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Light Language Grids Using Sacred Geometric Shapes – A Powerful Tool for Manifesting Goals & Desires

Create Your Desired Outcomes using Advanced Light Language Grids with Jelila.

Light Language: programming your aura to attract your goals

Light Language Sacred Shape Geometry Grids are precisely designed sequences of colour and geometric shape that make an energy pattern that defines your goal and bridges any gaps in you getting it. The energy pattern is permanently installed in your aura so your goal manifests and is attracted to you, powerfully.

Sacred Shape Geometry Aura Reading with Jelila

Goal Grid:  Sacred Shape Geometry: 49 Shape Light Language Goal Grid (This example is for Prosperity. Note: Goal Grids are individually designed for each person. They are not transferable!) Click the image to order yours!

There are three kinds of grids:  Lifetime Grids (144 shapes) are for life, for major life goals (such as ‘financial security’, ‘happy marriage’, ‘business success’ etc.) They define how the energy will be for major and important aspects of your life.   Goal Grids (49 shapes) are used to help you achieve specific goals up to three months (for example ‘achieve marketing plan’ ‘Get fabulous new job’ etc).

Personal Grids (7 Shapes) allow you to define how you want the energy to be for individual things – for yourself, your car, your business address,  your home, etc.  So you can make your home friendly and welcoming, keep your car safe, define how you want your friendships or love relationships etc.

Lifetime Grid: Sacred Shape Geometry Light Language Grid example for Happy Marriage. Light Language Grids are individually written for each person – they are not transferable! Click to order yours!

A Light Language Grid is a highly sophisticated, personal, profound energy combination that involves a major energy re-optimisation and transformation for you, which is conducted through the advanced skills of the highly-trained and aware practitioner. As a result, your aura changes, to hold the new higher vibration of light and charisma that is specifically programmed for your goals to happen.

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Lifetime Grid (Define energies for a Lifetime Aim) $ 295 (Shape the destiny of a particular area in life) This is a 144 Shape Grid (Powerful, gradual, long-term, far-reaching effects)

Goal Grid $ 195 (Achieve a Specific Goal)  This is a 49 Shape Grid

Personal Grid $ 45   This is a 7 Shape Grid (Define the Light Language Shapes in your Chakras – and define your desired outcomes & energies in life – for yourself, your relationship, home, car, etc.)


SUITE of THREE Light Language Grids

(1 Lifetime, 2 Goal) $685

(& get one harmonising Light Language song CD, of your choice, by Jelila, worth $30)

SUITE of THREE Grids + ONE 2 Hour Deep Reprogramming Session $885

(& get one free Personal Grid worth $45)

GRID TOPIC EXAMPLES:   (Jelila will guide you to select the exact wording of your Sacred Shape Light Language Grid Intention during a 20 minute consultation)

Business Success


Love & Happiness

You receive a copy of your Light Language Grid to put on your wall.  The Light Language is installed in your Auric Field, enhancing your charisma and powerfully attracting the specified results.


LIGHT LANGUAGE is the ancient Mayan language of sacred shape and colour, used to manifest desires, heal diseases, and create happy and successful outcomes. Jelila is a Certified Advanced Light Language Practitioner who trained under Amana Virani and is qualified to write powerful Grids to help you achieve your desires and goals.

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Light Language Sacred Shape Geometry Grids Pricing

Sacred Shape Geometry Aura Reading with Jelila

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