chakra Harmonising Crystal Necklace By Jelila:   Love  Necklace (for expanding & attracting love)

Dolphin Journey, by Jelila, CD Journey cover art

Chakra Balancing:  The Throat –For Communication – Blue

The Throat chakra is about communication and self-expression.  It is blue or turquoise.  If this chakra is not functioning correctly, you may not be able to ‘speak up’ and ‘speak your truth’ when you need to.  There may be trouble with hearing and listening.

You may find it difficult to express yourself through work or creativity (art, singing etc) and have trouble ‘finding your vocation’ or life’s work.

Throat Chakra Crystals:  Lapis, Turquoise

Related Chakra Harmonising Crystal Necklace By Jelila:   Communication Necklace (for enhancing communication)

Chakra Balancing:  The Brow –For Vision and Insight – Purple

The Brow chakra is for insight, higher perception and vision.  Also known as the ‘third eye, it is located at the centre the forehead, about two and a half centimetres above the bridge of the nose.  If this chakra is not functioning correctly, you may lack awareness and vision and the ability to take a higher perspective.  You may find it difficult to trust and benefit from your own intuition and ‘inner knowing’.

Brow Chakra Crystals:   Amethyst

Related Chakra Harmonising Crystal Necklace By Jelila:    Yoga Chord Crystal Healing Necklace (for Harmony)

Chakra Balancing:  The Crown – Portal to the Divine – White

The Crown is for the higher self and the connection with the divine.  It is located in a halo above the top of the head (which perhaps explains why sacred figures are shown with halos and why kings wear golden crowns to denote their divine connection). If the crown

chakra has yet to open, you may lack a sense of truth, divine wisdom, and a connection to a higher wisdom that seems to come from outside of yourself.  You may feel lonely or alone, or unsure of your life’s purpose.

Crown Chakra Crystals:   Clear Quartz, Pearl

Related Chakra Harmonising Crystal Necklace By Jelila:   Self-Esteem Crystal Healing Necklace (for Confidence)

Chakra Balancing Crystals:

Each chakra has it’s own shape or symbol, its unique vibration, colour and emotional quality associated

with it.  Briefly:

Base chakra (perineum) – red, birth, sex, death, earth. Chakra healing crystal:  Red carnelian.

Sacral chakra (lower belly) – orange, feminity and flow.  Chakra Balancing Crystal:  Orange carnelian.

Navel chakra (yellow) – masculinity, action.  Chakra Balancing Crystal: Citrine.

Heart chakra (chest) – pink/green, love.  Chakra Balancing Crystals: Green onyx, rose quartz.

Throat chakra (throat) – blue, communication and expression.  Chakra Balancing Crystals:  Blue onyx, turquoise.

Brow chakra (forehead) – purple, insight and vision.  Chakra Balancing Crystals:  Amethyst, Blue Lace Agate.

Crown chakra (above the head) – white/gold, connection to the divine.  Chakra Balancing Crystals:  Rainbow Moonstone, Clear Quartz.

There’s more pictures of chakra shapes and definitions BELOW…

Road test your chakra energy!

Chakra Balancing: So how do you know the condition of your chakras?  Well, one way to check is by using a pendulum.  When lying down, suspend a pendulum (a small pebble tied on a string will do) above the chakra to be tested.  The pendulum should begin to rotate in a clockwise direction (remember, the chakra itself, if active, will be spinning, like a vortex, and a pendulum picks this up).

Alternatively, you can look at the definitions for a non-functioning chakra shown above, and if you know that this area

is a problem for you, you may need to work on opening and balancing that chakra.  Professional Chakra Balancing can help – see image.

Many alternative therapies (such as energy healing, crystal healing, sound healing, and more) focus on chakra balancing the energy of the body, and work with the chakras and the aura.

So how can you balance your chakras?

Because each chakra is tuned to a certain ‘vibration’, which is represented by a colour, you can help to balance your own chakras by using colour.  You can simply wear the colour that you need to boost – for example, wear a yellow belt to enhance action.

Crystals and gemstones are also ideal for chakra balancing because they vibrate at similar frequencies to the chakras.  As well as professional Chakra Balancing, something you can try yourself is to simply wear the appropriate colour crystal or gemstone near the chakra you wish to work on (for example, a turquoise for the throat chakra).  Or try wearing Jelila’s specially selected and programmed natural chakra-balancing crystal necklaces, which are more complex, and each bring different positive harmonising effects.

Which Jelila harmonising Crystal Necklace is best for you?

Crystal Healing is far more complex than just simply putting a rose quartz crystal on the heart chakra (even though rose quartz is the crystal that does, in fact, best correlate to the heart chakra!) .  Different kinds of crystals are used, (I use around 20 main kinds of crystals) all around the body,  and on the non-corresponding chakras, to promote energy flow, health, and harmony.

Well, that was a whistle-stop tour of the chakras.   Power up your chakra energy!

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